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How to get working WDC wallet + blockchain for download


if you are experiencing problems with the installation of the latest WBC wallet and you are still interested in Worldcoin you can use this:

from this site download older but well working wallet:


and here you can download todays copy of the WDC blockchain (until block 3570084):


hash of the file for check:

after installation of WDC let it run once to find out where the wallet generates chain directory (takes up to several minutes)
- after first start close wallet
- locate the Worldcoin directory which was generated in user files during the first wallet start. It should be in user/appdata/roaming/worldcoin/ (on win7)
- delete all files and directories in this Worldcoin directory
- extract all 3 directories (blocks, chainstate, database) from my blockchain backup to worldcoin directory in the roaming
- start wallet again and let it rescan these chain files (it may take several minutes)
- after that you can use wallet normal and you do not have to wait for sync whole chain (it takes several hours up to days if you want to sync it from the scratch)
- and remember, always backup your wallet.dat file which is the key to your coins. The backup of it do only during the time the wallet is closed.

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and another issue, this older stable QT wallet is not able to handle wallet.dat files created in newer WBC wallets. It crashes with SALVAGE FAILED error. So you only can use this old one for wallets created in and older.

here is error: https://imgur.com/Toggw6c

Today I found out that every backup I have and my friend have his too, is not recognized in old QT wallet. There is also something with invalid - not recognized db structure in db log. WBC probably uses a bit different structure than old QT version. And it is not possible that wallets are corrupted. I am sure they are not. Newly generated wallet in latest WBC copied back to QT is doing the same. After taking it back to WBC it is working OK. So there is something what was designed to do with older wallets to revoke access to users coins or it is only programming mistake which was not discovered during the first releases of WBC (the time of step from QT to WBC).

I really advice to stop using newly installed wallets with dat backups until there will not be fully functional redesigned and working release with an announcement from devs. If you have functional wallet installed before (during the time the WBC installation was working well) you can use it. Otherwise avoid it!

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