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Found 1 result

  1. Website | Telegram | ANN Thread | Twitter | Facebook | Steem | Reddit | YouTube BOND.PM A blockchain-based streaming and crowdinvesting platform for the film and video industry BOND IS: A VIDEO STREAMING PLATFORM + CROWDINVESTING + FAIR REVENUE DISTRIBUTION OUR BOUNTY PROGRAM VISIT OUR WEBSITE | READ THE WHITE PAPER | SEE FULL PRESENTATION TO TAKE PART IN THE PRIVATE SALE ON SPECIAL CONDITIONS - email us at contact@bond.pm SOCIAL: TELEGRAM / SUPPORT FORUM / BLOG WHY BOND? THE CURRENT ECONOMIC MODEL OF THE FILM AND VIDEO INDUSTRY IS OUTDATED BOND GIVES: To content creators - a place to find investors for their projects, stream videos and collect fair revenues from subscription fees To the users - a place to invest and gain profit, while supporting films and series they like To the audiences - access to premium content, selected not by the executives of big platform, but by the crowd itself To the video and streaming industry - a new, decentralized business model, based on blockchain HOW DOES IT WORK? VERY SIMPLE! READ THE WHITE PAPER Creators publish their content on a platform. Users pay subscription fees. The fees are split between all creators based on our fair content rating formula. BOND gets only a small commission. At the same time, creators run investment campaign for pilots, films, or full series seasons. Any user can become an investor. When the project is produced, the platform will automatically split the revenues between creators and investors, based on the amount they have invested in the project. ALL TRANSACTIONS ON BOND ARE MADE IN BFP - OUR OWN CRYPTOCURRENCY