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Ok, plugins first, I will try to make an example to make it clearer, for this open your wallet and look at the first data that is displayed in the wallet, you have a balance, unconfirmed coins and immature coins.

Now  what if some one would like to add a line which displays the coins in USDS ? in the current situation with most wallets (all ? ) you would need to follow this steps :

  1) Subscribe to Github

  2) Download all source code of the wallet

  3) Study source code of the wallet trying to learn were you should start adding your code

  4) Once you find the entry point, you need to start developing in c++ all the functionality required including the management of the network connection (to the place where you should get the exchange rate ), your pointers, etc

  5) Recompile the wallet

  6) Test your solution and if it doesn't work return to step 4)

  7) If there is a new version of the wallet repeat from step 2)


Now With the plugin architecture we are building :

 1) Study documentation

 2) Code in QML + Java Script (which is a lot  easier to code than C++)

 3) Copy your file to a specified directory and start testing

 4) If it doesn't work return to  point 2)


In other words;

it will be a lot easier to code more functionality so it will attract more developers

The time to develop new functionality will decrease considerably

When upgrading you shouldn't need to do anything

You don't need to compile to integrate your work just copy a file inside a directory and run the wallet

You don't need to study the wallets code to integrate your work

All heavy work  functionality will be already coded (like network management) so your resulting code will be shorter and simpler

Right now when you code directly to the wallet, there is always the possibility that you shoot yourself in the foot and erase private keys, crash the wallet,  etc etc. With this framework you won be able to do this even if you try


About examples :

 When the framework is complete we will start integrating services ourselves for business that already has adopted BTC, this will lead them to adopt WDC too because their services will be widespread inside the wallet  and we will collect a small fee from those companies for every sale we performed from inside the wallet (a win win situation) to sustain ourselves and integrate many more services.

Also the idea is to make a common market place, this means that you will have just one component called Śhopping' in your panel, and you will see all third party offerings consolidated like a supermarket or amazon market


Also we will start integrating many small services like price tickers in USD, chain info, graphs, data that you will access from the panel in the left side ( Module Panel)


Another idea is to integrate crypto news inside the wallet and we can negotiate to the web site saying that we distribute their news in exchange of a  monthly article about WDC (another win win situation ), free marketing, users have another service and the interested web pages gain more readers, everybody wins ( as it should in any well done deal)


As you can imagine the possibilities are endless



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