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Found 43 results

  1. ATM reverse crowdfunding and development updates! Official news release: http://worldcoin.global/worldcoin-weekly-report-december-16th/
  2. On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree! First ever WDC ATM Cryptodiggers have been secretly working on a project for a while now. A WDC/BTC ATM has been implemented in Bratislava, Slovakia at the Avion Shopping Park. We have allowed them to submit a crowdfund to help fund some of the implementation costs. The full article on the new Sumo Pro ATM from BitxATM is available here. If you want to help them crowdfund 500 Euros then head over to the crowdfund. Website Ideas We are still looking for a better response to the improvements and ideas thread. Come on guys, we know you are out there! The contribution would be really appreciated. Hopefully we can get it ready for the new year, without your help that won’t happen.
  3. While our American supporters are already preparing for forthcoming Thanksgiving celebration, the Worldcoin team is working with full power as always. We had a committee meeting taking place on Monday. Several topics were discussed, one being the future version of our website that is in progress. Ideas and Improvements We had plenty of great opinions how our online presence could serve the community better. We would also appreciate hearing your ideas. It will make it easier to establish what our community wants. Then we can set-up a decent poll for everybody to vote upon. The thread can be found here. Technical Aspects Berzeck has been putting together an useful technical article regarding our new wallet software release. You may read more about it here.
  4. Not even December yet and we are already seeing mass marketing starting early in time for the Christmas period. We won’t do that to you, although maybe bring back the snowflakes to lighten the mood on the main webpage. Poll: Bring back the snowflakes! New year race We are developing a new website front, the stopwatch has started to get it finished by the end of the new year. The current site is acceptable but also it is also hard to navigate around. To attract new users it needs a design change. Next week we’ll start up a poll for some of your ideas for the new site. Development Only three bugs were detected after release (none of them put your coins at risk), not bad considering that 15k lines of complete new code has been developed from scratch, you can thank that to our excellent beta tester team! On the weekend we expect to release v 2.0.1 fixing all bugs and also adding one more component. Stay tuned!
  5. Hello Worldcoiners, finally the time has come to announce some great news! This week will reveal some of our efforts, we hope you will show some recognition. WBC out of Beta! A couple of days ago the ‘Worldcoin Business Center - Dancing Hippo’ was released to the public. So far there has been a positive response! Our analytics showing a great deal of interest. There is much more to come, V2.0.0 has only basic functions but the platform is the important part. Now there is potential for not only our team but other developers too that can contribute to future enhancements. Berzeck has designed it purposely so little knowledge of crypto is needed for enthusiastic newcomers who want to make modifications. In Other News The IRC chat has been recovered from the attacker who we shall leave anonymous for the moment. They state their reason as a misunderstanding, and the good news is Berzeck and this other party have reached some agreeable terms and which will benefit Worldcoin going forward. If you see any hacking attempts in future you can report them to us at contact@worldcoin.global.
  6. “Remember, remember the fifth of November. The gunpowder, treason and plot. I see of no reason, why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.” Tomorrow will be the 5th of November, the day Guy Fawkes was caught red handed with huge barrels of gunpowder. He was attempting to blow up parliament and was consequently sentenced to death, however most don’t know that he jumped off the hanging platform breaking his neck, avoiding gruesome torture. Guy Fawkes dolls are made and burned in giant bonfires and fireworks are set off celebrating the survival of King James I. Anyway enough of that, here's what has been happening this week with Worldcoin. Development We are on the final testing phase of integration with auto updater mechanism. The release is scheduled for later this week so stay tuned in on the forum to receive information on the update. Under attack! As we are assembling last pieces of new Worldcoin Business Center, our IRC channel was hijacked, the account used to log in was of an old time Worldcoin supporter who has elevated privileges on the channel. After confirming his involvement; the attack was directed to Berzeck directly, questioning his right to leadership. We know that there is a disagreement on how our team is organized (we have a hierarchical structure resembling a company). It makes sense for the current committee to use Berzeck to make final decisions. However final decisions are never implemented without the rest of the committee’s approval. In response to that can assure you that we have no ownership over Worldcoin basically because it is impossible. If anybody wanted to, they could form their own team, create their own wallet, modify the blockchain to their liking. However to do that the communities trust must be gained, look at Bitcoin and the problems they had. Irc hasn’t been used for some time ago so the damage was minimal. We have a skype chat room to which we communicate with dedicated supporters. As you may remember we had a similar problem with recovering the Worldcoin subreddit, for exactly the same reasons. Worldcoin Global is just a team that will not be able to run without some sort of hierarchy, if another group wants to implement a different plan we have absolutely no problem with that. History will not repeat itself and if a group wants to do this we won’t be hostile and would fully co-operate, even if it means handing over some of our existing services. We don’t want anybody to go what we’ve been through when it comes to retrieving assets of Worldcoin into one place. We also suggest contacting us directly on contact@worldcoin.global if you have any queries about current or future investments. We only accept constructive criticism, any insults or abuse to staff will not be tolerated. That rule applies across all our feeds, please respect that and we will respect you. In Other News The forum was updated to a new version but we had some glitches with the theme. Until an update is available we have swapped to the default theme. We have decided as a solution for irc to have our own forum chat box whilst we try to resolve the irc issue. Have a nice day!
  7. In three days time it will be halloween! At least somebody has to dress up as a giant Worldcoin. How scary would that be? especially at a bankers party? This week a bit of reorganizing has been going on, read all about it below. Worldcoin Business Center Beta 4 (last one) has been released, there are no major bugs left, mostly minor UI annoyances that will be fixed. Final version will be released next week! Check the official thread for more information. Also the Pulzar server was updated (version 1.1.1 - Murderous Mushroom) which means it is supporting a new scheme for updates, also it won’t close the service if malformed requests are being pushed, now it gently denies them and continues operating. Worldcoin Country Representatives Recently some set instructions for any representatives was written up explaining all processes. GreatDane was first on the scene to read them and carry out those instructions. As a result we can conclude that there is now an active Danish facebook page. We are now looking to gain access to all country representatives social media accounts to avoid problems in the future. This will mean that if any representative steps down or mysteriously disappears we can continue their line of work.
  8. Today October 21st 2015 is a really special day that we remember from the movie Back To The Future Part II from 1989. In the film Marty McFly travels to the future to save his children. Everyone familiar with the movie remembers hoverboards and Nike shoes with power laces that was brought by the clever futuristic technology that was dreamt up. We have not seen them around yet this year, but there is still time! In light of the news, there is a great thing going on with crypto currency technology, especially with WorldCoin. Physical Address During this week we have finally gotten ourselves physical office address. Soon after everything is finalized with local government officials, we will announce our organization information and post some photos on our website. This is just one of many steps our plan consists of. In the near future you will see a lot of improvements in making our project more organized and efficient. Development Our development team has been working on the final touches for the new wallet release. This is going to be major release with a completely new platform. We are confident to tell that the new wallet (beta version) will be published officially during this weekend. In Other News The forum default sharing image has been changed, now any shares on social media will display the Worldcoin logo. Our forum thread on Bitcointalk has also been changed to reflect the same image.
  9. Working away in the background is our team of over-qualified people that are assigned for specific tasks. This week we can share your portion of what has been going on. Worldcoin Business Centre Beta 3 was released, there was an announcement providing information on the latest development. There has been a great response on the bug testing thread, unfortunately for Berzeck that means a little more work. The plan is to have small but regular releases, with feedback it can help make sure nothing is left out. myBJJ As promised an article containing more information on our myBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu (myBJJ) sponsorship has been written up. We’re still thrilled to have ‘Worldcoin’ on the banner, some good publicity for us!
  10. Behind the scenes, there are a few things that can’t be spoken about just yet. However there has been some good news that we can tell you about now. MyBJJ Sponsorship Finally the martial arts gym has stepped forward with a beautiful banner, it’s been a while but it was definitely worth the wait. More details will come soon outlining for that means for us. Fly Swatting Berzeck has been working through some bugs and issues that people has given him to fix. Beta 3 is coming this week and should address the current issues users are facing. Keep an eye in the development section for information on the subject.
  11. Last day of September today, we have some great news this week which will make a great finish and start to October. Beta 2.0 After some minor issues, Berzeck released Beta 2 of the ‘Worldcoin Business Centre’. Also a permission mistake was found on forum that Accept corrected promptly. Please post your findings if you haven’t already on the bug testing thread. Beta 3 is scheduled in one week and we will evaluate if a release candidate will be available after that. Country Representative Our new marketing director iceviking found a new Chinese representative, Ivan Goh. Iceviking is helping us enforcing more strict rules on official team members so Ivan agreed to send us some personal information including a copy of his ID. Ivan has agreed to translate our weekly reports and also publicize them on well known Chinese forums. He will also be listed on the ‘About Us’ page on the main website in the upcoming weeks. Please make Ivan feel at home, he is eager to learn more about Worldcoin, cryptocurrency is something new to him!
  12. Lots of price speculations are going on, meanwhile we have been searching for outstanding issues and improvements that can be made. Interesting fact: Only 99 days from September remaining till the end of the year. Beta Testing Thanks to our trusty Beta testers, we found some bugs on the new wallet Beta released last week. All will be resolved by this week so the Beta can be updated by the weekend. With no more ‘known’ issues, it will be ready to be evaluated again just to double check everything is okay. After that we will merge the new wallet with the current automatic update system with some slight modifications which should take 7 - 10 days including testing. The main objective with the new software is to test all new technologies developed, we will add more components in the future. For now it may seem slightly disappointing as there are not many features. We can assure you that this is merely a skeleton, it’s very important to get this part running smooth before further development. In Other News Unfortunately the Chinese representative Higgson had found wasn’t quite up to the task. Therefore we will try again to find a better suited person to do the job of representing China. The Chinese forum section will be removed until somebody suitable becomes available.
  13. Throughout the week we will focus primarily on wallet development with links outsourcing to more detailed explanatory material. Slovakian Webpage Our partners in arms at Cryptodiggers have released the Slovakian version of our main page, check it out at http://www.worldcoin.sk/. They have some other surprises coming soon so check in frequently! Development We will release the public Beta this week as promised, Sunday will be the chosen day so the team has a little time on weekend to iron out some details. Here’s a quick preview of another completed component! Country Representatives GreatDane’s biography was handed in, now you can read all about our Danish representative and get some insight to get an idea of who he really is. We also have a new volunteer that will help with translations and other country related activities of our biggest market: China. Over the next few weeks we will sorting out where Worldcoin will be represented. It is unknown to us the expanse of Chinese forums and hopefully we can learn a thing or two from him.
  14. Hello September! Are you still here? We’re coming close to the end of a long wait and the beginning of another. We’ll explain later. Forum Refactor The Business Center is not the only area the team has been working on... after some hurdles the forum was successfully upgraded. Shortly after the new theme was implemented; some small details are still being ironed out but everything is functional and all accounts were upgraded smoothly. Only downside is we had to say goodbye to our awards system, at least for now until it has been revamped for IPS 4. Development Three words: Beta next week!
  15. Last week of August, the timebomb is ticking and will blow soon enough, time travelling Worldcoin into the future. Backups In order to improve protection on the ‘Global’ websites of Worldcoin, the backup plugin has been reconfigured. This now means that all backups are encrypted and also the dashboard has a passcode lock. If any hacker has our web server compromised that hosts the ‘Global’ websites at an attempt to take them down then it is no problem. It could literally take 2 minutes to have the website up and running again depending of the time zone of the administrator. If he’s asleep then it might be longer, but at least he’ll sleep well knowing that the backups can’t be deleted by any intruder. Development As we are getting closer to the first public beta, a new screenshot is in order! One of the most important aspects of having a completely modular application is the ability to encapsulate variables and functions from different components. For example, let’s look at the ‘Backups Wallet’ component at the upper left of the image, this component is in charge to make wallet backups, so imagine that you are developing a very complex component and would like to make a backup before doing your stuff. From your component you only need to make this call: cBackupWallet.fuBackup(directoryName) The component will take care of making the backup with the options chosen in the ‘Backups Config’ component automatically, if we ever need to change the algorithm of the backup function you won’t need to change your component, this principle is attached to all components that we are developing (including sending coins, price tickers, reports, etc etc) and is the key to attain true software scalability MyBJJ Crowdfund Deane is pleased to announce that in some part, the generous contributions of the Worldcoin community aided the MyBJJ community to open a brand new brazilian jiu jitsu gym in Sydney Australia. The new headquarters of this team boast mat space of over 200sqm which makes it the largest Brazilian Jiu jitsu facility in Australia and New Zealand. Next week there will be another update detailing exactly what went on.
  16. All has been a little quiet since it is holiday season but we can assure you we are still here and we still have news for YOU! Faucet Fixed You may have noticed the website faucet was having issues, apologies about the inconvenience, this was due to the captcha malfunctioning and this has now been resolved. Alferz (Josh) who is our faucet and wdcexplorer developer changed the captcha to ‘google recaptcha’ which is much better and faster, now all you have to do now is tick a box to agree that you are not a robot, easy as pie! Try it out now here. Marketing Some exciting news, Iceviking has mailed all OrangeWebsite customers providing information about Worldcoin and its properties. There has been an immediate positive response with a few Orangewebsite customers emailing us for more information about buying WDC. Given the initial response there is a great chance others have done the same, this coupled with the upcoming wallet release means exciting times ahead! Forum Changes An update script to upgrade the current theme is on it’s way from the theme developer Tom Christian from IPS themes. This is needed for the switch over, while we are waiting for that we will be adding a marketing section for Iceviking to post regular marketing updates! Development We are getting close to the first public Beta which will be released on the first week of September, expect more screenshots next week with the new components developed and another blog post previous to the beta release What the Bitcoin situation means to Worldcoin The current situation with Bitcoin highlights the serious problems that the lack of a high level, decision making structure can cause. Worldcoin will never be guided by a fat bureaucratic entity unable to come to good decisions, express the issues they face and be transparent to all its users. We’ve seen what can happen with people that care more about utopic ideas than concrete reality. In this regard we empathize with the few people that are desperately searching for a way to implement a solution in real life and not on paper. The drama just exacerbates one of our main strengths which will be valued a lot by future serious investors, we really care about people’s investment and we will make sure that all our actions reflect that fact as well as supporting general Worldcoin users. In the future, when the time comes and we need changes in order to scale smoothly, a well thought plan will be implemented swiftly, a plan that our investors will know about months beforehand. We’ll be sure that we will follow very close the results of the new developments being made in this area so we will adopt the one with best proven results, learning from others mistakes. Many of you wonder if the current crypto downtrend will affect us in anyway… the answer is NOT AT ALL, for us it’s just another day in the office, after all that is what Worldcoin should be about … no drama, just unstoppable relentless progress. If anything this gives Worldcoin being a more viable means of money transmission. Discussion is on this thread!
  17. Progress, progress and more progress, this week has been, what’s the word? Progressive seems appropriate! New Country Representative Welcome GreatDane, our newest recruit who will begin translating in Danish by next weeks report. Worldcoin really is the global coin we now have active translators for Russian, Romanian, French, Slovakian and now Danish. This is great for those in Denmark who like to read in their native language and allows help them to learn more about Worldcoin. It’s all about creating a better understanding for potential crypto enthusiasts and reaching out in not just English speaking countries but in other languages across the globe. GreatDane was upgraded to V.I.P and a special Danish subforum for weekly reports was opened. Subsequently he decided to create an introduction to WDC and also translated the forum rules which have been stickied above the Danish section. We’re always open for new opportunities if you would like to translate for Worldcoin send an email to contact@worldcoin.global for more details. Wallet Back Ups We are finishing the ‘Backup’ component so you will be able to make automatic backups of your wallet based on a certain criteria. For example you can define a schedule, or each time you receive or send a transaction, etc. Of course it is advisable for your wallet to be encrypted to use this facility. For the next week we have planned to finish the component and also a basic agenda. Next we will make a ‘Send and Receive Coins’ component, hopefully this will fix some known issues; then finally we are ready for our first public Beta! Merchant Spotlight Orangewebsite is a hosting company that is run by Iceviking who recently decided to accept Worldcoin, actually today in fact which means you can now buy hosting packages with Worldcoin! Read the full article.
  18. This week there have been some awesome team improvements and we are excited to say every month we have been welcoming somebody to help Worldcoin and Global development. Worldcoin Russia Shveicar accepted an invitation to become the Russian representative and has been kindly translating reports as well as branching out on Russian bitcoin forums. We now have 4 country representatives (French, Slovakian, Romanian and Russian). We are still waiting for a forum theme upgrade so that the recent post section does not get clogged up as we gain more representatives. Global Web Server We have reached the limitations of the worldcoin.global server resulting in extremely slow loading and functionality. We are now discussing of where to move it to, there are multiple paths we can take and we’ll let you know our final decision. Development We completed all basic Wapptoms and the network mechanism which has allowed us to integrate the price inside the wallet summary. Now the wallet summary is almost complete, please check back again for screenshots in a couple of days. The next component will be a decent wallet backup facility with some very useful new options. Stay tuned!
  19. July is over and BBQ season is still in so get those hotdogs on the grill while you can. If you’re in another part of the world, the oven will do just fine as long as you don’t burn them whilst reading this weeks report. Worldcoin Directory Two new pools were submitted to the Worldcoin directory called Coinmine and E-pool. If you would like to submit a worldcoin related business please head over to the submission page. Wallet Progress Earlier this week Berzeck revealed an image of a functional part of the wallet known as the console component. This is an important milestone because technically a functional wallet been achieved. Now we will focus on finishing the components needed to perform basic activities in a user friendly way. Basic Wapptoms are nearly finished too, if you don’t know what that means, head to Berzeck’s Blog! The basic components to be developed for the next version are: Components: Deposit, send crypto Encrypt wallet Backup wallet Wallet summary Transaction Summary Wallet Configuration ** Console ** ** Finished In Other News Scot from CryptoWorldwide has agreed to post our weekly reports on his website. The website is around 1 month old and we are happy to contribute and receive decent exposure at the same time.
  20. Sometimes there isn’t much to report as the progression has remained the same. We don’t want to repeat ourselves over and over, so this week will only be a short one. Committee As we commented previous week, Iceviking will be in charge of Marketing and some specific Management issues, he already begun to work and manage to talk Coinpayments.net persuading them to keep WDC listed, also he contacted Symantec and they promised that they will whitelist worldcoin-qt that was generating some false positives. Iceviking started to write a detailed sustainability plan to help the committee understand some focus points for this year. The team incorporation process couldn’t be faster and questions are being answered as fast as possible, by now he should have a better understanding of the present situation. Development No week passes without progress in development front, main components are being developed so, as we promised last week, we will release some screenshots on weekend showing the new components and the current look and feel. We are very close to have an usable wallet.
  21. Summer is extremely hot in half of the world, techno is being played next door and everybody is out partying, apart from Deane who is in the southern hemisphere, freezing in Australia. Mario has a wife and kids to look after and more importantly work on releasing the new wallet framework ahead of deadlines. We all chant ‘please donate 1WDC a month and help Mario code more than 1 line per day…’ However, all he needs is our love and support because otherwise the leeches will do nothing more than feed on the blue blood that pulses through the Worldcoin logo until there is nothing left but a white circle. Enough wittering, here’s Q2 of July in this weeks report. Development Now before someone takes the previous joke seriously here’s some real data! The new wallet has been in development since March (Last classic Satoshi wallet was released on the last week of February). There were 12k client side + 4k server side lines of new code written from scratch in 4+ months, making an average of 119 lines per day! Progress made this week Component subwindow for basic management Custom component creation factory As promised last week we will now list the items pending before the next release is ready: Wizard. Creation of new parameters in config file Wizard. Rewrite using the same graphics technology as the new BC (optional) Updater. Incorporate automatic update system Visual indicators : 1) Wallet encrypted? 2) Connection statistics 3) Sync Config: File configuration management: Filetoms Polish Components: Deposit, send crypto Encrypt wallet Backup wallet Wallet summary Daemon configuration Hard part is done, to finish and properly test we will be expecting a release early September. As previously stated, the delay is because of the introduction of Wapptom infrastructure, which was planned for a later release. It was obvious midway through the project that it was better to write all the components using this facility. The year schedule is untouched and next week some screenshots will be provided as proof of work! Merchant Spotlight Play on https://www.octoplay.net, the first Blackjack gambling site we’ve seen for Worldcoin! They also have pirate slots and after launching very recently have had good reviews but like always, we say use at your own risk! In Other News ScottSidders launched a competition for articles written that are based on Worldcoin. He is offering a considerable amount of Bitcoins for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Visit the thread to find out more information.
  22. The heat is on and holiday season is pretty much here. Unfortunately for us that means nothing, it still means a report will still come out every week. Forum Updates We expect a forum theme release from IPSthemes in 2-4weeks. When that happens we will update to IPS 4, time will tell on how many features we will lose or gain from the old abandoned plugins and the recently released. Recently sections were added for 3 of our representatives countries under ‘news and announcements’ as a sub forum. Translations of reports will appear there initially. When IPS 4 is available to us then we can hide translations off recent posts to avoid confusion. Worldcoin BC Wapptom infrastructure is finished, the API calls are stable, also we added the ability for them to be run time Connector independent. Now we are starting to create all the basic Wapptoms necessary, but first we will complete the Sub Window mechanism; as you may know, you will be able to work with many components at the same time. These will be displayed in the ‘Desktop’ section of WBC (Worldcoin Business Center). We need that UI of all components to have at least a very basic window mechanism that allows them to be moved, resized, closed etc. Next week we will publish a list of items that need to be developed before we release the next version. There will be one or two beta’s so we are a little late on our schedule so far, although we are set on the rest of year development schedule, meaning that all items planned for this year will be completed on time (if not sooner). Mac Wallet The Worldcoin Daemon has been compiled for mac OSX by Martin (mrsmn), now services like exchanges for example can run on this OS in particular. Work is ongoing for full wallet support. The most critical aspects are the wizard and auto upgrade system, so it will take some time In Other News Last week we were written about in the new website Cryptosource which took a look ‘Inside Worldcoin’. Big thanks to Scott for a fair review, as we know in crypto sphere is very easy to put articles without checking the sources first, Scott took the time to clarify a lot of facts and didn’t publish the article until all doubts were resolved. This speaks very high of Scott and his journalism skills and reputation. So everybody bookmark cryptosource.com and spread the news!
  23. Pinch, punch, it’s the first of the month, no returns. That’s right folks there’s no going back now! This week we have many surprises including new team members and minor web updates. New Marketing Manager After verifying their I.D, we are excited to announce iceviking, our latest addition to the Worldcoin Global team.. He has vast amounts of experience in many areas including social media and marketing applications and he is running his own company. The specifics of what iceviking will be starting with are still being ironed out but we are looking forward to getting him onboard as soon as possible! This event continues the trend of strong Worldcoin growth in many areas as last week mrsmn (Martin Simon) was welcomed . Martin is extremely active and he already made some important contributions to our community, one of them is building Worldcoin Daemon (worldcoind) for Mac OS. You can download it at the standard location in the main web page. Bear in mind that full graphical experience for the wallet is not ready yet and it will take some time to make adjustments on auto update software and database. Worldcoin is always looking for skilled and motivated people - If you would like to be involved in Worldcoin Global don’t hesitate to send us a message via our email contact@worldcoin.global or on the forum to Accept or Berzeck. Bitnode Explorer Martin went ahead and bought a bitnode for one year which includes other services on the server as well as functioning as a node. One of those services is a very flash block explorer, it will still need some modifications though before it is running optimally This will be our secondary backup explorer to our main one, wdcexplorer. You can donate if you wish and support the node for the following year(s) with WDC. In Other News Our crowd funded support of the Australian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team MyBJJ was a full success with 400 T-shirts with the Worldcoin logo being printed at this very moment. These will be seen at martial art tournaments and MMA competitions, pictures are to follow. Our reddit page has been revamped but unfortunately had to move to https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldcoinGlobal/. The new template is very striking, please comment on reddit and subscribe. The forum has been modified to have Twitter and Facebook login options and we have also changed our SMTP handler to mandrill for all registration emails.
  24. As usual we have been moving forward progressively to make Worldcoin better than ever. We will not stop till there is as many unique factors as possible. New Developer We have a new official developer on board Martin Simon, a.k.a mrmsn, a very skillful Python developer which his personal github page can attest. As someone who is extremely confident in his abilities and that has a long term commitment to the project, he decided to reveal his true identity which will be shown in our team biography page soon. Worldcoin Representatives We are currently redesigning logos to reflect the representative country origin. This should be finished by next week, so far twitter accounts are done such as WorldcoinFR, resizing for other social media is in progress. Vitalie’s biography has been submitted and edited, it will be put up shortly after this report release. In Other News Berzeck has started off his personal blog section discussing development in depth among other things. More of the Worldcoin Global team may contribute too in the future with their own blogs. A forum user Xanur provided information on the current Worldcoin difficulty allowing mrmsn to create a graph. This shows the difficulty reduction from around now to five years time. It has been posted on the Worldcoin information section, see below what it looks like.
  25. Another day in June, suncream retailers are probably celebrating because the sun actually came out for a day or two. In Australia that’s possibly the best business to be in as the demand for sunscreen is higher. That’s enough about sun cream, here’s our weekly report! Reverse crowdfunding As we promised, we will only ask for donations when a specific project is successfully finished and running, so the committee will take the risk investing with member’s private funds and not our supporters; we call this process ‘reverse crowdfunding’ and WDC is the first coin which has this kind of assurance to its investors. We believe this is the path that other teams should take too in order to recoup some image that crypto has lost these years due scams. Worldcoin Explorer Fundraiser Our first reverse crowdfunded project was the new explorer. It was successful within the few hours it started. All the proceeds have now been sent to our developer Josh who is very happy with the outcome. Soon he will be working on a front-end to make it look a bit prettier than it is right now. We urge anybody with the relevant coding skills to help contribute to the github page so that WDCexplorer can be improved. The main reason it was created was to provide information on Worldcoin to all the market capitalisation websites. Coinmarketcap and Bravenewcoin were emailed shortly after the Explorer completion, they have now adjusted their websites so that they are now using our API meaning that our statistics now display correctly. Blog On the weekend for the first time we will use the blog section in our web page (http://worldcoin.global/category/blogs/). The first blog will unfold some details on how module development progresses from new version onwards. We are sure our supporters and investors will be happy about the unique innovations WDC are bringing to a market saturated with copycats and bureaucracy riddled coins.