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Found 2 results

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  2. Worldcoin trading

    I think it's a very interesting time because although the price is very low, you can see on market capitalizations that WDC is being traded with a multitude of different cryptos. I've never seen that before, it's mostly been bitcoin and nothing else. Also I've noticed how hard it is to buy large amounts of Worldcoin directly with fiat meaning that instead because of not enough being available it's easier to buy bitcoin direct instead. I think this is wrong on so many levels and messes up the charts completely by giving bitcoin the volume credit. Although it's understandable with the unstable price why sellers don't stock up with more than for example ~15k WDC. Another thing is how much money is going into WDC, there is more than you think and it doesn't add up when you look at other coins in comparison, so where is the bench mark?