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  1. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Ok, maybe someone saw my message and was scared, but I just wanted to find out what was going on. There is nothing more stupid than dumping all your coins in one big pile. In addition to loss, it will not bring anything..
  2. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Then it looks very strange. This block Explorer is the main one at http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/worldcoin/ did you try to contact its owner and find out what is going on?
  3. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    It seems that the WDC network has stopped. For 19 hours, not a single new block was added...
  4. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Yes it is. But let's be objective. I'm ready to allocate 1 BTC for this (this is commensurate with my investment expectations from WDC). If other investors are interested in connecting POS and stabilizing the network (I'm counting on it), then we will be able to collect the necessary amount for financing.
  5. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Ok, I think there is something to think about and how this can be fixed in case of code updates. Because it's very bad that LTC transactions go faster than WDC
  6. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    hmm.. But this is a simple mathematical calculation. 120min * 60 = 7200 sek this 7200 : 30 = 240 There is a slowdown of 240 times. And to equalize the graph, the need a compensation blocks with a time of 30: 240 = 0.125 seconds. Which is even theoretically impossible.. Look at https://www.wdcexplorer.com/ I did not see there is a single block having time less than 30 seconds For comparison, take a look at the time intervals in the LTC system http://explorer.litecoin.net/chain/Litecoin
  7. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    You say that cramming long breaks with slow blocks of 120 minutes, can be compensated for when the difficult falls? But in fact this schedule was designed based on the calculation of the time in 30 seconds between blocks. So how do you think he can compensate himself? Or do you want to say that at low difficult, the blocks will have a time of less than 30 seconds?
  8. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    There is another hidden problem. According to the schedule of reduction of reward and deployment of the system in the given time frame, we see that gradual reduction of the award should cause a falling inflation. But taking into account the current problems with the slowdown of the blocks, this schedule becomes not relevant. Of course, this has no catastrophic consequences, But it gives a significant slowdown deployment for WDC project's as a financial system. Therefore, reforms are simply necessary in the near future.
  9. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    It seems to me that you do not quite understand the current problem. The WDC network experiences huge network fluctuations. At the stated specification in 30 seconds for one transaction, we actually have breaks in 150 - 10 minutes. https://www.wdcexplorer.com/ And this process lasts long enough. What investment attraction are you talking about now?
  10. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Changing a algorithm makes sense only if you go to a more reliable and secure mechanism (for example, increased resistance to quantum bruteforce). At the moment, more secure algorithm than scrypt and SHA256 is only SHA3. But since to date, there are not so many coins that use Keccak in combination with POS, (I only know NEXUS and their code is still raw enough) So I agree, for WDC it makes no sense to try to change its algorithm now.
  11. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Ok, then we let wait..
  12. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Well, let's wait for the answers from the users. I hope that we have more investors here.
  13. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    Hi. I've been waiting for this discussion for a long time. Let's clarify some details at once. 1. Do you think that the scrypt algorithm should remain unchanged? 2. How about the idea of POS & POW distribution in the ratio of 50% & 50%?
  14. Worldcoin 3.1 Has been released!

    I agree with Vitalicus. Doge is a stupid joke that dragged on in time. Possibly implantation of blockchain the doge in the LTC was made specifically to suppress the rise in the price and popularity of LTC. It is important to understand that DOGE is an unlimited coin with constant inflation and an infinitely growing blockchain. I think that it's not about the number of new coins that can be added to this wallet. People need something more. It is enough to look at the site coinmarketcap.com and read the description for the coins. That would understand why some coins are in demand, while others are not.. What do you think about adding masternodes for WDC?
  15. Пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с официальными новостями на нашем официальном сайте Berzeck сожалеет о длительном цикле разработки, с декабря по февраль, он был очень занят. Но в следующие месяце, работа продолжится и будет намного более интенсивной.