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Found 11 results

  1. New Exchange

    Worldcoin listed on AEX.com
  2. Times are changing in this internet ultra connected world, where everybody wants everything and wants it now. Wire transfer and card payment, once regarded as innovative and reliable payment methods, are now slow and take up days to complete, and there is always the risk of fraud or identity theft. We, at BelCloud Hosting Corporation, are a big fan of cryptocurrencies and we have been behind this movement from the start. With instant, secure, anonymous and permanent transfers, they represent next-generation payments and maybe the currencies of the future. Because we want cryptocurrencies to grow and become a bigger part of what people use on the internet to make payments, we are now accepting 30 new cryptocurrencies on all our websites. You can now use WDC directly to purchase dedicated and hybrid servers, shared web hosting and VPS. Furthermore, every product bought with WDC will feature a 50% discount for the first month on our network. Just ask the support team to apply the discount direcly on your invoice before paying. That's it! Promotion valid until 1st of August 2017. Host.AG - Dedicated Servers and Complex Hosting Solutions VPS.ag - VPS and Containers starting at 2 EURO per month TrueHoster.com - Unlimited Web Hosting Solutions at 12 EURO per year. Best regards, BelCloud Hosting Corporation
  3. Cryptodiggers next move is digital currency based user-managed auction system. User will have to register and validate via SMS to cell phone. And approval after registration is needed to maintain trust and security. Auction will have 2 standard approaches - user managed and auction system managed. Small fee for placing auction is planned and of course in case of system managed auction there is commission fee too. We don't want to promise any deadline but as side effect there will be something MISSING in WDC. Supported currencies (WDC,BTC,LTC) we hope you will enjoy it CryptoDiggers TEAM Buggie
  4. Hi all I stumbled across https://coinclockwork.com who offer a affiliate dashboard and investment platform. I'm currently utilising both and have cashed out some doge no problem with them (more than happy to provide proof if needed). I am interested in throwing in a chunk of WDC since I'm a semi-large holder, but want to know what you guys think. Here's my affiliate banner if you're interested some of the stuff they offer: - instant deposits - instant withdrawals - realtime tracking - 5% affiliate commission - 50+ currencies including WDC list sort of goes on. Let me know what you all think, I've invested and will update on how it goes. So far I'm being paid without any issues.
  5. WorldCoin (WDC) Kort Fortalt

    Worldcoin er en digital valuta sikret med kryptering. Målet for WDC er at blive den primære online møntfod for online transaktioner mellem forbrugere, handlende og forretningsfolk verden over. WDC er inspireret af Bitcoins (BTC) og er en videreudviklet samt forbedret møntfod med mange nye muligheder ift. BTC. For at øge brugervenligheden har folkene bag WDC gjort det muligt at gennemføre transaktioner på ca. 60 sekunder, dette har ikke været muligt før, da den absolut laveste transfertid førhen var 10min. Derfor kan man nemt, hurtigt og bekvemt overføre penge til hinanden i HELE verden så længe man har adgang til internet og sin online pung. Samtidig kan WorldCoin vise sig som en god investering. Der vil i alt blive produceret 265mio mønter, des flere der bliver tilgængelige, des mere vil værdien af mønterne stige. Blockchain: Det er i blockchain al sikkerhed omkring mønten er. Det er den som sørger for at hver eneste mønt har et unikt id, samt at den overførsel der bliver lavet går til den rigtige person. Der bliver konstant genereret nye blokke, dette gør at man aldrig vil kunne snyde systemet og fx. kopiere mønter, da der bliver tilføjet en ny blok hver eneste gang man foretager en transaktion. Det der adskiller WorldCoin signifikant fra de to største konkurrenter Bitcoin og LiteCoin er den måde blockchain er opbygget. Det er den som generer hver eneste mønt og er blevet fornyet så væsentligt at det er en helt ny generation. Den gør at WorldCoin er i stand til at håndtere langt større mængder transaktioner på samme tid, derudover har den en langt hurtigere måde at køre sikkerhedstjek af overførsler, dette medfører den meget reducerede transaktionstid. Open Source: Worldcoin er et gratis software projekt udgivet under MIT / X11-licens. Man kan køre, ændre i det og distribuere frit som man vil. Dog skal det siges at for og lave en møntfod som holder skal der være et stærkt og dedikeret hold bag, som med WDC. Det er nemt at lave sin egen møntfod, men hvis den skal kunne bruges til noget, er der en hel masse benarbejde der skal laves for at sørge for folk accepterer den som betaling på fx. hjemmesider. Sikkerhed: Den personlige pung (Wallet) er krypteret og meget nem at tage backup af, selv for lægmand. Med den kan man se sine transaktioner i "realtime", se sine afsendelser/modtagelser osv, nøjagtigt som med en banksaldo. For hver WorldCoin der bliver overført både til og fra den personlige pung, bliver der anmodet om kodeord (password), dette eliminerer mulighederne for at snyde systemet. Samtidig hjælper det med at beskytte mod trojanske heste og virus. Dog skal man selvfølgelig selv udvise forsigtighed og behandle sin computer med respekt. Det er anbefalet ikke at køre fx. Steam og andre online clienter samtidig med at man har sin pung (Wallet) kørende på computeren. Netværket er beskyttet af Worldcoin WorldShield som forhindrer afbrydelser og netværksangreb. Kilde: http://worldcoin.global/worldcoin-information/ Features: BlockTime: 30 sek bekræftelser: 2 Algoritme: Scrypt Antal blokke: 265.420.800 WDC
  6. Trade Worldcoin for Bitcoin with 0% fees on CEX.IO! The offer is on and going now. We invite everyone to try out new features on CEX.IO and enjoy trading for free. More info about improvements and offer: http://bitcoin.cex.io/promo/
  7. Problem with my WDC wallet map

    Hi guys, Upon the latest update of the wallet, i came across a problem with the way my map/folder is sorted. Please take a look at the picture included in this post. All my wallet files are among other general files in my map c:/downloads. Can anyone give me a hand so I can organize this properly? Peace Brent
  8. CryptoDiggers Android PoS terminal if you are owner of the shop and want to have a really simple Android PoS terminal application to allow cashiers to process only credit transaction without the ability to steal or compromise your regular wallet. Registration of the API account is needed and also creating "teller PoS only" user. HOWTO you can watch HERE. you can download it for free HERE from Google Play store.
  9. CryptoDiggers Payment Plugins to make the accepting WDC for merchants owning webshops engines like Magento, OpenCart, Woocommerce much more easier we created and published (Magento, OpenCart) to respective stores. 1. OpenCart 1.5.6.x or on our API site 2. OpenCart 2.0 or on our API site 3. Magento or on our API site 4. Woocommerce only on our API site
  10. CryptoDiggers ESHOP Cryptodiggers fully operational Eshop build on WDC API with over 5000pcs of computer HW,gadgets and tools. After one a half year of production we decided to change the HW supplier and eshop engine to Magento. Here are some of those: Systems Audio / Video Car Accessories Batteries, Chargers Appliances Binoculars Cameras and Camcorders GPS gaming Device cables Office Equipment Keyboards and Mice Controllers, USB components Weather instruments, LifeCare Monitors Tools Laptops storage media Memory Module Upgrade PC components Hard Drives / NAS Computers Projectors Speakers / Headphones / Microphones Network Products Software Lamps Tablets and e-book Bags and Covers Phone / Fax / Transmitters TV tuners, satellite Print / Scan / Multifunction Web / IP Camera / Security Resources / Adapters / UPS
  11. Dedication of CryptoDiggers API API is created and dedicated to WDC Merchants like eshops which don`t want to store transaction history and create their own payment system. Merchant can easily implement buttons for their customers on the eshop pages, which allows them to use API WDC as payment method with WDC. Eshops can afterward control their transaction history and check the state of the customer transaction at the moment. That is helpful to finish the customer order while the Eshop can be sure about receiving their WDC to their wallets. Advantage is that merchant can in fast way get their order number paired with whole transaction details through simple API command. Command can be found HERE as PDF document at the bottom of the page. CryptoDiggers API Fee Merchants have to calculate with 0.1% fee for processing every single transaction processed through the Cryptodiggers API. As we have costs there is no possibility to operate such system for free. 0.1% fee is the default fee for all merchants except those who will have a huge number of transactions passed through the Cryptodiggers API system. In those specific cases we are willing to setup the transaction fee below the 0.1%.