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Worldcoin Weekly Report 11th March

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Hello everybody,

We are now halfway through March and have been discussing a wide range of things that need to be done. Now in last weeks report it was mentioned that getting github up would be the number one priority. This week, Berzeck has managed to complete the first repository called ‘WorldcoinDaemon’ under the new github ‘WorldcoinGlobal’. Milestones have also been written down in a forum thread for future repositories and will be split in 3 releases, the first will be available on 30th June 2015 by the latest.

The Bravenewcoin article was finally released, this includes quotes from the interview and has detailed information about the African Water Well. There was a promised follow up in the future when there is an extensive wallet update. The article was written free of charge by Briony and was in no doubt very time consuming. Tweet, comment, share it with your friends and show your support if you want them to follow up!

In other news, the Worldcoin Alliance website is being tested for a new design on a test domain. When we are happy with it, it will be copied over to the main site for all to see.

Forum Events

Vitalicus was awarded the Flamin’ hot award

Cryptoid was awarded the Flamin’ hot award

‘Cuckoo land’ forum added for baseless posts.

550+ posts reached!

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