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Found 24 results

  1. Hello Worldcoiners, You have all been waiting very patiently so thank you for that. I'll be making a special appearance in light of recent events to get things started. I have spent many hours researching and thinking about the best way to go about repopulating the WDC team. I finally settled on a service with beta end-to-end encrypted messaging rooms called Riot made by a company called Matrix. Why is Matrix a good option for WDC? Supports multiple OS Open Source E2E by default if enabled in room. (Beta) Decentralized Supports Cryptocurrency API could be connected to WDC services Email on sign up not required What now? There will be 5 phases of recruitment, we will be entering Phase 1 which will begin with the population of the Worldcoin Lounge Tier 0. Phase 1 Tier 0 = Worldcoin Lounge Tier 1 = Worldcoin Discussion or Worldcoin Dev Discussion. To progress into Tier 1, Phase 1 recruiters will evaluate from the lounge who should be included. This is to ensure group chat is productive, stays on topic with sensitive data protected. How can I join Riot? You will be applying to join the Worldcoin Lounge which is Tier 0 and for casual chat. We currently have the following Phase I recruiters: vitalicus:matrix.org alferz:matrix.org (DEV APPLICANTS ONLY) Sign up, choose the respective app for your device by visiting this page. After creating your user, log out and back in to refresh account creation Start chat with one of the recruiters using their above usernames on Riot, please edit room settings and enable room encryption when discussing 1 to 1 to protect your data. Continue to tell the recruiter how you can contribute to WDC (Skills, background etc), this is an application, without it you will not be accepted into the group chat. They will ask you a series of questions to see what rooms you could potentially belong in. Send your Riot verification ID via forum PM to verify your identity. My Matrix ID is @accept:matrix.org, do not trust anyone claiming to be me if the ID doesn’t match. If you think you've got what it takes to be a recruiter, please comment on this thread for consideration.
  2. New Exchange

    Worldcoin listed on AEX.com
  3. http://www.cryptosdice.com/ The multicurrency gambling center. Bet Play with Worldcoin and more than 45 cryptocurrencies on CRYPTOSDICE. We offer a unique feature that makes us different from other dice sites: an slider where you can set any interval of numbers between 0 and 99.99. Forget about betting only lower or higher than an specific number, now you can select for example the interval 25.00-75.00 or any other you like! Invest in the bankroll Be part of the bankroll of any cryptocurrency, choose your kelly %, set different investments with different values. Faucet Get 0.1 WDC every 10 minutes to test our game! Promote 10% comission fee for affiliates. http://www.cryptosdice.com/
  4. Today October 21st 2015 is a really special day that we remember from the movie Back To The Future Part II from 1989. In the film Marty McFly travels to the future to save his children. Everyone familiar with the movie remembers hoverboards and Nike shoes with power laces that was brought by the clever futuristic technology that was dreamt up. We have not seen them around yet this year, but there is still time! In light of the news, there is a great thing going on with crypto currency technology, especially with WorldCoin. Physical Address During this week we have finally gotten ourselves physical office address. Soon after everything is finalized with local government officials, we will announce our organization information and post some photos on our website. This is just one of many steps our plan consists of. In the near future you will see a lot of improvements in making our project more organized and efficient. Development Our development team has been working on the final touches for the new wallet release. This is going to be major release with a completely new platform. We are confident to tell that the new wallet (beta version) will be published officially during this weekend. In Other News The forum default sharing image has been changed, now any shares on social media will display the Worldcoin logo. Our forum thread on Bitcointalk has also been changed to reflect the same image.
  5. Hello September! Are you still here? We’re coming close to the end of a long wait and the beginning of another. We’ll explain later. Forum Refactor The Business Center is not the only area the team has been working on... after some hurdles the forum was successfully upgraded. Shortly after the new theme was implemented; some small details are still being ironed out but everything is functional and all accounts were upgraded smoothly. Only downside is we had to say goodbye to our awards system, at least for now until it has been revamped for IPS 4. Development Three words: Beta next week!
  6. All has been a little quiet since it is holiday season but we can assure you we are still here and we still have news for YOU! Faucet Fixed You may have noticed the website faucet was having issues, apologies about the inconvenience, this was due to the captcha malfunctioning and this has now been resolved. Alferz (Josh) who is our faucet and wdcexplorer developer changed the captcha to ‘google recaptcha’ which is much better and faster, now all you have to do now is tick a box to agree that you are not a robot, easy as pie! Try it out now here. Marketing Some exciting news, Iceviking has mailed all OrangeWebsite customers providing information about Worldcoin and its properties. There has been an immediate positive response with a few Orangewebsite customers emailing us for more information about buying WDC. Given the initial response there is a great chance others have done the same, this coupled with the upcoming wallet release means exciting times ahead! Forum Changes An update script to upgrade the current theme is on it’s way from the theme developer Tom Christian from IPS themes. This is needed for the switch over, while we are waiting for that we will be adding a marketing section for Iceviking to post regular marketing updates! Development We are getting close to the first public Beta which will be released on the first week of September, expect more screenshots next week with the new components developed and another blog post previous to the beta release What the Bitcoin situation means to Worldcoin The current situation with Bitcoin highlights the serious problems that the lack of a high level, decision making structure can cause. Worldcoin will never be guided by a fat bureaucratic entity unable to come to good decisions, express the issues they face and be transparent to all its users. We’ve seen what can happen with people that care more about utopic ideas than concrete reality. In this regard we empathize with the few people that are desperately searching for a way to implement a solution in real life and not on paper. The drama just exacerbates one of our main strengths which will be valued a lot by future serious investors, we really care about people’s investment and we will make sure that all our actions reflect that fact as well as supporting general Worldcoin users. In the future, when the time comes and we need changes in order to scale smoothly, a well thought plan will be implemented swiftly, a plan that our investors will know about months beforehand. We’ll be sure that we will follow very close the results of the new developments being made in this area so we will adopt the one with best proven results, learning from others mistakes. Many of you wonder if the current crypto downtrend will affect us in anyway… the answer is NOT AT ALL, for us it’s just another day in the office, after all that is what Worldcoin should be about … no drama, just unstoppable relentless progress. If anything this gives Worldcoin being a more viable means of money transmission. Discussion is on this thread!
  7. Hi all I stumbled across https://coinclockwork.com who offer a affiliate dashboard and investment platform. I'm currently utilising both and have cashed out some doge no problem with them (more than happy to provide proof if needed). I am interested in throwing in a chunk of WDC since I'm a semi-large holder, but want to know what you guys think. Here's my affiliate banner if you're interested some of the stuff they offer: - instant deposits - instant withdrawals - realtime tracking - 5% affiliate commission - 50+ currencies including WDC list sort of goes on. Let me know what you all think, I've invested and will update on how it goes. So far I'm being paid without any issues.
  8. And What are YOU listening to?

    Ok guys n' dolls, it's me again.. annoying you since 1901. You love music right? I know I do.. well some of it.. some of the time.. So what're you listening to? Right now? Yes... Err.. No, not right now exactly at this moment, but.. y'know what music is attracting your attention at the moment.. So, here's what I'm listening to right now. Don't know how old it is.. don't care - but it's awesome! (well i think so anyway). and it keeps me suitably distracted for the loooooongest time heh heh. ~~ Xodianbarr P.S. ...
  9. Well, hullo thar folks.. The rules are simple. All you have to do is write a post which compliments the user who posted previously.. Simple right? Surely it must be... Ok, well seeing as there is nobody to post about who went before me, i'll post about Worldcoin - hee hee hee! Ok, well, the thing i love about Worldcoin most of all is is wonderfully holistic and particularly catchy name. Says everything you need to know about it in two neat little words - WORLD - COIN. More than this I love the devotion people have to Worldcoin, whether the going is good or bad. The fact that the people affiliated with Worldcoin are good people who care enough to want to make a difference speaks volumes about the coin and the community devoted to it ~~ Xodianbarr P.S. to self: meh...
  10. Say Hello

    Well i don't see an official 'say hello thread' so i may as well start up one. Soooooo... HELLO WORLDCOINERS!!!! In case you're wondering, i've been here before even if you don't know who the f**k I am. Does it matter? I don't think so, but suffice it so say, i felt compelled to pop in and say hello anyhoo. So there you have it.. helloooo! ~~ Xodianbarr P.S. to self: this is post 2 not 1 P.P.S to self: so? who cares?
  11. This week has been relatively quiet. At the start it was discussed openly about ideas for the future. Our developers are eager to come up with either something new or improve existing ideas. It is clear that simplicity is the key, this is something all virtual currencies have failed to do. The first bits in wallet refactor are taking its place. For starters the new wallet will be resolution independent. This means that users will create themes using centimeters and not pixels, so the perceived size will be the same in different screen resolutions. This implies that it will be HDPI ready. Also when the user presses Ctrl and rotates mouse’s wheel then the UI will scale depending in which direction you rotated the wheel. This was the progress for the development area this week, as promised we’ll update progress every week in this post. Just to let you know, the website development is still being worked on. As always it’s not going to be a rush job, it’s finished when we are happy with it. The quick start page is being revamped to be the main hub for accessing wallets for new users. We are cutting down on menu displays to avoid confusion as there are too many. We would like to remind everybody to pay close attention to Bittylicious and refrain from buying bitcoin. Instead buy Worldcoin direct because there is a high possibility in the next couple of weeks we’ll lose the option for direct Worldcoin trading. Current sellers are offering cheaper rates which fit in-line with the current WDC price, VAT usually adds a premium on the price. Forum Events We had down time due to problems with our host on 22/03/15, was resolved eventually on the same day and we apologise for the access issues. Merchant Spotlight Noobie.io is a portal where anyone can create a shop to sell their products for virtual currency only, whether you are a big existing shop looking for an extra outlet or an individual just looking to sell some occasional products. They accept Worldcoin and have an Escrow to ensure users can not be scammed using the coinpayments API. Bitbill also slipped us on the radar, they use the Litepaid API which autosells, in our case Worldcoin and pays the receiver in fiat. If you would like to do this, or try it, read their faqs to see which countries are supported. Their fee is around 1% for every transaction.
  12. Worldcoin trading

    I think it's a very interesting time because although the price is very low, you can see on market capitalizations that WDC is being traded with a multitude of different cryptos. I've never seen that before, it's mostly been bitcoin and nothing else. Also I've noticed how hard it is to buy large amounts of Worldcoin directly with fiat meaning that instead because of not enough being available it's easier to buy bitcoin direct instead. I think this is wrong on so many levels and messes up the charts completely by giving bitcoin the volume credit. Although it's understandable with the unstable price why sellers don't stock up with more than for example ~15k WDC. Another thing is how much money is going into WDC, there is more than you think and it doesn't add up when you look at other coins in comparison, so where is the bench mark?
  13. Hello everybody, We are now halfway through March and have been discussing a wide range of things that need to be done. Now in last weeks report it was mentioned that getting github up would be the number one priority. This week, Berzeck has managed to complete the first repository called ‘WorldcoinDaemon’ under the new github ‘WorldcoinGlobal’. Milestones have also been written down in a forum thread for future repositories and will be split in 3 releases, the first will be available on 30th June 2015 by the latest. The Bravenewcoin article was finally released, this includes quotes from the interview and has detailed information about the African Water Well. There was a promised follow up in the future when there is an extensive wallet update. The article was written free of charge by Briony and was in no doubt very time consuming. Tweet, comment, share it with your friends and show your support if you want them to follow up! In other news, the Worldcoin Alliance website is being tested for a new design on a test domain. When we are happy with it, it will be copied over to the main site for all to see. Forum Events Vitalicus was awarded the Flamin’ hot award Cryptoid was awarded the Flamin’ hot award ‘Cuckoo land’ forum added for baseless posts. 550+ posts reached!
  14. This week we’ve been asking about your opinions on FTC joint projects and got a good response. Next step will be to see opinions on the other side before proceeding with anything. The Bravenewcoin article got delayed and is now expected to be released latest, by Friday so keep your eyes peeled. In other news, we’re getting materials together for a new webpage, the graphic design process is in full swing and once completed the real development will commence. For those that haven’t, please test out the new blockchain downloader in V1.1.0 Chunky Monkey and let us know how you get on. The primary focus now is to completely refactor the wallet, this will take a few months but intermediate releases will be made to keep investors interested, we will also inform weekly about the development progress made. Think you’ve got what it takes to contribute to Worldcoin? Send us your details at contact@worldcoin.global
  15. It may take you a whole lifetime to realize it, but the small things are just important as the big things. Over the last 6months the Wallet has been updated, small and big updates, mostly to improve user experience. What I would be asking is, what small feature or improvements would you like to see on the website or wallet? We have ideas but not always enough and we need fresh minds to influence our big heads. Together we can be stronger, just please don't post an idea if there isn't a structure to it, we can't mindread, write it down! If you have doubts about it being possible, it probably isn't, but post it anyway but only if you are ready for constructive criticism .
  16. Last week the Linux wallet beta started for the new wallet features, a couple of days ago a Windows version also became available on beta channels. There are a couple of bugs internally that we have already spotted but if you would like to help please inbox Berzeck on the forums with errors you spot. Tomorrow morning we have an interview scheduled with Bravenewcoin to talk about the Worldcoin Well completion. We’ll let you know how that goes! Forum Events Cryptoid received ‘Einstein’ Award krizal received ‘Supporter’ Award Mathy bought ‘Ruby’ Sponsor Spam questions added to registration Merchant spotlight Crypto Cloud Hosting recently started accepting Worldcoin. They host with their own servers and offer a reasonable monthly fee for web hosting. Enjoy! ‘Rest assured that your data is safely hosted across our two state-of-the-art Tier 3+ 2N Data centres.’ We’ve also had another shop come up that accepts Worldcoin called the Sterlingcoin official store. They sell lots of small items like pens and mouse mats, mainly branded with Sterlingcoin but the owner has promised his best interests are in Worldcoin, so we shall see.
  17. Exchange - Atomic-Trade - News : February 14, 2015, 03:02:01 PM : Banx.io Acquires Atomic-Trade.com Source : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=955580.msg10459189 Hi! Worldcoiner who trade Worldcoin (of course) The exchange Atomic-trade will become Banx.io On February 22, 2015. I think it's great news good news for them and to us because Worldcoin is traded on Atomic-Trade.com and on Banx.io and this exchanges are very great.
  18. Hi ! In internet, I found it and this logo are good : j Is it possible to put in : http://www.worldcoinalliance.net/merchant-tools-worldcoin/ with the others ?? We can to download it : HERE (source : http://blog.littlevisuals.com/). The creator made it in january-2014 and to give him a don : WP72NvS5BEMJSg5viLTN9p91XxQuJ4QcHS
  19. After one year since the project started, the Worldcoin Water well project has been completed. $10,000 was raised which was then passed on to the water project by Kevin (Botornig). We recently released a press release to most crypto news outlets. Crypto coins News published an article that was based upon the completion of the Worldcoin well as a result of this. Unfortunately there was a slight error where they commended Brandon Brown, so it's time the truth came out. We never found out what happened to Brandon Brown, nor what happened to the funds he was holding. All we know is the community kindly helped fund it again, so effectively $20,000 was raised in total. To break it down Gudmunson replaced around $6000 which is what the Worldcoins were worth as the price began to decline, he was part of the Worldcoin Foundation. He expected that Brandon, who was part of the foundation too, would get him back the money as he had already made several purchases for mining hardware with him. He thought he trusted him enough, but he was wrong. It became apparent that the money was never refunded by Brandon Brown to him in recent discussion a couple of months ago. Brandon Brown, if that's even his name, took the Worldcoin well funds and then never returned them. At the time someone representing him said that he was suffering from illness, but we have no way to confirm that. Hope this clears most things up, you have to right to know, also we may remind you that the same mistake will never be made by us to trust anybody that we have no background on. All the information on us is publicly available on the Alliance website! Back to the report, the beta version for new wallet is ready, we need your help to polish it up and test the new feature, interested parties PM me or Berzeck in the new forum, also you can contact us at contact@worldcoin.global for further instructions. ~~Worldcoin Team~~
  20. worldshield

    I have a question about Worldshield . In a french forum, a guy say that Worldcoin can have bigs problem if there is 51 % attack. If I understand good, the 51% attacks doesn't exist on Worldcoin, right know and in the futur, because you have create Worldshield phase 1? Do I have right ?
  21. Obviously, it isn't possible to really prove how many Worldcoins you actually own publicly without exposing your wdc address, and even then it's difficult to prove.... HOWEVER if you can be as honest as possible, me and other staff will edit this thread and add your linked username and the WDC amount next to it. If it withstands the next couple of months, an award will be created for those who reach the top 10 but with proof via PM to make the award genuine. So please post below if you would like to brag about your Worldcoin ownership... Let the bidding war begin. The LeaderBoard Berzeck 1M Jay 400k bels 205k Higgson 200k datsunking1 179k Brent 100k s7ryker 93k oldminer 85k mrsmn 65k Accept 62k zodfsx 61k Ghost55 55k Torelle 30k
  22. Bitcointalk

    Hi ! I create my first topic in Bitcointalk in French section : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=940493.0. Moroever, I seen that a lot of links in official bitcointalk (Here) are dead, it's not good : For example, in : Worldcoin Status Websites http://www.worldcoinwatch.com/ http://www.wdchash.com/ http://www.wdcboard.com/ http://www.wdcticker.com/ All links are dead Perhaps, is it possible to modify the page or post a new topic. I can help if you want.
  23. The new forum this week as been a success and is buzzing with activity. Hopefully you have all moved over successfully. A FAQ section with video tutorials has been created. So far it covers main issues users have with wallet installation, there’s more to come too over the next few weeks. Post questions in the help section and we’ll think about making videos for problems you may have. Our application server (Pulzar) can now talk to worldcoind, to test this we will have a new release with a new feature, until Sunday we will have a Beta and a couple of days later we release to public. Users of 1.0.2 version will be informed that an update is available so you can update if you want. In other news, we suspect our largest investor is Chinese because of the large amount of WDC that passed through the network this week. We would like to say ‘你好,我們提供免費的論壇會員升級到我們最大的中國投資者’. Discussion on the subject can be seen here. Forum Events Buggie awarded V.I.P status, ‘Dev Mania’ and ‘Donator’ Award Ghost55 Awarded Mod status and ‘Donator’ Award Colaxais awarded Mod status Datsunking1 awarded Mod status Rules Change: ‘Troll’ is now a banned word. Any questions, contact@worldcoin.global ~~ Worldcoin Team ~~
  24. So I'm going to give discussion a little nudge, What would you like to see in 2015? Being committee, we have a pretty good idea but it's always good to get a second opinion. It's not just about us, it shouldn't be that way. We can't magicially do exactly what you might want, but we can at least try to get as close as possible. Also any other questions you may have about the future don't hesitate to ask.