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Forum Upgrade to IPS4

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Hi there,

Couple of days ago I updated the forum to a new version and have been tweaking it ever since. I would like some feedback from users to see what I might have missed.


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The forum looks fantastic in my opinion.  I just miss the panel on the right were you could see easily new content

I had to remove and put at the bottom because text was getting squished! Go to index and scroll down.

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      It seems that something is off, when I select some options on the "stream" tab or 'activity' (and even other tabs) I get: Error code: EX4096
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      There was a grave error, on my part that meant that many users were unable to post in sections such as this one. It has now been resolved, if there are any other problems, please report it on this thread.
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      I would like to add some more awards but I need your help. I ran out of ideas so if anybody has any awesome suggestions it is possible I will find the corrosponding image and actually include it on the awards list. If you want to go even further and design one, the sizes are 32 x 32 px with a transparent background. I don't expect anybody to do that...
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      Welcome to the new forum, here is what is new.

      Spam protection - there will no longer be spam.
      Compacted forums - previous categories have been merged together.
      Awards - Users will be awarded with achievements and award icons.
      Post ranking - More posts, the higher your rank.
      Custom made userbars - Upgraded members and staff only.
      User Upgrades (coming soon) - gives more forum functionality.
      Temporary Bans - Any bad behaviour can be dealt with.
      Access Levels - some forum categories require x amount of posts.
      Positive & Negative rep - one of the perks of upgraded members.
      Best Answers - help sections enable thread starters to toggle this.
      New theme and graphics.
      Members force read - any new announcement will be force fed to normal members.

      The old forum and domain is not in our control and we cannot afford the price the owner has set for it and its assets. Therefore we are starting fresh, that is the best way forward. This means you will have to re-signup here and all your previous posts will not exist, as you have probably figured out. However we hope everybody will understand, we have made great improvements which will make our community stronger than ever. This is the last piece in the puzzle, it didn’t go exactly as planned but we now are in control of our assets.

      The Sponsors should be ready soon, these have been put in place to fund the forum expenses every month. As the forum grows it will cost more and more to run, unfortunately for you it means you can’t do certain things until you upgrade. However we’ve kept the initial price low, it should be affordable by most, and also made it a one time fee. This will by out by the next weekly report after a few edits have been made to the graphics.

      Thanks for listening.

      Worldcoin Team