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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I would like to add some more awards but I need your help. I ran out of ideas so if anybody has any awesome suggestions it is possible I will find the corrosponding image and actually include it on the awards list. If you want to go even further and design one, the sizes are 32 x 32 px with a transparent background. I don't expect anybody to do that...
  2. To receive the donator award you have to contribute directly to either an incomplete crowdfund project or to the general fund by sending Worldcoins. It can be any amount you wish, once sent, Private Message me the Transaction ID and you will be awarded within 24-48 hours. These donations will be used for the advancement of Worldcoin, please don't post your Transaction ID on this thread! PM Template: Hi I have just donated to Crowdfund Name/the General Fund (WTYspAqxctap6FYoJWxE7GAVVEy1cGT5vB) My transaction ID was: The Amount was: I am due the donator award. Thank you! Crowdfund http://crowdfund.worldcoinalliance.net General Fund WTYspAqxctap6FYoJWxE7GAVVEy1cGT5vB Award Symbol: