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What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

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I think one of the main topics for marketing is to bring the coin to a variety of exchanges and ALSO add a real value to the coin. What we see now is a world of cryptocurrency casinos, guessing it should go up or down with actually no underlying reason. The only reason why the coins change in price is because of the momentum / mean reversion anomaly. We should bring the coin to businesses and really let people pay with it. 

How to get there:

- Clear and fast wallets (proper lite versions without downloading the whole blockchain)

- Big marketing campaigns (for this, sponsors are required) on exchanges to show Worldcoin is back!

- If volume is increased, sell the system to businesses. 



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12 hours ago, jerryhartlein said:

I need a step by step ...simple...road map (instructions) on how to buy Worldcoin with a Bitcoin Wallet that is in coinbase.  Also, how do I figure out how to convert a specific BTC amount to a USD amount ? 

Please some one help him.

On broad terms, you need to create an account on en.btc38.com.

Send some btc there and buy wdc with btc


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