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  2. If I had the money..

    Ok, I deleted the image. That would not aggravate an already sad picture. But when you soothe and are ready for a constructive dialogue, I will be happy to hear it..
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  4. Great to hear that, marecek666! Yes, saw you here in the early days. For me, despite what she has gone through, WDC remains beautiful and i would continue to hold and accumulate 😀 The solution to low prices is low prices.
  5. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    and for everybody, WDC price is low now, it is time to buy more :-) I am with WDC almost from it's beginning and will stay with WDC for sure.
  6. Switching block chain tech? Candidates?

    that is a good idea. I will be one of the first doing in neoscrypt.
  7. If I had the money..

    Anybody can fork this coin. Or any coin. The question is whether or not it succeeds. I know its important to talk this, but let's put it aside for a moment and talk about the issue at hand. We have a website here, and a forum attached to it, which appears unmaintained. Is there anybody who had or has direct contact to Berzerk? My understanding is he was the last man standing. Maybe Country Rep Sveicar can provide any inside? In my view, getting the website and its forum under control by dedicated people has priority over any proposed change, fix or whatsoever for now.
  8. If I had the money..

    I was thinking. Even if we pay to have coin forked and all issues are fixed. Who will maintain or build new wallet and who will maintain the website? I have some web design skills but that's about it.
  9. If I had the money..

    Shveicar, I am not offended by you providing your opinion. You come up as a "Country Rep" for WDC here, so you seem to have some authority. You should, however, remove the picture you have bound in in your comment as it clearly advocates another coin. Here is not the place to do that.
  10. If I had the money..

    POS no good delete that advertisement for Diamond shitcoin this in no Diamond shitcoin forum here!!! Diamond is a mega scam the developer showed his face with the Prime Controller Master Node!!! Remember Paycoin what a scam!!!
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  12. If I had the money..

    Looks like jubi.com suspended WDC + bunch of other coins: On the coin will be suspended again part of the currency trading notice 2017-09-17 Source: Author: Poly currency net Dear coin user: The grid will be suspended at 24:00 on September 17, 2017 WDC, MAX, PLC transactions, please transfer to other platforms or wallet. Coin net September 15, 2017
  13. If I had the money..

    Diego's prediction of exchanges and 'converters': I have often wondered how the cryptocurrency scene would be when it becomes mainstream. Website tipping would be much more and worth billions or trillions. I also see many more exchanges sprung up, perhaps 50, 100 or 500 more? Using WDC as example, we would have more coins parked in these exchanges, resulting in less coins available. And arbitragers in large numbers, seeking to buy WDC from 1 exchange to sell in another. This causes WDC prices to smoothen out across most of the exchanges, stabilising its price. Now 'converters' in the form of Apps come in, where they exchange your WDC for BTC (or some other coin) at a board rate and for a small fee. Kind of like digital money exchangers who do the work of visiting exchanges for you. In other words, with say 1000 WDC = 1 BTC, WDC would be as good as BTC given the interchangeability. Example, you can pay me 1000 WDC or 1 BTC and I would not care. Thus even though WDC itself might not be actively used in payments, WDC becomes somewhat an extension of BTC. This may solve the "not growing the pie in the long term" issue with PoS. So perhaps PoS now can be good for WDC since we now need her to survive and higher prices + less mining power needed is a big boon? When cryptocurrency goes mainstream WDC can ride on this future interchangeability and tap on the gigantic network effect?
  14. If I had the money..

    Have always enjoyed your posts, Shveicar. I agree reforms and looking around are necessary. Hopefully Wdc would be a captain of her own ship one day. Am hardly the most technical one out there but my thinking is that PoS does incentivize hoarding and limits the circulation of coins. Sure, less electricity is used and coin prices go up for the next few years and those involved profit by staking and staking and staking but in the longer term we end up with a Wdc that is less ubiquitous and held by fewer people. Thus short term benefits come at the expense of growing the network effect ie really growing the pie. HOWEVER, if my prediction about exchanges and 'converters' come true, the network effect may not be an issue.
  15. If I had the money..

    Thanks, Cryptojunky! I'd just buy instantly and get Wdc out ASAP of Chinese exchanges. No queueing for me 😀
  16. If I had the money..

    You should not be offended when I providing examples associated with other coins. You must understand that the majority of investors watching successful projects and tries to adapt popular technologies for their projects. For this you need to explore the market and do not sit on one place and maintain the position of no tolerance to all innovations. As I said, WDC is now under the full control of Chinese speculators. There is no progress in the system of POW. And the market demonstrates this. What do you specifically propose to do in this situation? To sit and wait for the return Berzeck and continue the same dead-end development or wait for the arrival of a new developer, which proyavit willpower and begin to conduct network reform? I will give you a simple example, note this thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1506325.20 You can see how much the development for a new wallet that is fully compatible with 32 and 64 x platforms? When I proposed to reform and was willing to sacrifice some money to do this, But here for me began to say that reforms are not needed. Then You said we need a vote Chinese investors but they also silent. In the end, everything remains as it is now. Now you have to understand the impasse of the situation which is now WDC..
  17. If I had the money..

    That exactly IS the problem. There are zillions of coins today. How many are attractive? The ones that are used. POW at least forces trading. But POS? People sit on their coins and that's that. If you want to create a digital asset, then its fine. I suppose there are bag holders who would be perfectly fine with the idea making WDC POS. They might just hold and hold and wait for the next hype to porn their coins off. A coin of no use and death in the long term. The use of innovative and resilient POW algorithms can re-ignite interest in this coin. Yes, to miners in the first place. Traders follow suit. And then, hopefully, users. And can you stop using this forum to shill other coins please. I cut the picture out of your quote. Maybe you can do same.
  18. If I had the money..

    You do not quite understand the problem. Today most of the coins uses a passive POS. This old technology is born in the depths of the PPC. But not long ago, a new system of active POS. It works almost as well as the POW system, with the difference that you do not need more video card or Asic chips. You get the reward as long as your wallet is in the active minting. If you close your wallet, you are no longer remunerated. This technology allows you to save colossal amounts of energy and has already been implemented in some coins. Do not consider it advertising, but Diamond already uses such a system. I'm sure that for this technology future. I suggest that you once again think about the changes, because the position of conservative views should go to the past..
  19. If I had the money..

    I don't believe they can go anywhere, but I may be wrong. Yes its a 404 message, they are aware. However today I went on chinese site which is a newer version and used google translate to translate page. Looks like that withdrawal works. If you log in on English site and go to Chinese site you remain logged in. Looks like you can do a withdrawal there too.
  20. If I had the money..

    Thanks, Cryptojunky! I did just that a few days ago. When i tried to withdraw, saw a 404 error message and opened a ticket with BTC38. They withdrew manually for me. If Wdc wallet ever goes away, coins cannot be taken out of paper wallets, right?
  21. If I had the money..

    You can always use btc38 english site. http://www.btc38.com/trade_en.html?btc38_trade_coin_name=wdc There are daily withdrawal limits so like Diego said about parking to much $ on chinese exchanges. Be careful. Also the withdraw button on site not working. Just submit ticket to have them do a manual payout. Put your address in the ticket and tell them how many wdc to withdraw. It can take up to 24hrs. Ive done multiple times lately with no issues.
  22. If I had the money..

    Interesting, RAPS! Taking more WDC away should see the Chinese having less leverage over the coin. But that works out to USD 0.0055. If i recall correctly, WDC was once briefly USD 0.0025? Without looking at the history of past prices, in terms of Sataoshi, perhaps now is the lowest. Best not to park funds too long in these Chinese markets which are in the process of shutting down. Next week should also see low or even lower prices, i guess
  23. If I had the money..

    I have tried registering at Jubi, but you can't unless you're Chinese. They ask your (Chinese) ID upon registeration.
  24. If I had the money..

    Prices shown are in their indigenous currency NOT USD its around 120 Satoshis LOWEST EVER !!!
  25. If I had the money..

    Worldcoin dirt cheap on Jubi at the moment see https://www.jubi.com/coin/wdc/ !!! Buy now and transfer away from China !!!
  26. If I had the money..

    Btw, what about that dual blockchain algo (POST) that Vericoin/Verium uses? Any good? Just asking. I don't know if it's good or not, but they make it sound good
  27. If I had the money..

    Branding is my cup of tea, so I shall comment on it. It's a good idea to refresh the brand, however the color scheme and the logo should remain. Very minor changes to the logo if any at all. One of the plus sides to WDC is that it's an old coin. No new crypto can buy that. The rebranding must be done right so that WDC is seemingly born again, however is proud of it's heritage. I don't think the Fathom Dynamic logo is too similar. It's a world of zillion logos, you'll always find similar somewhere! Besides, the logo isn't bad at all, it actually has a good finance-world'ish vibe to it. That isn't too common in cryptocurrency. I don't comment a lot on POW/POS debate, I'm not crypto-tech savvy enough, but I think we have to get WDC off from being at the mercy of raw profit seeking miners. At least for the time being. Plus, the current wallet is just horrible. Nothing wrong with default wallets, especially POS ones. Prefer them over this Business Center bullshit any day. Just my $0.02.
  28. If I had the money..

    Anyone here renewed this site? If not, probably Berzeck huh? A WDC for his thoughts I keep my coins in paper wallets. PoS means they lose out on interest? Thanks, s7ryker for sharing the conversations with Berzeck. It was like listening to someone from the grave LOL. I did PM him a few months back, asking him what he thought WDC price would be in 10 years. He said '$1'. I thanked him for his kindness in not giving me high hopes 😂 Regarding the miners situation. Theoretically if we buy up more coins, the price of the remaining coins should rise and entice miners, right? Wouldn't that automatically and eventually solve the problem of block times? China shutting down exchanges may hurt Wdc as i always saw Wdc as a potential LTC substitute for getting CNY out of China. The shutting down of exchanges in China however, may blunt the Chinese pump-and-dump influence. Previously, the Chinese played up WDC in their chinese websites and probably drove some Chinese investors towards buying WDC and then the dump. If it becomes harder for the Chinese to trade cryptocurrencies and harder for the Chinese public to buy a promoted WDC, it appears harder to use WDC for pump and dump. Back to WDC: we never did any proper marketing as Berzeck always preferred to improve on the coin first. One day, this may change and we would see.
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