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  1. WDC network

    This coin was born into shade with scammy founders and an instamine. This later was heavily disputed by a "new committee" that formed itself after the Scharmbeck scam. Maybe the same shady characters, maybe different ones. I don't know. There were big promises about developments and changes. There was a website and a big forum that disappeared over night. I remember many people interested in this coin and I remember people voting for changes and features to be added. It was all smoke and mirrors by the people behind. None of what was promised ever happened. Some window dressing in the UI was done over the years, that's all. The friends and fans disappeared. And so did the people behind it as they cashed out. That's what I mean when I said that this coin is not maintained anymore. Chances are, this forum will disappear as the one before.
  2. WDC network

    I looks like this coin is not maintained anymore unfortunately :-(
  3. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    I absolutely agree with that. However, it does not mean that, just because there is volume, there is a healthy market ;-)
  4. New web page final structure

    Any news here, my remarks about webpage are unanswered since weeks. Anybody left here!?
  5. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    The daily WDC volume does not mean much in times of automated (bot) trading. There are many coins nobody wants that are traded more heavily. Riddle me this if you disagree ;-)
  6. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    I am not creating uncertainty. I have asked valid questions. And thank you for your suggestion: Everybody here will make a conscious choice when to buy or to sell. We had this before, its like déjà vu, I am sure you remember. Berzeck, there is a strange dichotomy in your writings. I just can't get my head around it! On one hand you explain how delicate the situation (Your situation?) is with your Chinese friends, but then you openly suggest to screw them. You feel fine suggesting this here in this forum since they wouldn't read it? Well, what if they would, would that change anything for you? Moreover, what does it say about your ethos and integrity.
  7. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    "Lets support the guy that wants PoS + PoW"? So is it agreed now suddenly that Worldcoin goes PoS? There are certainly PROs and CONs. Why now the change? Is there still a committee? How can Berzeck be 100% sure "they" don't read this? All this is very obscure!
  8. It appears that the News and announcements section is the forum is not maintained. Weekly news, usually Wednesdays, but where are they? Some translations of articles that have becomes obsolete a long time ago is all that is there. This does not give a good impression to an interested viewer. On the website, there are a lot of information that seem incorrect or missing. What happened to the Roadmap https://worldcoin.global/worldcoin-roadmap/ ? In the team section, there are many people mentioned who don't seem to be doing anything. Can secretary Sei Fun or Webmaster/ author Pekka H. not at least get the website in order?
  9. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Berzeck, do you have active contact to these people and if so, will you let us know what the plans are, if any. If not, mind contacting them? It might all just be a weird coincidence, but it could also be the same people who have contacted Lizhi in Feathercoin and few others. Also, perhaps they have cashed out by now. Then they would not care. I have seen hustles in Crypto more complex than this. If it was one, that is.
  10. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Berzeck, is this thread about discussing block chain tech changes or is it not? What commitments did you make to those Chinese "investors"? Worldcoin does have a history if it comes to scams. Who can be sure this is/was not just another pump and dump?
  11. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Hi Berzeck, are you considering switching block chain tech or are you keep defending current stats here. You are blaming multipools as if you didn't know what was coming. Long lone time ago that was predicted to happen. Yes, its me.

    Ok, there are a couple of things I strongly agree with and there are a good few things nobody can disagree with. However, there are also quite a few other, more doubtful or straightaway incorrect things twisted in so it needs some clarification and discussion. By the way, you put things here as if it is to end 'endless debates'- this is kind of funny, particularly when you, in the same context, admit that committee now finally focuses on development. Anyway, I have had some private news and that needs my attention now, but I will come back to this. That's a promise.

    I am relaxed enough, thank you. That the coin is dying is not necessarily a question of perception, but of value. Which this is a result of produce and demand. And immediately we are back- the mining of 100k Worldcoin every day for no (current) good.

    So you know who Shi is LOL I better stop it is too funny. Anyway, Shveicar raised an old point again by asking a new question: Who is going to buy 100k Worldcoin every day? Ups, fun gone You know my approach to that. How long before you yield. You stick with POW and the old stats and the coin keeps dying.

    LOL you didn't google the SHi pic or did you! By the way, I am not really that green myself. Ups, a pun again, I just can't help it today.