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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there guys, I'm creating this thread to gather any suggestions for the new website. The best ones will be added into a poll to see which ones are prefered. Take a look at the current site at worldcoin.global and think of the improvements you would like. Bare in mind some ideas may not be possible with the configuration we have. That means that just because it's in the poll doesn't necessarily mean it can be implemented.
  2. Sometimes there isn’t much to report as the progression has remained the same. We don’t want to repeat ourselves over and over, so this week will only be a short one. Committee As we commented previous week, Iceviking will be in charge of Marketing and some specific Management issues, he already begun to work and manage to talk Coinpayments.net persuading them to keep WDC listed, also he contacted Symantec and they promised that they will whitelist worldcoin-qt that was generating some false positives. Iceviking started to write a detailed sustainability plan to help the committee understand some focus points for this year. The team incorporation process couldn’t be faster and questions are being answered as fast as possible, by now he should have a better understanding of the present situation. Development No week passes without progress in development front, main components are being developed so, as we promised last week, we will release some screenshots on weekend showing the new components and the current look and feel. We are very close to have an usable wallet.