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Chunky Monkey Released!

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I'm just putting this here if some people are interested:

22:37:30 < mrsmn> http://www.filedropper.com/worldcoind-latest-linux64tar                  
22:37:59 < mrsmn> http://www.filedropper.com/worldcoind-latest-osx64tar                    
22:38:16 < mrsmn> if AcceptWorldcoins or Berzeck could add this to the wallet download page 
22:38:29 < mrsmn> it's the worldcoin daemon built for Linux and OSX                         
22:38:44 < mrsmn> built from here:: https://github.com/mrsmn/WorldcoinDaemon/commit/bca67fac62eb2715622316bd331170eb969daacd  
22:39:10 < mrsmn> MD5 (worldcoind-latest-linux64.tar.gz) = 53a854a4591b5ccfebdcb544add1fa99
22:39:19 < mrsmn> MD5 (worldcoind-latest-osx64.tar.gz) = b28a68d43f8275bdf5078c00bcc55985

If there is any issue, don't hesitate to contact me or report it on Github.



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