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Why is broken WBC wallet still on the main website?


I really do not know what is going on now here. But wake up somebody!

Who has the control rights over installation server?
Who has the control rights over the main page?
Why is unable to install WDC wallet again? - connection refused problem
Why is this piece of sh*t (read W B C) still on the main page if it is not possible to install it for several weeks?

It is very difficult to make a good promo of WDC if these basic things are completely broken. It could be the best for WDC to take basic LTC wallet design and use it (the same FTC team done and they succeeded, their current wallet is 1 of the best a stable I have ever seen). Look at other coins (a lot of them are sh*t coins) as they are doing well these times. WDC is one of several which are out of the train and it will not be back again without fully functional wallet.

Wanted to buy a bigger amount of WDC for long term holding for people new in crypto. But how to promote this "in the basic good" coin if there is still broken WBC sh*t wallet? How can I explain them this situation, that they have to install old wallet? that they are unable to use the last one bacuse there is nobody who cares about it?

I do really feel a lot of shame during the times I want to do a promo for this good coin and WBC totally degrades it. Wake UP!!!

currently doing full sync for the old wallet and after that I will upload it everywhere I can, to help people use old WDC wallet without days of waiting to full sync.

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Yes, please read 

There is not enough man power to run infrastructure. Hence things will be broken and not working as expected! If you know anyone who may be interested in recruiting and has a crypto background, I can then continue to refill from low to high tier positions. I was on target but Diego U-turned and I think most people would rather sit back than have any responsibility. I didn't come back to chase, if the remainder of the community doesn't step up soon then the likelihood of WDC coming back diminishes. Less hope more action.

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