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1 hour ago, s7ryker said:

Total market cap went over $500,000,000,000

Any thoughts ?

Yes. This is a memorable moment in crypto history. Even though cryptos are in their infant stages, I think there is a major correction looming. Especially with bitcoin. However don't by any means go by what Im saying, its just me speculating. I was wrong with ethereum going from $8 to $20 to $200, etc. I expected a major correction with that too and I was wrong.

However all these prices are sky rocketing i.e. ripples, lumens/stellars, potcoin, vericoin and more. They all have 1 thing in common, they all have long history.

And here we have worldcoin. As old as the crypto hills, if you will. And hanging out at $0.0185 roughly. Could be worse no doubt. But it should be much higher. And I ask why.

Quite simple really. No development or even minor changes to fix the block issues. No committee. Nothing but being stagnant. No new devs stepping forward to help. Nothing, nada, zip. I know a committee is in the works ( slowly in the works), but worldcoin is a gold mine waiting to be dug up. It has the name and the "30s block time" and a really nice functional wallet (for now) with many more features.

I just think we are behind the curve. We need some momentum to get her going again.

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I agree 100% with cryptojunky. WDC was a goldmine but slowness of committee(or forming committee) is fatal for WDC's success for this round. There will be another rounds I'm sure but every round-fail assures new investors to avoid WDC in the future.  I can't believe that such an opportunity is wasted just because of apathy of decision makers of present. Damit guys,  WDC is the fastest coin in the market now (in theory, but not in real) unlike team behind the coin who is the slowest in the world where quick decisions are essential for success. 

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2 hours ago, s7ryker said:

I can't believe the Dash price, to be honest. I remember when we were in top10 and Dash was nothing.

Guess that hard work pays after all

Yeah and litecoin, shit. Wish I didnt sell a chunk of them back in the day. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda. Words investors live by. Along with "what if". 

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