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I've always thought, WDC to BTC that success, the most main way is to let more global investors understand and know the WDC, so I suggest you contact online WDC digital currency trading platform in the world, I can provide more than 1 million WDC to the trading platform.

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      Worldcoin listed on AEX.com
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      The multicurrency gambling center.
      Play with Worldcoin and more than 45 cryptocurrencies on CRYPTOSDICE. We offer a unique feature that makes us different from other dice sites: an slider where you can set any interval of numbers between 0 and 99.99. Forget about betting only lower or higher than an specific number, now you can select for example the interval 25.00-75.00 or any other you like!

      Invest in the bankroll
      Be part of the bankroll of any cryptocurrency, choose your kelly %, set different investments with different values.
      Get 0.1 WDC every 10 minutes to test our game!

      10% comission fee for affiliates.

    • By Accept
      Today October 21st 2015 is a really special day that we remember from the movie Back To The Future Part II from 1989. In the film Marty McFly travels to the future to save his children. Everyone familiar with the movie remembers hoverboards and Nike shoes with power laces that was brought by the clever futuristic technology that was dreamt up. We have not seen them around yet this year, but there is still time! In light of the news, there is a great thing going on with crypto currency technology, especially with WorldCoin.
      Physical Address
      During this week we have finally gotten ourselves physical office address. Soon after everything is finalized with local government officials, we will announce our organization information and post some photos on our website. This is just one of many steps our plan consists of. In the near future you will see a lot of improvements in making our project more organized and efficient.
      Our development team has been working on the final touches for the new wallet release. This is going to be major release with a completely new platform. We are confident to tell that the new wallet (beta version) will be published officially during this weekend.
      In Other News
      The forum default sharing image has been changed, now any shares on social media will display the Worldcoin logo. Our forum thread on Bitcointalk has also been changed to reflect the same image.
    • By Accept
      Hello September! Are you still here? We’re coming close to the end of a long wait and the beginning of another. We’ll explain later.
      Forum Refactor
      The Business Center is not the only area the team has been working on... after some hurdles the forum was successfully upgraded. Shortly after the new theme was implemented; some small details are still being ironed out but everything is functional and all accounts were upgraded smoothly. Only downside is we had to say goodbye to our awards system, at least for now until it has been revamped for IPS 4.
      Three words: Beta next week!
    • By Accept
      All has been a little quiet since it is holiday season but we can assure you we are still here and we still have news for YOU!

      Faucet Fixed

      You may have noticed the website faucet was having issues, apologies about the inconvenience, this was due to the captcha malfunctioning and this has now been resolved. Alferz (Josh) who is our faucet and wdcexplorer developer changed the captcha to ‘google recaptcha’ which is much better and faster, now all you have to do now is tick a box to agree that you are not a robot, easy as pie! Try it out now here.


      Some exciting news, Iceviking has mailed all OrangeWebsite customers providing information about Worldcoin and its properties. There has been an immediate positive response with a few Orangewebsite customers emailing us for more information about buying WDC. Given the initial response there is a great chance others have done the same, this coupled with the upcoming wallet release means exciting times ahead!

      Forum Changes

      An update script to upgrade the current theme is on it’s way from the theme developer Tom Christian from IPS themes. This is needed for the switch over, while we are waiting for that we will be adding a marketing section for Iceviking to post regular marketing updates!

      We are getting close to the first public Beta which will be released on the first week of September, expect more screenshots next week with the new components developed and another blog post previous to the beta release

      What the Bitcoin situation means to Worldcoin
      The current situation with Bitcoin highlights the serious problems that the lack of a high level, decision making structure can cause. Worldcoin will never be guided by a fat bureaucratic entity unable to come to good decisions, express the issues they face and be transparent to all its users. We’ve seen what can happen with people that care more about utopic ideas than concrete reality. In this regard we empathize with the few people that are desperately searching for a way to implement a solution in real life and not on paper.

      The drama just exacerbates one of our main strengths which will be valued a lot by future serious investors, we really care about people’s investment and we will make sure that all our actions reflect that fact as well as supporting general Worldcoin users.
      In the future, when the time comes and we need changes in order to scale smoothly, a well thought plan will be implemented swiftly, a plan that our investors will know about months beforehand. We’ll be sure that we will follow very close the results of the new developments being made in this area so we will adopt the one with best proven results, learning from others mistakes.

      Many of you wonder if the current crypto downtrend will affect us in anyway… the answer is NOT AT ALL, for us it’s just another day in the office, after all that is what Worldcoin should be about … no drama, just unstoppable relentless progress. If anything this gives Worldcoin being a more viable means of money transmission. Discussion is on this thread!