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Best way to mine WDC


So I am about as new to cryptos as you can be and specialy to WDC so I am just wondering what you guys would recommend as the best way of mining WDC, like what you think are the best tools and sites for it?

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On 2/7/2017 at 5:12 AM, marecek666 said:

if you have a scrypt asic you can directly mine WDC in a pool:

if you have only GPU you can mine other algo coin which is more profitable with GPU (FTC - Neoscrypt) and after that you can change it to WDC via exchange website (FTC->BTC->WDC):

for example: mining with AMD 7750 at 115kh/s (nsgminer 0.9.2, g1 w128 i13) gives about 15-25 FTC a day and after conversion you can get about 30-50WDC a day (it depends on exchange rates WDC-BTC and FTC-BTC). Mining directly WDC with the same GPU could give only 1-3WDC a day so it is not reasonable to mine scrypt with GPU these times. Getting WDC via other algo is currently the only way for GPU miners as they really does not give any help for WDC network with their low hashpower.

There is no way how to get an ASIC for reasonable price here in the Europe. But if you really want to try, you can get it from the US or China (ebay or aliexpress is full of them). You will have to pay additional taxes and customs and the final price will be for EU resident not as fair as for the US or Chinese is.

So if you really want to support WDC network and money is not a problem you can buy ASIC (basic price+tax+customs) or you can rent strong mining rig (the most expensive). If these information help somebody and want to rent a rig via rental website, you can use my ref link: www.miningrigrentals.com/register?ref=11124

Another way how to support WDC is letting your wallet running as a node (need a public IP and opened correct port in your router).

You can find out the profitability here: www.coinwarz.com

Great post

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