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But why not to really MAKE SOMETHING??? NOT MUCH, just some improvements suggested here in forum earlier, just some tweaks in block-difficulty calculation algorithm that make coin's block time stable - that's it! The main goal should be to keep the block time as close as possible to 30s. That's the real core of WDC! Nothing else is matters! That is actually the only argument that differs WDC from any other coin(by the description). Who the hell(investor) cares what is the mining-algorithm, as long as it secure it doesn't matter at all. 

s7ryker, why do you think any developer with a lot of free time wants to develop WDC as a coin with loads of sht from past times? WDC have a valuable name but for now that's it. Me(like any other investor) see nothing behind that. I don't see the committee, all I see is the crap in the forum and veiled previous developer(s) don't give a damn about that. Active guys who are ready to improve given situation at least in this forum even doesn't provided access to commit. What I mean is "There is no (any) transparency in WDC" right now.

...So save the WDC, Form the commitee fast, untill then don't try to market the idea of "Coin of no use" to newcomers. I'm sure they won't forgive that.

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11 hours ago, vitjuhhino said:

Looks like 2018 is going to be better for WDC??
Are you sure about that, I remember that I heard the same statement already a year ago and what happened after that?
Answer: Zero development + stupid Chinese deal + price crash.

Look at the FTC now. Its in top100 right now, but it was at much lower position than WDC a year ago. How can that be? Is WDC really doomed just because of poor (comitee/developer)management?

Personally I'm not hoping much from 2018. "Looks like 2018 is going to be better for WDC" sounds more like OnionCoin sales-propaganda-crap to me right now.

Thanks Vitjuhhino for sharing how you feel. I think we all feel the same. If you rightfully consider 2017 to be rock bottom, it probably will get better in 2018. Am I sure?? No one has a crystal ball 😂

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