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19 hours ago, lucallero said:

Same here elcin, did you find any help?

Can a developer point what algorithm is used upon encryption of the wallet please? So that I can build or search for a password recovery tool.

The the alg is AES-256, I have found on this repo, but for what I know this alg is almost impossible to crack in a viable time if you don't know the length and/or part of the password. I think I lost a good money.

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6 hours ago, lucallero said:

Yep, we all know that. I've just prove it to myself the hard way.
I'm still trying to remember... It worth mention https://hashcat.net/hashcat/, maybe it helps.

Exactly same here... Pulling my hair on this one, especially now as the WDC has increased in value over tenfold.

Something just came up though, and would love to get some verification:

On umtheenth time seeing the error code -14 (invalid passphrase)

one of my password canditates started giving this: JSon RPC error! Connector: 'WDC'. Error: 'walletpassphrasechange <oldpassphrase> <newpassphrase>Changes the wallet passphrase from <oldpassphrase> to <newpassphrase>.'. Code: '-1'

and I receive it by opening the encrypt wallet on WBC - 3.1.0 and typing my passphrace canditate as old password, new password twice as should ant finally pressing ok. nothing else.

what does that mean?

@Berzeck any help?


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If you forgot the password coins are lost forever, you could try to bruteforce with a dictionary but unless you have very bad password selection practices that's just waste of time


Pekka: Password is wrong, you could try to send your coins to another address to see if the message is the same

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