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Salvage failed, wrong installation, unable to download chain

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and it is back again, there is another person who has a problem with his wallet.dat backup. Software is reporting that wallet.dat is corrupted - salvage failed. Another person who has the same problem with wallet.dat generated on 1.1.0 version. You was not able to solve that problem before, tell me are you able to solve it now? There are 3 backups of dat file on 3 different locations - HDD, USB and CDR. Every of them is corrupted - clean after its creation and a one after months of using and only receiving txs. Ideas?

and solve installation program, there is the issue with zipped chain downloading again. Installation software downloads something in an only 1 second and after computing hash, there is an error.

and another current issue: After installation, WBC is unable to start.




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use latest software and send debug file. It is impossible for me to support  every version, specially if I do not have that version installed anywhere. If backups failed is because the corruption was made before the backup was performed. Without debug file I cannot know what is wrong (nobody can)

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