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Pulzar's Worldcoind bridge

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Hello guys, i finished developing the bridge between Pulzar and Worldcoind, this means that our application server talks with worldcoind as if they were teenage lovers. So next release will be about giving our users another plugin service that tests this 'relationship'. I will finish beta until weekend so our most adventurous supporters can help us testing and polishing, to do that please subscribe to Beta Channel in wizard ( Expert Settings ), public release will be made a couple of days after


This is a screenshot of Pulzar (Spanish), each window represents a core service ( 6 services ), the window in the center is Pulzar getting some basic info from Worldcoind.  Above Pulzar's backbone,  we are developing plugins that use this core services, the first one was the auto update plugin that we are ready to make use  starting with this release (current users of 1.0.2 enjoy this feature and will be visible when next release is available) . 


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Guys i have to postpone release a few days because i found 2 subtle bugs with the bridge implementation, please be patient :)


For those who weren't able to see the attachment :



Fixed issue in permissions, couple of things not ticked so users should now be able to reply and view attachments!

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