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[ANN][ICO][BOUNTY][AIRDROP] PRISMA Prismacoin [PRIS] – Sustainable Lending

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 P  R  I  S  M  A  - A sustainable multipurpose cryptocurrency lending platform   


   Lending platforms  are nothing new in the cryptocurrency space. The fundamental principle - lending money
to the platform to receive interest over time - has only  one flaw : the revenue which is distributed to the lenders often 
exceeds the revenue flowing in by the platform services after a short period of time. 

  P  R  I  S  M  A   works to solve this problem by amassing a substantial  service portfolio  with beneficial tools for the cryptocurrency community
while also providing a  resilient lending model  leading to steady profits for individuals who invest in the platform.  

  The   P  R  I  S  M  A    platform  will consist of several cryptocurrency services, an internal exchange and a lending system, 
all accessible via one website and mobile app. The platform is fueled by its token, the Prismacoin    (PRIS) , 
which is an  ERC20 token  on the ethereum blockchain.  

    P  R  I  S  M  A  stands for:   

  [*]  Sustainability:  Using a revenue model with built-in protection against lending spikes or service usage drops 
[*]  Multipurpose:  Build-up of a diverse service & tool portfolio for the cryptocurrency community 
[*]  Steady lending profits:  Synergistic investment and service ecosystem leading to a steady value appreciation of  PRIS    

  For details please read our   whitepaper  :  https://prismacoin.net/whitepaper   
    ICO   starts on  10th May, 2018 , see details below or at: https://prismacoin.net/ico  

  To  contact  us or to  keep up to date  you can use the following channels/links:  

   Website : https://prismacoin.net   
   Whitepaper : https://prismacoin.net/whitepaper  
   Email : support@primacoin.net  
   Twitter : https://twitter.com/prismacoin_net  
   Telegram Announcement : https://t.me/prismacoin  
   Telegram Official Group : https://t.me/prismacoin_chat  

  Note that these are the   only  official  Twitter and Telegram channels of   P  R  I  S  M  A  .   


   PRISMA resonator and service fee model   

  For the  dynamic lending model  a sophisticated feedback loop is employed which adjusts the lending reward and the acceptable
total lending amount dynamically by taking into account the price and volume history of PRIS (short- and long-term price 
chart patterns, i.e. technical analysis), the lending amount and service fee history, as well as sentiment analysis 
of the cryptocurrency market and the   P  R  I  S  M  A   platform in particular.  

  To be resilient against massive incoming revenue drops due to lost trust or declining user numbers in the crypto space 
the  resonator  is installed to keep the lending platform running at minimal daily interest rates. Besides the adapting 
lending feedback loop there is another failsafe instance to prevent the platform from going bankrupt: 
the  temporary lending cap . Again, for details about these mechanisms please check our  whitepaper.   


  The core business of the   P  R  I  S  M  A  platform  is to provide several handy  services  which benefit the cryptocurrency community 
and render our crypto-life easier. The services will be accessible via the website and the corresponding mobile app 
and can be payed in PRIS, BTC and ETH (more options coming later) while paying with PRIS will lead to a discount. 
Services which will be offered on   P  R  I  S  M  A   can be found in the whitepaper .  

   PRISMA Dynamic Lending Interests   

  Depending on the lending amount the upper interest rate limit differs, while the lower interest rate limit stays 
always at 0.15 % daily. The maximum possible  monthly interest  can be up to  27 %  profit on your initial investment. 
Lending periods also differ and are dynamically calculated. An overview can be found in the  whitepaper 
or at https://prismacoin.net/lending .  

  Besides lending  other investment prospects  via   P  R  I  S  M  A   include:  

   [*]Holding and trading Prismacoin (PRIS)
[*]Getting  community rewards  during the ICO (see below or at https://prismacoin.net/reward )
[*]Getting  referral boni  during the ICO (see below or at https://prismacoin.net/ico )
[*]Participate in the  airdrop  (see below or at https://prismacoin.net/airdrop )
[*]Provide capital via the loan service (not to be confused with the lending feature as seen in the whitepaper)
[*]Create new services via the service marketplace (feature will be released later this year)   

  For details on  lending interests  and the other investment prospects please refer to the  whitepaper .  

   PRISMA Roadmap   

  After the ICO the first goal is to start trading on the  internal exchange  and to launch our first two  services : the tumbler 
and the Bitcoin accelerator. Simultaneous to the successful service launch users can start participating 
in the  dynamic lending program . Further roadmap goals are discussed in the  whitepaper .  

   PRISMA Initial Coin Offering (ICO)   

  In the public token sale, also known as  initial coin offering (ICO) , 18.8 million Prismacoin (PRIS) can be bought. The resonator will start 
with 200,000 PRIS from which 50 % will be offered as a community reward during the ICO.  

 width=800 height=483https://i.imgur.com/xdpOyXD.png[/img] 

  The ICO will last for  49 days , starting with  0.50 USD per Prismacoin  on day 1. There will be  no private presale , 
but only a public token sale so that Prismacoin is more evenly distributed at the launch of the platform to prevent 
massive price manipulation by big investors. Nevertheless as a bonus for early investors the price per Prismacoin  starts cheap  
and will then rise over time, ending at 1.00 USD per Prismacoin on 7th June. Following this three additional  bonus weeks 
with steady price increase up to 1.15 USD per Prismacoin will take place, ending on 28th June.  

    Details on the ICO:    

   ICO period : from 10th May, 2018 at 6pm UTC+0 until 28th June, 2018 at 6pm UTC+0
 Maximum supply : 19,000,000 PRIS
 ICO issuance : 18,800,000 PRIS
 Token symbol : PRIS
 Contract address : 0xB64Fe44f1748C0e7602b16637B15638cAF59ce3A
 Decimal places : 18
 Token price : starting from 0.50 USD (in ETH) to 1.15 USD (in ETH)
 Maximum investment cap per wallet/person : 3 ETH
 Minimum investment level per wallet/person : 0.1 ETH
 Gas limit for contribution : up to 60 gwei, 200,000 gas
 Compatible wallets : only non-exchange ERC20 compatible wallets should send ETH  

    Referral Bonus Program    

  After you bought or if you are planning to buy Prismacoin (PRIS) in the ICO by sending ETH to the ICO funding address
seen at  https://prismacoin.net/ico , you can use  your referral address   


  (example: https://prismacoin.net/0x38c1345F18950021aF7b685679F55c280B19E271 )  

  to receive  15 % bonus  on any persons investment which is sent to the   P  R  I  S  M  A    ICO  funding wallet using hot wallets (if they show
the same IP address for transaction as the one used to open your referral link). No sign-up neccessary, just use our ETH address for the referral link.
This is done to provide a referral bonus in a KYC-less ICO. As the majority of users use hot wallets instead of cold wallets the referral 
bonus, which is ramped up to 15% here, should be as high as in other typical ICOs (if not higher). 
Total referral earnings will be sent to your wallet at the end of ICO. 
 Note that your ETH address is only eligible to the referral bonus program if funds were sent from that wallet address to the  P  R  I  S  M  A  ICO
funding wallet (at least the minimum investment of 0.1 ETH). For eligibility it doesn't matter if you send the funds first or your referrals.   
  You can use your referral link in the community reward program and in airdrop posts.  

  Please visit https://prismacoin.net/ico for an  ICO guide 
and further details on the  referral bonus system  .  

   For  FAQ  about the  ICO  and   P  R  I  S  M  A   see  https://prismacoin.net/faq . Some details can also be found in the  whitepaper .  

   PRISMA Community Reward Program (Bounty)
 [1 PRIS = 1.15 USD at end of ICO]    

   Top 10 most active Twitter users : each 1000 PRIS
 Top 10 most active Facebook users : each 1000 PRIS
 Top 10 most active Reddit users : each 1000 PRIS
 First 5 and additionally top 5 Medium/Steemit/blog posts/articles : each 1000 PRIS
 First 10 YouTuber (> 1k subscriber, < 10k subscriber) : each 1500 PRIS
 First 10 YouTuber (> 10k subscriber) : each 3500 PRIS
 Bonus reward for creative and innovative promotions : 8000 PRIS  

   For Facebook/Twitter/Reddit rewards:   

  No spam or low quality posts, but instead educate readers with a short summary of   P  R  I  S  M  A   and its benefits. 
Use hashtags   #prismacoin  ,   #prismaplatform   and   #prismalending   and link to our website https://prismacoin.net (in case 
of Facebook have your posts on "public"). Post no more often than each 6 hours and follow the general guidelines 
of the used social media platforms/forums. Twitter and Facebook users should have at least 200 follower/friends. 
Reddit account age should be at least 1 month.  

   For Medium/Steemit/blog post/article rewards:   

  Publish a well written  review  of   P  R  I  S  M  A  on any publishing platform  (including your own website, but excluding 
social media channels mentioned above). Review article should not be shorter than 500 words. The  first 5 high quality articles  
 and  the  top 5 overall articles  (counting most likes/views/shares on article) will receive the rewards. Counting of metrics as likes, views etc. 
is cumulative over all platforms, so if you publish your article on more than one platform, the metrics will be added up.  

  Use also the hashtags   #prismacoin  ,   #prismaplatform   and   #prismalending   and link to our website  https://prismacoin.net
Additionally you should  mention your email or contact address  so that we can identify you as the genuine publisher of that article. 
After publishing your article, please write us an email to support@prismacoin.net to let us know about your participation.  

   For Youtube rewards:   

  For the YouTube reward, you should help raising awareness for   P  R  I  S  M  A   by creating a  video review  of our platform and ICO. 
The video should show the website and discuss the whitepaper shortly. In the textbox you should use the hashtags
  #prismacoin  ,   #prismaplatform   and   #prismalending   and link to our website  https://prismacoin.net . Low quality videos are not accepted. 
After uploading a video, contact us via support@prismacoin.net . Time-stamp of uploading counts in determining
the first 20 YouTube videos (10 of small and 10 of large channels) of high quality.  

  You can  participate on all reward channels  (including all social media platforms) but you are allowed to use only  one account per platform . 
Violation of this rule leads to blacklisting from the community reward program.  

   For bonus rewards:   

  If you find a way to create an innovative form to promote or help   P  R  I  S  M  A  , we will reward you with  extra PRIS tokens  
( up to 8000  – may be split up on several users). Just contact us via support@prismacoin.net after your publication.  

  You can use your  referral address  in all reward program posts and contributions.  

   The community reward program starts on 3rd May, 2018. 
The  community reward/bounty  will be sent after the eligible persons provided us with their respective 
Ethereum public wallet address (via social media or email). We will contact those persons at the end of the ICO.  


  0pt] Get 5 FREE PRIS in the PRISMA Airdrop
(valued at 5+ USD at end of ICO) by:  

 1)  Joining our  Telegram  groups: https://t.me/prismacoin and https://t.me/prismacoin_chat
 2)  Following our  Twitter  account: https://twitter.com/prismacoin_net
 3)   Retweeting  this tweet: https://twitter.com/PRISMACOIN_net/status/993249043198480384

 (All 3 steps are required for 5 FREE PRIS) 
Post Telegram ID, link to your Twitter account and your public ETH address in the bounty thread so that we can verify your participation. 

   Additionally: PRISMA Airdrop Lottery   

  We will give a total amount of  2000 PRIS  in this airdrop lottery  to users interested in   P  R  I  S  M  A  . From each of the  3 modes of participation 
listed below  50 people will be selected at random after the ICO that will receive 10 PRIS each. Those people will be 
contacted via the used platform. You can participate in all 3 modes to get the chance of  winning up to 30 PRIS .
You can use your  referral address  in all airdrop posts. The 3 modes of particiation are:  

   [*]Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/prismacoin_net
[*]Join our Telegram chat group: https://t.me/prismacoin_chat
[*]Post (at least)  once  on any one social media platform while using the hashtags   #prismacoin  ,   #prismaplatform   and   #prismalending  
& the URL to our website https://prismacoin.net   

   One lucky participant chosen randomly will win  500 PRIS !   

  Thank you for your interest in   P  R  I  S  M  A  .  

  Again, you can  get informations  &  follow  and  contact us  on:  

   Website : https://prismacoin.net   
   Whitepaper : https://prismacoin.net/whitepaper  
   Email : support@primacoin.net  
   Twitter : https://twitter.com/prismacoin_net  
   Telegram Announcement : https://t.me/prismacoin  
   Telegram Official Group : https://t.me/prismacoin_chat  

  Note that these are the   only  official  Twitter and Telegram channels of   P  R  I  S  M  A  .        

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        Total of 100,000 ENX to be rewarded to whom participates on our airdrop.  
        *coins will be sent a week after airdrop for verification purposes  
        ENDED: MAY 6 2018  
        MN PRE SALE is up to develop our own mobile staking project and Exchange listings. A total of 300,000 ENX will be available in sales  
        STARTED ON MAY 1, 2018  
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