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Found 7 results

  1. Wallet Set Up

    I have just finished syncing my wallet and brought in the amount of WDC I used to have at Poloniex.. Everything is working just fine !! :-)
  2. Synchronizing my wallet

    Hi guys, So after exactly 814 days I'm opening my wallet again. Good to see that WDC is gaining some momentum atm. I'm currently synchronizing with the network which will take forever at it's current speed. What would be the best solution to speed things up a bit? Cheers, Brent - Amsterdam
  3. I need a working wallet

    Hi I am desperately in need of a working wallet where I am able to import private keys. Please any links, if possible link for the blockchain download as well. Thanks
  4. World Coin Wallet Starts Autotmatically

    I just reinstalled the world coin wallet and every time I start up my computer the wallet starts up. Where is the setting to change this? I am using the windows version of the wallet. Thanks!
  5. Since there is no thread about it I decided to open one . As you guys know, we will get a 100% modular wallet with plugins in 2015. What kind of plugins would you guys want to see? What I want to have on my wallet: A easy to use block explorer on my wallet Directly see how much Worldcoins I have on an address without having to use the block explorer A simple plugin to export my transactions as an pdf or csv file Maybe a reward reduction chart
  6. wallet version 1.1.0

    the wallet I have ( 1.0.2 ) says that there is the newly 1.1.0 but in the page still says 1.0.2
  7. Problem with my WDC wallet map

    Hi guys, Upon the latest update of the wallet, i came across a problem with the way my map/folder is sorted. Please take a look at the picture included in this post. All my wallet files are among other general files in my map c:/downloads. Can anyone give me a hand so I can organize this properly? Peace Brent