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Hi there guys, I'm creating this thread to gather any suggestions for the new website. The best ones will be added into a poll to see which ones are prefered.

Take a look at the current site at worldcoin.global and think of the improvements you would like. Bare in mind some ideas may not be possible with the configuration we have. That means that just because it's in the poll doesn't necessarily mean it can be implemented.



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Some constructive criticism with the utmost respect for everyone working on this project.


Mobile version is all cluttered everything overlaps, is unusable and to be blunt looks horrible. The news images on the website are all the same and gets repetitive (newspaper, earth worldcoin logo). Website should be clean, corporate looking, very easy to navigate.

And on the wallet itself maybe just name updated version 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. (i.e. Worldcoin Wallet version 2.0) instead of funky names like drunken turtle and dancing hippos. 

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Thanks for feedback!

Web page is under construction with many of  these ideas.

About funky names, they are designed so people know exactly what version they are using when giving support, otherwise  people never remember if the version is called 0.8.6rel34245build002. People never forgot the  HIppo! if you are worried about if names harms adoption well you shouldn't be, for example a version of linux kernel was called 'Pink Farting Weaselthat NASA and banks used, and that many of the most powerful supercomputers on the world used as a base for their customized Linux versions.

List of Linux kernel names take a look for more funny names. Bottom line, normal people always remember the name (good for support), people and companies who care about technical merits don't care about the name, and lastly haters don't forget the name and troll about them hard! which is interesting because they don't troll about the wallet itself so it is like free marketing!

Google also took the hint and put names to Android like 'Lollipop' or 'Marshmallow'.

These names actually serve a good purpose!


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well we already have a theme very similar

i will ask for Johnny for details so you can see it. If you don't like it we will have to buy again :angry: <--------- translation: "please like it" :D

Just kidding...

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