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[ANN][Pre-ICO] Liquid Crypto Bond, Crowd for Angels (FCA)

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ORIGINAL THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2490127.0

It is a pleasure to announce the launch of Crowd for Angels Pre-ICO for our Liquid Crypto Bond. It is the first ICO from a regulated company and provides, what we hope is a welcomed addition to the market. Please visit https://crowdforangels.com/ICO to find out more information and to download our whitepaper. 

Crowd for Angels intends to raise up to £50 million by way of a 5 year Liquid Crypto Bond paying 3% interest per annum. This Liquid Crypto Bond is raising capital to support SMEs who are seeking finance via the Crowd for Angels Platform. All capital raised will be invested into or acquire secured crowd bonds. For every £1 invested 100 tokens will be minted by Crowd for Angels and distributed as rewards. Up to 99 of these tokens will be issued to the initial investors for every £1 invested, with Crowd for Angels retaining the balance. Investors will, therefore, gain an underlying asset, diversity and can have confidence in their investment.

A few quick points.

1) investors are investing in a Bond (security) via our platform with the token given as a gift. All funds will be held in fiat in a segregated account in a major UK bank.

2) the token has no nominal value at issue. It can be freely traded (after issue) and used on our platform once a value is established.

3) to add a value to the token when well lend finance to a business, they pay a funding facility fee, this fee is paid in "Angel" tokens. This is by accessing the market, which will create demand and a price. Instead of receiving these tokens to pay our fees, we take them out of circulation and this will cement the value created during purchase.

Finally, any investments will be made via our platform. We will NOT ask investors to send Crypto to our wallet. 

Please visit https://crowdforangels.com/ICO to find out more information and to download our whitepaper. 

<edit> Whitepaper here: https://crowdforangels.com/pdf/Crowd_for_Angels_Whitepaper.pdf

We are on Telegram - https://t.me/CrowdforAngels

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