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Dismatch between promises and facts

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Hi! I recently deep into criptocurrency world and find WDC - as it seems from first view not so bad coin. But I was fully dissapointed concerning time. As it says - we need only 2 confirmations and not as more as 60 seconds to complete transaction. But it`s forming lie! 1 block generates about 8-10 hours! It`s the worst ever I`v seen. And I have already 6-8 confirmations, but transaction is still in pending. How this coin does exist with such drama?))) 

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Welcome to the Club!

Your coins shoul be "Gone in 60seconds" only under ideal conditions.
Since the coin's difficulty calculation algorithm does not meet today's standards it's blocktime is vulnerable by jumping coin-mining pools.
It's te coins only weakness I see in this coin.

Subject is on the air quite a long time for now, I hope that new committee at last will solve that minor but significant issue and You'll see that WDC will be one of the most valued coins in the list.

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