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[ANN][ICO] ONYX Futures Exchange - Commission-Free Crypto Futures

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ONYX Futures Exchange - Commission-Free Crypto Futures Trading With Zero Trading Fees and Decentralized Account Balances

Don't miss out on this great opportunity. We have amazing plans for the ONYX Futures Exchange Platform

What Is The ONYX Futures Exchange
The ONYX token presents a commission-free Futures exchange that covers operational costs by yearly coin offerings based on the number of contract created for the previous year and the current years’ token value, instead of charging fees for each trade. The increase in demand for ONYX tokens from traders who are fond of commission-free futures markets will help the ONYX token increase in value. The exchange is developed using a smart contract. This means your funds are in your control and not ours. The Ethereum blockchain will hold all the account balances. This unique model will provide transparency, speed, and enhanced security for the ONYX platform.

The ONYX Token
All account balances on the ONYX Futures Exchange are denominated in ONYX tokens and the tick value of every futures market is 1 ONYX. By using ONYX tokens (Ethereum based) as the native currency on the OYNX Futures Exchange, all transaction fees are eliminated. Traders must own ONYX tokens to participate in the commission-free, trustless market on ONYX. All profits, losses, margin requirements, and account balances are denominated in ONYX tokens. By ONYX tokens being the currency of the exchange and being required by all traders, this creates demand for the token, therefore increasing the value. Revenue is generated, by introducing more ONYX tokens on yearly basis by coin offerings at a 10% discount based on the previous year's new contracts created and the current year's token value.

ONYX Token Sale Starts February 19th
ONYX will need funds to launch this revolutionary futures exchange. The Exchange is planning to launch its Initial Coin Offering on February 12, 2018 12:00PM UTC in order to get sufficient funds for successful completion and operation of this Exchange. Only 600M ONYX tokens will be sold in the ONYX Token Sale and 120M will be set aside for bonuses. Buyers will exchange ETH for ONYX tokens at an equivalent price of USD $0.01 per ONYX token as there is a maximum hard cap of $6M that can be raised. 20% of the Team's (100M) tokens will be vested yearly beginning in February 2019, ensuring the team has strong incentives to create a stable, self-perpetuating business model that provides ongoing and consistent demand for ONYX. Below are the ICO token details:

•              Name of the Token: ONYX
•              Representation: ONYX
•              Total number of tokens: 720,000,000
•              Accepted Currency: Ethereum
•              Soft Cap: $200,000
•              Hard Cap: $6,000,000
•              Price for one token: $0.01

During the ICO we will have the following bonuses:
Day 1-6            20%
Day 7-13             15%
Day 14-20         10%
Day 23-30          0%

Commission-Free Futures Trading - How Is It Possible?
ONYX uses its own cryptocurrency, called the ONYX token, as the native currency of the ONYX Futures Exchange. Your account balance on the ONYX Futures Exchange is denominated in ONYX tokens and all your trading profits and losses are in ONYX tokens. ONYX eliminates transaction fees on trades and covers operational costs by creating and selling a small number of new ONYX tokens each year.

Main Features & Benefits of ONYX
It links interests of investors, traders, and ONYX
Zero Trading Fees
Decentralized Account Balances
Highly Liquid Futures Markets
Automated Market Stabilizers
Token Issuance Revenue Model
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, Cardano, and Stellar Futures
More cryptocurrency pairs will be available in near future and ONYX will continue adding additional pairs.
The optimum tick sizes provide a perfect balance between profit percentage and risk level.
High Leverage
No Auto Deleveraging
The Best Technology
Off-Chain Price Discovery, On-Chain Settlement
Decentralized Governance by [Suspicious link removed]plete Privacy
Blockchain Driven

Zero Trading Fees
There are no transaction fees of any kind on the ONYX Futures Exchange. Traders can submit Maker orders or Taker orders at any time under any circumstances and pay 0% commissions on all trades forever. ONYX’s revolutionary token issuance model makes commission-free trading fully sustainable indefinitely, and it actually thrives as the exchange gets busier, ensuring the long term success of the ONYX Futures Exchange.

Decentralized Account Balances
Traders do not need to trust ONYX with holding their account balance in order to trade on the exchange. Your account balance is held by a decentralized, independent smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, not by the exchange. ONYX cannot freeze/mismanage/lose your funds because we physically don’t have access to your money. And in the unlikely event that ONYX is hacked there are no funds for the hackers to steal.

Highly Liquid Futures Markets
When you remove the constraints of transaction fees you get highly liquid markets because traders engage in high volume, single tick trading strategies that are not viable on other exchanges due to commissions. Liquidity is further enhanced by the presence of automated market stabilizers, funded with 20% of the total supply of ONYX tokens, that are programmed to break even whilst keeping spreads tight at all times, even in volatile market conditions.

Automated Market Stabilizers
ONYX market makers are automated trading bots with algorithms that are programmed to break even. With their highly active trading strategy and a large trading bank of 18% of all tokens in circulation (180M ONYX), they help create liquid futures markets that have tight bid and offer spreads, even in volatile market conditions, giving traders the confidence of always being able to enter and exit positions which further enhances liquidity.

ONYX Native Currency
The ONYX Futures Exchange has its own native cryptocurrency, called the ONYX token. The tick value of each ONYX futures market is 1 ONYX token, meaning that all trading profits and losses are denominated in ONYX tokens. Margin requirements are payable in ONYX tokens and traders account balances, deposits and withdrawals are denominated in ONYX tokens. Therefore, traders must own ONYX tokens to trade on ONYX’s commission-free, trustless futures markets, which creates demand for the ONYX token.

Token Issuance Revenue Model
We will start creating new ONYX tokens in the middle of 2020. The new tokens will cover the costs of operating the ONYX Futures Exchange. These costs will include software development, servers, staff, premises, marketing, support and all other associated costs. The number of new tokens created will be based on the number of contracts created for the year and the token value.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, Cardano, and Stellar Futures
ONYX has 10 futures markets: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, BCH/USD, DASH/USD, XMR/USD, LTC/USD, XRP/USD, NEO/USD, ADA/USD, and XLM/USD. Each futures contract has a large tick size, which eliminates a lot of noise, even in volatile market conditions. The Tick value of each futures contract is 1 ONYX token, meaning that all trading profits and losses are settled in ONYX tokens.

Large Tick Sizes
A distinctive feature of ONYX futures markets are their large tick size. In futures trading, a tick is the minimum price increment that a futures contract can move up or down. For example, the tick size on the BTC/USD futures contract is $5.

High Leverage
ONYX futures markets offer traders very high leverage of up to 100x, allowing them to realise large percentage gains (and losses) from relatively small price movements. But unlike other
Bitcoin futures exchanges, ONYX does not cancel your winning trade to protect itself from losses if your counterparty’s losing position gets stopped out because he was too highly leveraged.

No Auto Deleveraging
Unlike other Bitcoin futures exchanges that offer high leverage, ONYX will not close you out of a winning position to protect itself from losses when your counterparty’s losing trade is stopped out because he was too highly leveraged. It’s out of your control whether the counterparty to your trade is at maximum leverage or not and you shouldn’t miss out on a profitable move that you correctly predicted because the exchange canceled your winning trade.

Off-Chain Price Discovery, On-Chain Settlement
ONYX is a hybrid futures exchange that combines the speed and reliability of a centralized order matching engine with the trustless security of decentralized account balances on the blockchain. This offers traders the best of both worlds when it comes to speed of execution and the safety of their deposits. Traders enjoy the benefits of real time trading on a blazing fast order matching engine without needing to trust the exchange with their money.

Complete Privacy
Traders on ONYX can start trading immediately without needing to submit their name or any identifying documents of any kind. As an offshore exchange that accepts only ONYX tokens, ONYX is not bound by intrusive, ineffective and pointless KYC/AML regulations that intrude on our users privacy and which put them at risk of identity theft by making the exchange a target for hackers seeking personal information. The best way to protect our users personal data is not to collect that data in the first place.

Blockchain Driven
ONYX is driven by blockchain technology. From the use of its own cryptocurrency to eliminate transaction fees, to storing account balances trustlessly in a decentralized smart contract, and allowing its traders to determine the rate of new token issuance, everything that makes ONYX revolutionary is only made possible by embracing the disruptive power of new blockchain technology that until very recently didn’t even exist.

ONYX Token Sale & Onyx Exchange Development - Feb 2018
Onyx Exchange Beta Release &  Onyx Tokens Listed on Exchange - April 2018
Onyx Futures Alpha Release & ETF Futures Development - July  2018
ETF Futures Beta Release - September 2018

ETF Futures (July 2018)
Beginning in July 2018 we will begin developing the ETF Futures contracts. The ETF futures operate much the same as a normal futures contract. These contracts never take possession of the asset, but keep the capital moving from one basket of futures to another. This means investors don't have direct exposure to the underlying assets and must deal in cash terms. Most ETF futures track the commodity and currency markets as is the case for normal futures contracts. Commodities invite speculative trades on the future price movements of raw materials used to produce various products. We will be offering ETF Futures contracts in 3 crypto categories; transactional, platform, and utility.

For more information please contactinfo@onyxfutures.ioor visitwww.OnyxFutures.io
Follow us on social media at the following links:
Bitcoin Talk:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2900544.new#new

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      5º Phase - 01/2019 a 12/2019
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       Benefit conscientization. 
       Middleman elimination. 
       Cost, fraud and time reduction. 
       Self-serving totems. 
      Eg: Payment for parking at local Shopping Malls, etc. 
       Public utility projects development. 
       Integration with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) 
       Crowdfunding platform. 
      6º Phase - 2020
      Decenex - Decentralized Exchange P2P
      DECENEX launch, a decentralized exchange to buy and sell CRS peer to peer, 
      avoiding middlemen, controlled by a distributed ledger and audited by independent mediators

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      This is a new Ann thread, after implementing Masternodes and new algorithm, we have swapped 1:1 coins from the old chain.
      If you need help, join us, we are more than 600 on Discord: https://discord.gg/SUHcbyv
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      [ Website ] [ Twitter ] [ Block Explorer ] [ Discord ]  [ Telegram ]  [ Github ]  
      Korean thread | Indonesian thread | Turkish thread | Italian thread | Greek thread | Russian thread

      Total Supply: 16.6kk coins (mining up to 2050Y)
      Type: PoW 100%
      Algorithm: SKUNK
      Coin name: MUNcoin
      Coin abbreviation: MUN
      Difficulty Retargeting: Every Block 
      Block Time Average: 2,5 minutes
      Block Reward: Start with 0 Reward gradually increasing to 10 MUN for 3 days (1728 block), decreasing by 12% every year
      Block Reward Distribution: 50% to Masternodes, 50% to Miners (available at 2 week -  8064 block) and need 1000 MUN
      nstantSend Confirmation: ~5 seconds
      Superior Difficulty Retargeting Using Dark Gravity Wave
      Superior Transaction Anonymity Using PrivateSend
      Premine: 747489 MUN*
      P2P port 12548
      RPC port 12547
      P2P port 22548
      RPC port 22547
      * Premine of only 4.3% that will be used for airdrops, bounties and implementation of all the planned phases on the roadmap [listing on more exchanges included].





      -a skunk -o stratum+tcp://yiimp.poolofd32th.club:8433 -u MX4P2KNskpMr3KbriYJHqv8k7bfvo5mU7a -p c=MUN 



      -o stratum+tcp://skunk.lpool.name:8433 -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=MUN



      -a skunk -o stratum+tcp://pool.bsod.pw:1998 -u YOURWALLETADDRESS.rigname  -p x -R 5
      -a skunk -o stratum+tcp://pool.bsod.pw:11998 -u YOURWALLETADDRESS.rigname  -p x -R 5 (for NiceHash use only) pause





      First POOLS BOUNTY x4
      Closed. All 5 pools test for stable job.
      -TST- Mining Pool

      Arrived: 04cc5f869751c49b774d3f7e53088969e02610176eeaeb7b6f5c56b2cc58723a

      Arrived: 567bd3aa181cf8eec41af774c48cae3f0b4696b9298bf6d692065ea868cf32cb

      Arrived: 07bf3bc9dcf0b8d92e2c76ab74472478341a9c0b4e030fa243564b5c660c91d8

      Arrived: e81265d139a95d142cd7e009156957e1c07fba9f44d1dcd0ab0f7c7497598fca

      Arrived to admins Coinsmarkets: d2a5e1a0d13401072f080f5e491caf9118f2e723651d83e00061ce6b8d3dd101
      Splitted bounty for 8 helpers (125 MUN each):


      Listing on Yobit
      After listing in Yobit who paid for the listing will receive from us MN (1000 MUN).
      Bounty was stopped. Reserving bounty for splinning between all paid listing. Send proof of payd request on our e-mail: muncoins@gmail.com with subject "Yobit request"  for reserve slot of split.
      New bounty soon... 
      Indonesian ANN

      Bounty arrived: f96d30deb54e9ac0538f959356bcf1f36d70dfbf82ac857956799c31e07d427a
      Korean ANN

      Bounty arrived: 7274cff1a15324209e956bc952ed861b64cf6575532e236ff7be5729846b0447
      Russian ANN

      Bounty arrived: 4b6c16370493c37bee0b6829b36d6d8c633e67296c56bd4c808260f3dea19308
      Portuguese ANN

      Bounty arrived: d98d36993004fae29d3c45517dba9f83889e4b5741f0f873bd1d8c4824eca8dd
      Japanese ANN

      Bounty arrived: f4cddb20439fe2e50c4505f9f23a88718e0739e2e30eb1a0e2405333cc830944
      Will be 5 Airdrops:
      1st 100 slots at 15 MUN [Q1 2018], 2nd 200 slots at 10 MUN, 3rd 300 slots at 7 MUN, 4th 400 slots at 5 MUN, 5th 500 slots at 3 MUN.
      Follow us on Twitter and don't miss airdrop


    • By blackclover

        Welcome to PORN-X Project  

        click here to join the telegram channel
      We are the PORN-X Project team, adore what we do and sincerely believe in the success of our project. Our team consists of experienced financiers, developers of blockchain-protocols, SMM professionals, traders because of what we like competing and impetuous people.
      To introduce blockchain technologies into everyday life is our main goal. We set ourselves a very serious and interesting task. Combine two large sectors of the economy - the porn industry and the crypto currency.
      That's why we have developed an innovative blockchain based platform for online payment of crypto-porn content all over the world. The PORNX solution is a payment platform that provides users of porn resources around the world with an online payment tool that works through a decentralized blockchain technology and a smart contract.
      Users of digital currencies around the world have about 19 million people 
      and the total capitalization of digital currencies - 200 billion US dollars.
      The profit of the porn industry from the sale of paid video content about 18 billion dollars.
      People spend $ 49.5 million a day on paid pornographic content around the world.    
      To realize the goal, we need to create an entire eco-system and it will consist of: 
      1. Currency for payment on porn sites. The currency will be called PORN_coin (PORNX). PORNX is a registered trademark. The rights 
      belong to our company X-Wall LTD
      2. Mobile app for purchases via QR code. X-Wall - The mobile application will be compatible with the Google Market and the Apple 
      Store. The application is 
      designed with the ability to store 20 popular currencies, as well as new tokens created on the ERC-20 protocol.
      3. Payment system X-Q Pay - for payment using crypto-currency on porn sites.
      The payment system based on the Lightning Network protocol will be automatically implemented on the site as a plug-in. 
      The plugin will have a QR code 
      for payment using crypto currency. The QR code will have the compatibility of all popular wallets, including our own X-Wall application
         What is X-WALL?   
        This special licensed application is designed to perform a number of tasks, such as storing various crypto-currencies, entering and withdrawing funds using a credit card, transfers of crypto-currency, payment on partner sites using software X-Qpay , and it is also part of the boxed solution of the company X-WALL  
        What is X-Qpay?
      This is a special software providing, which consists of two main parts, one part is embedded on the partners' sites and works on the principle of code generation
      and the thief works as part of our licensed application in order to read the code and confirm the payment  
         What is PORN_coin(PORNX) 

        It is a token which is used as the main means of payment, which is based on etherium and protocol ERC-223 which meets all the security requirements and is necessary for a number of tasks, one of which is a payment facility on partner sites  
       Why is X-WALL Platform valuable? 
        A huge unoccupied market, with unresolved problems. The solution of these problems is the guarantee of the system's efficiency:  
        * High speed payment which provide our payment protocols created by using blockchain technologies.
      * The ability to pay by scanning QR code using our mobile application and 20 partner’s applications.
      * 5 digital currencies for payment.
      * Payment transfers directly to the website owner to the company's current account.  
        Block Chain technology gives us the opportunity to connect the owners of the business and customers directly.
      We don’t have competitors on the market currently.
      We are the only payment system that accepts TOP-5 crypto-currencies. We have registered trademark and patent solutions in the field of accepting crypto-currency as payment.  
        When will PORN-X be launched? 
        System is scheduled to be officially launched in the third quarter of 2018.  
        How many tokens will be minted in total including crowdsale, reserve, and team? 
      The ultimate total amount of tokens minted is 350,000,000.  
       What currencies will be accepted in the Token Crowdsale? 
      The only currency accepted in the crowdsale will be ETH. If you have different cryptocurrencies suchas BTC you’ll have to exchange for ETH in order to participate.  
      Financial planning
      Technical development of the project - 40%
      Promotion of the project - 15%
      Marketing - 18%
      Integration partners - 5%
      Operating expenses for the company - 5%
      Salary fund before the release - 10%
      Registration, patent development - 3%
      Taxation and deductions - 4%  
      Token distribution

      Pre-Sale - 5%
      ICO - 70%
      Bounty - 2%
      Investors - 5%
      Founders - 10%
      Partners - 3%
      Technical Core Team - 5%


    • By Cazkys
         Website |  Whitepaper | Youtube | Bounty Thread | Twitter | Slack |  Facebook | Telegram  

        What is DENARO?  
         Denaro seamless payment ecosystem bridges the divide between cryptocurrencies and the mainstream market. The platform enables companies and individuals to send, spend, store, and exchange cryptos and fiat through secure web wallets, physical debit cards, merchant payment terminals, and IBAN.  
          Denaro is a versatile payment solution that enable users to store, spend, and transfer their cryptocurrencies on an intuitive interface and debit card that addresses crypto’s number one problem — physically spending it.   
          Denaro has developed secure and customizable SCI/APIs for merchant services that will facilitate the payments of goods and services online or offline using a web wallet or a physical debit card respectively.   
          Tired of juggling all those ETH and BTC wallets? Utilising Denaro’s multi-cryptocurrency wallet, you no longer need multiple addresses. Not only does it allow you to receive and store multiple cryptocurrencies under one address, it also allows you to spend them at any ATM or store.   
          Explainer Video : What is Denaro   
       Advantages of Denaro  
         For Merchants 
       Securely receive payments in BTC, ETH, or DNO through customizable SCI/APIs without worrying about having to handle multiple wallet addresses.   Securely receive payments in BTC, ETH, or DNO through customizable SCI/APIs without worrying about having to handle multiple wallet addresses.    Instantaneous conversion of cryptos to BTC, ETH, or DNO and vice versa.  
        Accept payments in fiat and instantly convert cryptocurrencies to fiat to hedge against volatility. 
        Discounts and bonuses for merchants with volumes higher than $500,000, including; 1 free payment terminal and 50% off debit-card charges.  
        An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for receiving international transactions in fiat  
        Personalized debit-card designs for merchants with high volumes.  
         For Users 
        Store, spend and send Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Denaro from a single user interface.     Store, spend and send Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Denaro from a single user interface.     Shop online and offline using a multi-cryptocurrency debit card.  
        No additional fees for sending cryptocurrencies outside of the Denaro wallet; only network fees apply.  
        An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for receiving international transactions in fiat.  
        Personalized debit-card designs for users with high volumes.  
      The Denaro private sale will offer DNO tokens to early contributors and investors to expedite platform development and facilitate the launch of the main/public token sale. The offer is scheduled as follows: 
      ● Supply: 2,500,000 
      ● Price: 3000 DNO/ETH 
      ● Bonus: 25% 
      ● Duration: 7 Days
      Denaro will offer the remaining 62,500,000 DNO tokens a month after the private sales. The soft cap for the main/public ICO is 10,000,000 DNO. 
      ● Minimum Contribution: $10 
      ● Maximum Contribution: $100,000 (for contributions larger than the maximum amount, please contact support@denaro.io for proper processing and bonus allocation) 
      ● Bonus: Starting from 25% and decreasing throughout the token sale when certain milestones are hit 
      ● Duration: 35 Days 
      ● Referral Commission: 3% 
      ***This event is not open to contributors from the USA, China, and Singapore.


        This thread will be manage by DENARO.IO