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Found 4 results

  1. We’re almost in June! Can you believe it? Time has been flying extremely fast, there is still lots to be done. About Us Page CoinMath (formerly known as Mathy) has submitted his biography so he can be recognised as part of the team. If you do not already know he is our French Representative and is doing a ‘superb’ job so far. In the last few weeks Krizal was added to the About Us page but has since been in-active. If nothing happens soon we will look for another German Representative up to the task. Worldcoin Explorer As of 2 weeks ago, www.worldcoinexplorer.com disappeared without warning, the owner nowhere to be seen. We are putting in place a plan of what to do, we have decided to build our own explorer. We are still negotiating with our assigned developer. The fundamentals will be put in place so that the crowdfund becomes functional and we will continue to raise money for the explorer completion. Of course the plan is not final, the decision may change because a few things have to fall into place. Nonetheless we are quite aware of how important this is to get done. Console Components The console component is not finished yet, we needed more framework tweeking for it to become usable. The main change is that originally we planned to make two separate modules, one for local services and one for cloud services, but when developing the first component we realized that these modules don’t need to be separated, we just need to add one layer of abstraction to be fully integrated, so the first component will be finished next week. In Other News The faucet has been fixed by the designer Alferz (Josh) but will remain non functional until an explorer with an API is established. The faucet used ‘worldcoinexplorer.com’ which now doesn’t exist and it is now clear what needs to happen.
  2. It’s Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta get down on Wednesday, looking forward to… Thursday? As usual things have been happening and we are getting ever closer to our end goal. Worldcoin Representatives The page has been completed which displays our growing list of multi lingual volunteers who speak on our behalf, telling the other half of the world what is going on with Worldcoin. The page has all the social media links, representative names, general report translation links and even dedicated fan pages for specific countries. Translation is very important, we are always looking for new recruits. If you wish to volunteer then please send us an email at contact@worldcoin.global and we can point you in the correct direction. Framework Tweaks Some tweaks are being made to log component and WDC framework, as we previously announced it will take one more week to finish the implementation of the Console component, we are still on track to this objective. WDC framework design was changed a little, it will be composed of two parts: Local services - Where all information is extracted from the block chain in the local computer (current wallet functionality and more, a lot more) Network services - Information extracted from internet and various services providers The key part is that developers won’t notice the difference from the programming point of view. For them it will all appear as if the data is coming from one place. For example if they want to develop a component showing the most well ranked sold items, they won’t need to connect to every shop integrated to the wallet, they won’t even need to know that they are connecting to somewhere, for them it will appear that all info is extracted from the local pc. Internally the framework will establish the connection to Pulzar which will consolidate the information requested sending it back to the wallet, then the framework will ‘translate’ it to a predetermined standard table where the developer will be able to use the information and display it however he likes. Worldcoin Web page We have a internal discussion about the final layout web page should have. Please vote if you like the new ‘hero slider’ at http://forum.worldcoin.global/index.php?/topic/101-worldcoinglobal-slider-yay-or-nay/ Bear in mind that what it is important right now is the layout and content, colours may change in the future. In Other News The Committee is aware that a block explorer ‘worldcoinexplorer’ has shut down without warning. We are trying to contact the owner so we can host the page, if we are not able to do this, we will evaluate if we can open a space in our dev schedule to implement our own quickly. Some precautions were already taken so we have a quote for fast implementation in case it’s necessary. Bear in mind that sooner or later the wallet will have this service integrated. About Current Price Committee won’t ever discuss price officially, opinions of individuals don’t necessary reflect official stance.
  3. This week as usual we have been chugging along, finding ways to improve certain aspects of the way ‘Worldcoin Global’ is run. Worldcoin Representatives We have started, as you know already, gathering representatives to speak out into different languages to spread the understanding of Worldcoin. A page is about to be set up listing all the social media, websites and message board threads. We are also collecting information about the candidates to list on the ‘about us’ page. Those who are required to do this know what they need to do so we can progress further with that. Please welcome Krizal as the German representative, we are organizing a few things and then the information will be posted along with the other represented countries. Krizal has also been added to the about us page, check it out! Development This week we finished the log panel and log saving. In the next 2 weeks we will be going to implement the first component using new framework. It will take some time to polish, tweak and add all the functions to the framework. The first component to be implemented is the Console; every function will be available using this tool. This is similar to the Windows command window (CMD) and is crucial for those who want to activate functions from the backend. Of course eventually for your everyday user regular front end navigation will be available. In Other News To make life easier for ourselves we have obtained a plugin that retains the formatting when copying from MS Word or Google Drive. Wordpress uses its own text editor which becomes a problem. Titles and links are to be re added every time and it all adds up to time spent which could be used for other things.
  4. We are now in the first quarter of May, the parading is over and it’s time to tell you what has been going on this week. New Website Complete At long last, the website is finally complete featuring a completely new layout, revamped content and also numerous added FAQs and user friendly tutorials. We are moving away from the ‘Worldcoin Alliance’ and are slowly changing all assets to 'Worldcoin Global'. This will be the mark of a new era, it was said many months ago, almost a year actually that we would regroup officially into another organisation. We have done just that and have stepped up to improve Worldcoin as rapidly as possible. We are aware of the competition, what needs to be done. More information on the website is here. Updated Log Panel In the development front, we are implementing the log panel, this panel will contain a lot of messages from WBC and will be stored on hard disk by default (you can disable that if you want ), WBC will create one file per session for easy access and maintenance. This is very important for us to provide support and to understand what exactly the Business Center was doing. Custom Tables We started to implement custom tables to view formatted data. Lets give an example: The log panel is composed by 4 columns: Code, Date, Time, Message. Each column has a specific custom data type. Code has ‘KeyType’, ‘Date haste’, ‘DateType’ and so on; WBC will use these data types to automatically give the correct format including the colour, alignment, width, background colour and various other properties. This will make easier to theme because it would be only necessary to define once the properties of DateType for example and this will affect every date in every module across WBC. These features will be complete for the next weekly news In Other News We need to change slogan, the current slogan “think outside the banks” does not represent accurately our goals. The new slogan needs to reflect the fact that we are targeting for legal business to use our coin as a viable alternative to fiat. So we will collect some ideas from our supporters and the best ones will be subject to a poll. Non acceptable ideas would be anything that might prove troublesome in the future, crypto currencies are still controversial and governments in some countries have taken action to prevent their usage. Other things that we have been doing is gathering representatives to speak on our behalf and translate weekly reports or just communicate within the community in our native language. Please welcome Buggie (Peter) of Cryptodiggers who has stepped forward to translate in Slovakian our reports on Facebook and eventually Worldcoin.sk when it is ready.