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Wake Up Call!!!

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On 10/9/2017 at 4:06 AM, s7ryker said:

I tried to buy the Worldcoin facebook page.This guy is crazy.

" Negotiable, this page was build and managed by me a few years ago, though their payment never complete and they stopped paying. But I m use to cryptocoins changing management so I just let old issues be gone. If u are interested in buying the page, let me know, if I can breakeven from it, I will let go.

1.2 BTC is my breakeven after I checked all the sponser ads and other cost involving. But I m willing to part with 1 BTC. "

1 BTC for a 5k likes facebook page that wasn't maintained properly is way too much.

Screw that, save money. I started a page called Worldcoin global, didn't want anyone to steal the name. If Berzerk and/or Accept wanna appoint it to someone or they want it let me know I'll see how we can transfer it.

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