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Worldcoin Weekly Report June 17th

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Another day in June, suncream retailers are probably celebrating because the sun actually came out for a day or two. In Australia that’s possibly the best business to be in as the demand for sunscreen is higher. That’s enough about sun cream, here’s our weekly report!

Reverse crowdfunding

As we promised, we will only ask for donations when a specific project is successfully finished and running, so the committee will take the risk investing with member’s private funds and not our supporters; we call this process ‘reverse crowdfunding’ and WDC is the first coin which has this kind of assurance to its investors. We believe this is the path that other teams should take too in order to recoup some image that crypto has lost these years due scams.

Worldcoin Explorer Fundraiser

Our first reverse crowdfunded project was the new explorer. It was successful within the few hours it started. All the proceeds have now been sent to our developer Josh who is very happy with the outcome. Soon he will be working on a front-end to make it look a bit prettier than it is right now. We urge anybody with the relevant coding skills to help contribute to the github page so that WDCexplorer can be improved.

The main reason it was created was to provide information on Worldcoin to all the market capitalisation websites. Coinmarketcap and Bravenewcoin were emailed shortly after the Explorer completion, they have now adjusted their websites so that they are now using our API meaning that our statistics now display correctly.


On the weekend for the first time we will use the blog section in our web page (http://worldcoin.global/category/blogs/). The first blog will unfold some details on how module development progresses from new version onwards. We are sure our supporters and investors will be happy about the unique innovations WDC are bringing to a market saturated with copycats and bureaucracy riddled coins.

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      First ever WDC ATM
      Cryptodiggers have been secretly working on a project for a while now. A WDC/BTC ATM has been implemented in Bratislava, Slovakia at the Avion Shopping Park. We have allowed them to submit a crowdfund to help fund some of the implementation costs.
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      We had plenty of great opinions how our online presence could serve the community better. We would also appreciate hearing your ideas. It will make it easier to establish what our community wants. Then we can set-up a decent poll for everybody to vote upon.
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      Only three bugs were detected after release (none of them put your coins at risk), not bad considering that 15k lines of complete new code has been developed from scratch, you can thank that to our excellent beta tester team! On the weekend we expect to release v 2.0.1 fixing all bugs and also adding one more component. Stay tuned!
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      There is much more to come, V2.0.0 has only basic functions but the platform is the important part. Now there is potential for not only our team but other developers too that can contribute to future enhancements. Berzeck has designed it purposely so little knowledge of crypto is needed for enthusiastic newcomers who want to make modifications.
      In Other News
      The IRC chat has been recovered from the attacker who we shall leave anonymous for the moment. They state their reason as a misunderstanding, and the good news is Berzeck and this other party have reached some agreeable terms and which will benefit Worldcoin going forward. If you see any hacking attempts in future you can report them to us at contact@worldcoin.global.