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What i like about the member above...

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Well, hullo thar folks..



The rules are simple.  All you have to do is write a post which compliments the user who posted previously.. Simple right?  Surely it must be...


Ok, well seeing as there is nobody to post about who went before me, i'll post about Worldcoin - hee hee hee!


Ok, well, the thing i love about Worldcoin most of all is is wonderfully holistic and particularly catchy name.  Says everything you need to know about it in two neat little words - WORLD - COIN.  


More than this I love the devotion people have to Worldcoin, whether the going is good or bad.  The fact that the people affiliated with Worldcoin are good people who care enough to want to make a difference speaks volumes about the coin and the community devoted to it :)


~~ Xodianbarr


P.S. to self: meh...

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I  like the stoic support for Worldcoin that Bels has offered for as long as i can remember - he doesn't boast about his attributes or advertise his commitments to worldcoin, he is humble and full of humility - commendable attributes from a great man - respect


~~ Xodianbarr

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Xodianbarr is a longtime supporter of Worldcoin... I remember seeing him around even through some tough times we have had as a community... He is  mature and is resilient just like the rest of the worldcoin community!! It's because we have people like him supporting us that we will succeed at the end of  the day!! 





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      Hello Worldcoiners,
      You have all been waiting very patiently so thank you for that. I'll be making a special appearance in light of recent events to get things started.
      I have spent many hours researching and thinking about the best way to go about repopulating the WDC team. I finally settled on a service with beta end-to-end encrypted messaging rooms called Riot made by a company called Matrix. 
      Why is Matrix a good option for WDC?
      Supports multiple OS
      Open Source
      E2E by default if enabled in room. (Beta)
      Supports Cryptocurrency
      API could be connected to WDC services
      Email on sign up not required
      What now?
      There will be 5 phases of recruitment, we will be entering Phase 1 which will begin with the population of the Worldcoin Lounge Tier 0.
      Phase 1
      Tier 0 = Worldcoin Lounge
      Tier 1 = Worldcoin Discussion or Worldcoin Dev Discussion.
      To progress into Tier 1, Phase 1 recruiters will evaluate from the lounge who should be included. This is to ensure group chat is productive, stays on topic with sensitive data protected.
      How can I join Riot?
      You will be applying to join the Worldcoin Lounge which is Tier 0 and for casual chat.
      We currently have the following Phase I recruiters:
      vitalicus:matrix.org alferz:matrix.org (DEV APPLICANTS ONLY) Sign up, choose the respective app for your device by visiting this page. After creating your user, log out and back in to refresh account creation
      Start chat with one of the recruiters using their above usernames on Riot, please edit room settings and enable room encryption when discussing 1 to 1 to protect your data.
      Continue to tell the recruiter how you can contribute to WDC (Skills, background etc), this is an application, without it you will not be accepted into the group chat. They will ask you a series of questions to see what rooms you could potentially belong in. 
      Send your Riot verification ID via forum PM to verify your identity. 
      My Matrix ID is @accept:matrix.org, do not trust anyone claiming to be me if the ID doesn’t match.
      If you think you've got what it takes to be a recruiter, please comment on this thread for consideration. 
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      Worldcoin listed on AEX.com
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      The multicurrency gambling center.
      Play with Worldcoin and more than 45 cryptocurrencies on CRYPTOSDICE. We offer a unique feature that makes us different from other dice sites: an slider where you can set any interval of numbers between 0 and 99.99. Forget about betting only lower or higher than an specific number, now you can select for example the interval 25.00-75.00 or any other you like!

      Invest in the bankroll
      Be part of the bankroll of any cryptocurrency, choose your kelly %, set different investments with different values.
      Get 0.1 WDC every 10 minutes to test our game!

      10% comission fee for affiliates.

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      Today October 21st 2015 is a really special day that we remember from the movie Back To The Future Part II from 1989. In the film Marty McFly travels to the future to save his children. Everyone familiar with the movie remembers hoverboards and Nike shoes with power laces that was brought by the clever futuristic technology that was dreamt up. We have not seen them around yet this year, but there is still time! In light of the news, there is a great thing going on with crypto currency technology, especially with WorldCoin.
      Physical Address
      During this week we have finally gotten ourselves physical office address. Soon after everything is finalized with local government officials, we will announce our organization information and post some photos on our website. This is just one of many steps our plan consists of. In the near future you will see a lot of improvements in making our project more organized and efficient.
      Our development team has been working on the final touches for the new wallet release. This is going to be major release with a completely new platform. We are confident to tell that the new wallet (beta version) will be published officially during this weekend.
      In Other News
      The forum default sharing image has been changed, now any shares on social media will display the Worldcoin logo. Our forum thread on Bitcointalk has also been changed to reflect the same image.
    • By Accept
      Hello September! Are you still here? We’re coming close to the end of a long wait and the beginning of another. We’ll explain later.
      Forum Refactor
      The Business Center is not the only area the team has been working on... after some hurdles the forum was successfully upgraded. Shortly after the new theme was implemented; some small details are still being ironed out but everything is functional and all accounts were upgraded smoothly. Only downside is we had to say goodbye to our awards system, at least for now until it has been revamped for IPS 4.
      Three words: Beta next week!