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  1. As usual we have been moving forward progressively to make Worldcoin better than ever. We will not stop till there is as many unique factors as possible. New Developer We have a new official developer on board Martin Simon, a.k.a mrmsn, a very skillful Python developer which his personal github page can attest. As someone who is extremely confident in his abilities and that has a long term commitment to the project, he decided to reveal his true identity which will be shown in our team biography page soon. Worldcoin Representatives We are currently redesigning logos to reflect the representative country origin. This should be finished by next week, so far twitter accounts are done such as WorldcoinFR, resizing for other social media is in progress. Vitalie’s biography has been submitted and edited, it will be put up shortly after this report release. In Other News Berzeck has started off his personal blog section discussing development in depth among other things. More of the Worldcoin Global team may contribute too in the future with their own blogs. A forum user Xanur provided information on the current Worldcoin difficulty allowing mrmsn to create a graph. This shows the difficulty reduction from around now to five years time. It has been posted on the Worldcoin information section, see below what it looks like.
  2. Hello everybody, yet again progress has been made and it is possible to write about the current achievements that underwent during last week. Worldcoin Explorer As you may remember, the main explorer, Worldcoinexplorer.com went offline without warning. There was lots of discussion of how to go about this, but in the end we agreed that Alferz, also known as Josh (a long time supporter) would build the explorer, we told him that we needed it fast and furious; he accepted the challenge and finished in a few days of hard work. The explorer is up at WDCexplorer.com, it will take some love in the future in the front end part but it is fully functional and has been well tested. We are contacting market cap websites to switch over to the new api. As we promised, we didn’t announce anything until project is complete and working 100%, so now that is finished we are reverse crowdfunding it. He is asking just for 15k Worldcoin but we think he deserves a little more. We are sure that Josh will help us in the future so lets make him feel at home! Josh also provided fixes for the faucet which should be in working order by the time this report is released. Also the crowdfund which needed adjustments to switch over to the new API was finished yesterday. Little by little we are starting to rebuild our community, good times are ahead! Development This week we will implement two little features that supporters asked for in the forum. Also, next week we will provide a longer than usual blog where we will start exploring the capabilities of new framework. Specifically we will review how components and functionality can be implemented, for the blog we will use real code of new components!
  3. Summer should be here by now, if it is isn’t then it’s a good job computers exist to cease boredom on the days that aren’t worth going out. Worldcoin always remains active regardless of the weather, not so long ago our team got hardwired to their computers. Worldcoin Global Website So first of all there was complaints of the website speed this week and rightfully so. ‘Accept’ quickly accepted the challenge and managed to lower it from 20s to 6s in loading time. With further effort it could be reduced even more but for now that is much better in our opinion. Also, the the 20 seconds benchmark was the result from some online tools but not a direct experience from users. Second of all, after our last report, one of our supporters made a complaint that there was not enough content on the website. Therefore we have created a thread asking all writers to contribute by volunteering to some written news. If there is a winner we can give limited access to our website so it is easy to post articles. Console almost finished! The ‘Console component’ is almost finished; this week a new component will be developed called the ‘Configuration component’. This component will have a few options in its first version, but we will add more options in the future. We need help from our supporters to define the minimum set of components the new wallet should have so please post your ideas and comments in this thread