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Found 4 results

  1. July is over and BBQ season is still in so get those hotdogs on the grill while you can. If you’re in another part of the world, the oven will do just fine as long as you don’t burn them whilst reading this weeks report. Worldcoin Directory Two new pools were submitted to the Worldcoin directory called Coinmine and E-pool. If you would like to submit a worldcoin related business please head over to the submission page. Wallet Progress Earlier this week Berzeck revealed an image of a functional part of the wallet known as the console component. This is an important milestone because technically a functional wallet been achieved. Now we will focus on finishing the components needed to perform basic activities in a user friendly way. Basic Wapptoms are nearly finished too, if you don’t know what that means, head to Berzeck’s Blog! The basic components to be developed for the next version are: Components: Deposit, send crypto Encrypt wallet Backup wallet Wallet summary Transaction Summary Wallet Configuration ** Console ** ** Finished In Other News Scot from CryptoWorldwide has agreed to post our weekly reports on his website. The website is around 1 month old and we are happy to contribute and receive decent exposure at the same time.
  2. Sometimes there isn’t much to report as the progression has remained the same. We don’t want to repeat ourselves over and over, so this week will only be a short one. Committee As we commented previous week, Iceviking will be in charge of Marketing and some specific Management issues, he already begun to work and manage to talk Coinpayments.net persuading them to keep WDC listed, also he contacted Symantec and they promised that they will whitelist worldcoin-qt that was generating some false positives. Iceviking started to write a detailed sustainability plan to help the committee understand some focus points for this year. The team incorporation process couldn’t be faster and questions are being answered as fast as possible, by now he should have a better understanding of the present situation. Development No week passes without progress in development front, main components are being developed so, as we promised last week, we will release some screenshots on weekend showing the new components and the current look and feel. We are very close to have an usable wallet.
  3. Summer is extremely hot in half of the world, techno is being played next door and everybody is out partying, apart from Deane who is in the southern hemisphere, freezing in Australia. Mario has a wife and kids to look after and more importantly work on releasing the new wallet framework ahead of deadlines. We all chant ‘please donate 1WDC a month and help Mario code more than 1 line per day…’ However, all he needs is our love and support because otherwise the leeches will do nothing more than feed on the blue blood that pulses through the Worldcoin logo until there is nothing left but a white circle. Enough wittering, here’s Q2 of July in this weeks report. Development Now before someone takes the previous joke seriously here’s some real data! The new wallet has been in development since March (Last classic Satoshi wallet was released on the last week of February). There were 12k client side + 4k server side lines of new code written from scratch in 4+ months, making an average of 119 lines per day! Progress made this week Component subwindow for basic management Custom component creation factory As promised last week we will now list the items pending before the next release is ready: Wizard. Creation of new parameters in config file Wizard. Rewrite using the same graphics technology as the new BC (optional) Updater. Incorporate automatic update system Visual indicators : 1) Wallet encrypted? 2) Connection statistics 3) Sync Config: File configuration management: Filetoms Polish Components: Deposit, send crypto Encrypt wallet Backup wallet Wallet summary Daemon configuration Hard part is done, to finish and properly test we will be expecting a release early September. As previously stated, the delay is because of the introduction of Wapptom infrastructure, which was planned for a later release. It was obvious midway through the project that it was better to write all the components using this facility. The year schedule is untouched and next week some screenshots will be provided as proof of work! Merchant Spotlight Play on https://www.octoplay.net, the first Blackjack gambling site we’ve seen for Worldcoin! They also have pirate slots and after launching very recently have had good reviews but like always, we say use at your own risk! In Other News ScottSidders launched a competition for articles written that are based on Worldcoin. He is offering a considerable amount of Bitcoins for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Visit the thread to find out more information.
  4. The heat is on and holiday season is pretty much here. Unfortunately for us that means nothing, it still means a report will still come out every week. Forum Updates We expect a forum theme release from IPSthemes in 2-4weeks. When that happens we will update to IPS 4, time will tell on how many features we will lose or gain from the old abandoned plugins and the recently released. Recently sections were added for 3 of our representatives countries under ‘news and announcements’ as a sub forum. Translations of reports will appear there initially. When IPS 4 is available to us then we can hide translations off recent posts to avoid confusion. Worldcoin BC Wapptom infrastructure is finished, the API calls are stable, also we added the ability for them to be run time Connector independent. Now we are starting to create all the basic Wapptoms necessary, but first we will complete the Sub Window mechanism; as you may know, you will be able to work with many components at the same time. These will be displayed in the ‘Desktop’ section of WBC (Worldcoin Business Center). We need that UI of all components to have at least a very basic window mechanism that allows them to be moved, resized, closed etc. Next week we will publish a list of items that need to be developed before we release the next version. There will be one or two beta’s so we are a little late on our schedule so far, although we are set on the rest of year development schedule, meaning that all items planned for this year will be completed on time (if not sooner). Mac Wallet The Worldcoin Daemon has been compiled for mac OSX by Martin (mrsmn), now services like exchanges for example can run on this OS in particular. Work is ongoing for full wallet support. The most critical aspects are the wizard and auto upgrade system, so it will take some time In Other News Last week we were written about in the new website Cryptosource which took a look ‘Inside Worldcoin’. Big thanks to Scott for a fair review, as we know in crypto sphere is very easy to put articles without checking the sources first, Scott took the time to clarify a lot of facts and didn’t publish the article until all doubts were resolved. This speaks very high of Scott and his journalism skills and reputation. So everybody bookmark cryptosource.com and spread the news!