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Chinese 'partners'

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4 hours ago, Accept said:

It really depends on your interpretation, technically he didn't say that. Also there is no evidence to say he deleted your comment. I have comeback temporarily to solve some issues, if it is possible. But I am glad you noticed I was gone, in the meantime I will be talking to some old friends to see what can be conjured up. But to answer your question, yes I am me... and you are? 

You have always been so capable and really getting things done, Accept! I was dismayed when you kept away and kept looking out for announcements about what happened to you but did not find any. 18 months+ is a long time to be gone and a loss to WDC. Am glad all is well with you :) Hope you become more involved in WDC, now is a great price to pick up more WDC and together we make WDC great. I am of the opinion that we basically need only minor adjustments to WDC, the set-up is pretty much there, we are good to go, just more marketing which had always been delayed, unfortunately I am not the most technical of people

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7 hours ago, s7ryker said:

I'm the one who contact  Accepted  and ask him to say a few words since I believed that Berzerk was gone... !!!

GREAT WORK, s7ryker!!!!! :D

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On 21-9-2017 at 10:10 AM, Berzeck said:

As many of you know some weeks ago we had new 'partners' in China, they agreed to buy and support WDC, they published and article on BTC38 that was read by thousands of people, they also told us that WDC/CNY  with be enabled again (which happened 2 weeks later); price rose and everything seemed fine, but there where some weird demands, for example that we should not touch core, I was fine with that because as I always planned we would switch when new tech arrive, but when the difficulty problem started to happen I wanted to change algorithm to cope with that, but I was told that if I mad any changes they would dump 50 million coins and stop mining all together. They effectively took over and there was not much we could do; I also realized (I would not get into details) that the worst mistake I did was to disclose my real identity.

We will be around and come back when they fuck up and leave the project forever, we still do not know the real intentions, are they trying to buy all coins for a super mega pump? we do not know.

For now I will wait until everything becomes more clear, and spend my time with family

So did they dump it?

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