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WBC 2.0.0 Known issues

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Just checked and they are both there... 


WorldcoinBC.cfg is 1KB in size and Daemons.cfg is also 1KB... Not sure if that is pertinent information or not but I thought I'd throw that in there in case they should be larger or something but yeah they are there.

Something is messing up  right at the finalizing part of the install... Like I said it all goes smoothly up until I get the the finish button... Then it freezes so whatever it's supposed to do there isn't being done...

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No nothing happens at all... I tried running as admin from desktop and from target directory... I get the Windows 10 "working" symbol on my cursor but nothing loads.... 

It's funny though cause it's like it's perpetually trying to load it cause if I try to delete the folder after trying to run the program so I can do a clean install it won't let me  cause it says the files are in use by the system... I can only delete the folder if I reboot... I'm going to try to install it to a different location see if that makes a difference...

Okay so I cleared it all off and tried to do another install... This  time to a completely different drive in my system and it still hangs on the finished screen of  the  installer... I can't X it out and clicking on the finished button does nothing... I have to Ctl Alt Del to close it... 

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Not sure you would consider the following "issue", but it is quite annoying for people with almost 0 knowledge regarding technical questions and cryptocurrencies in general. I call it "experience" with crypto-wallets. 

I downloaded version 2.0.1 within a few minutes but the installation took me about 60 (or even maybe 70) hrs. I had my computer Win 8.1. running three whole day-times and once over night as well, just to finish the installation. The full process slowed my system down, but since it was only sporadically it may also be a connection problem. The really annoying thing that also happened a few times during the installation, was the freezing of my computer. I had to restart a few times. I even got a full blue screen with the message that something went wrong and at the bottom some KERNELL DATA ERROR. I had that a few times in the 3 years I own this laptop, but mostly in connection with downloading wallets. Anyway I learnt to save important files on some external hard drive, so I don't really worry :D.

In the past I downloaded piggycoin, mintcoin, clamcoin and shadowcoin wallets, because I got interested in cryptocurrencies and wanted to test how things work (if at all). I found out that piggycoin was stacking and I was delighted. But only for about a week. Each of those wallets caused similar problems during the installation (slow down, freezing) and after synchronizing and working for about a week, synchronizing was no longer possible. As a result of this I lost all the coins I had there. Luckily only a few, but still annoying.  

I hope that my WDC-wallet will keep working, although the few icons on top right drive me crazy somehow. Nothing happens when I try to click on them or when I go on them with the mouse (= no message). Three of them are black the rest of it blue. The reload sign is blue, I guess this means "working".

I think it would be really nice to make this wallet understandable for dummies. Every "new" things needs some kind of explanation/instruction manual. People step back from cryptocurrency because everything seems/is so complicated and difficult for non-insiders. 

(@ Admin: If you think that this posts belongs to some other thread, please move it there, thanks!)




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Hi Dynamite!

What takes 60 hours+ ( depending on internet connection a computation power) is downloading the blockchain which basically consists on the ledger of every transaction made to this day, that is how the network is  decentralized because everybody has all the information in his/her computer.

To avoid this horrible installation time, when installing please choose 'Expert' option, near the end you will be able to download the block chain in a compressed format (1.5 - 2 Gb) Depending on your internet connection the whole process can last just 2 hours, worst case scenario its a lot shorter than synchronize the wallet from zero anyway.

The blue screen can be a product of 2 scenarios

a] your computer run out of memory

b] some sector in your memory is corrupt and not working anymore, as crypto wallets are memory intensive it is probable that this error just shows itself when requiring too much memory from your computer

The mad inducing icons will respond to actions in the next version in a pair of weeks :D

Meanwhile from right to left:


1] Daemon is up: The application responsible to send coins, receive, sign etc etc is in good shape

2] Sync complete, It starts gray when downloading first transactions of block chain and progressively the left part becomes green in proportion to the total transactions downloaded and finally it turns blue when all block chain is synchronized

3] When blue this means that your wallet is encrypted (in the mail i sent you there are more details). It's generally a good idea to always encrypt your wallet and DO NOT FORGET PASSWORD

4] Not yet implemented but in next version will mean to how many other nodes you are connected, the standard is 8

5] The cloud means that you connected to our servers, we will offer a lot of services for the wallet but right now it offers the auto update mechanism

6] Speaking of which, when this start flashing you should click 'Updater' in the left panel. This means that an update is available.

However in the next version you will be able to click in this icon and the update window will appear

7] Not yet implemented, it will be important in the future

Welcome to the forums!


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