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WXBnQ2ERKeSg4uLVJK9D6KsTgghXu6GxGU should be the address, have a look and compare in your wallet, any more troubles please visit forum.worldcoin.global help section so we can help you in more detail because it's hard troubleshooting via email.
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WXBnQ2ERKeSg4uLVJK9D6KsTgghXu6GxGU Is not an address in my WDC wallet
WQxP4BcsG4Kzbx86xFiZMWYfbL9U51CyVV Is My Wallet Address This Is were bter.com sent my coins


01f06e612f9d5f18c2b53e0a827d2200f82f48e62cb2004230510ca098d1f336 3879 2015-08-23 14:39:55     Bter.com Withdrawal Info


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Hello!, please send us  2 screenshots of your wallet, one with Summary and the other one with Receive Coins, this just to discard any obvious problems. I am assuming that your wallet is full synchronized ?

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