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Found 6 results

  1. Nazdar Worldcoinisti, Johny je na dovolenke, čiže budem zverejňovať správy ja (Mario) 1. Správa o WDC automate Po úspešnom spustení WDC automatu našimi priateľmi z Cryptodiggers bol na prestížnej stránke Cointelegraph zverejnený článok. Nezabudnite podporiť par WDC tento projekt, ktorý by pokryl počiatočné náklady. WZCiuAkWUEPz2rhVmhvEY2ZTP815XMJKgG Pre viac informácii pozrite crowdfundovú stránku. 2. Cryptsy status Tak ako už viacerý tušíte, Cryptsy ma problém s výberom coinov ako BTL, LTC a iných už viac ako mesiac, dobrou správou je, že WDC stále funguje. Odporúčame WDC podporovateľov aby si previedli svoje coiny na bezpečnejšie miesto. Máme informácie o tom, že Poloniex a Btc38.com stále fungujú spoľahlivo. Sledujte nás pravidelne pre viac informácii. 3. Vývoj Napredovanie s WBC prebieha dobre. Všetky chyby boli odstránene a žiadne nové neboli odhalené, takže sme určite dosiahli ďalší míľnik uvoľnenia (2.1.0) ktorý je naplánovaný na 28.Februára, a bude obsahovať novú funkciu peňaženky… a názov. Zverejnime ďalšiu medzi verziu (2.0.2 a áno ďalší hroch), ktorá sa uskutočni prvé dni Januára s dvoma novými komponentami, ktoré budú základom pre ďalšie "funky" zviera. Viac informácii sa dozviete v nadchádzajúcich týždňoch.
  2. Cryptodiggers next move is digital currency based user-managed auction system. User will have to register and validate via SMS to cell phone. And approval after registration is needed to maintain trust and security. Auction will have 2 standard approaches - user managed and auction system managed. Small fee for placing auction is planned and of course in case of system managed auction there is commission fee too. We don't want to promise any deadline but as side effect there will be something MISSING in WDC. Supported currencies (WDC,BTC,LTC) we hope you will enjoy it CryptoDiggers TEAM Buggie
  3. CryptoDiggers Android PoS terminal if you are owner of the shop and want to have a really simple Android PoS terminal application to allow cashiers to process only credit transaction without the ability to steal or compromise your regular wallet. Registration of the API account is needed and also creating "teller PoS only" user. HOWTO you can watch HERE. you can download it for free HERE from Google Play store.
  4. CryptoDiggers Payment Plugins to make the accepting WDC for merchants owning webshops engines like Magento, OpenCart, Woocommerce much more easier we created and published (Magento, OpenCart) to respective stores. 1. OpenCart 1.5.6.x or on our API site 2. OpenCart 2.0 or on our API site 3. Magento or on our API site 4. Woocommerce only on our API site
  5. CryptoDiggers ESHOP Cryptodiggers fully operational Eshop build on WDC API with over 5000pcs of computer HW,gadgets and tools. After one a half year of production we decided to change the HW supplier and eshop engine to Magento. Here are some of those: Systems Audio / Video Car Accessories Batteries, Chargers Appliances Binoculars Cameras and Camcorders GPS gaming Device cables Office Equipment Keyboards and Mice Controllers, USB components Weather instruments, LifeCare Monitors Tools Laptops storage media Memory Module Upgrade PC components Hard Drives / NAS Computers Projectors Speakers / Headphones / Microphones Network Products Software Lamps Tablets and e-book Bags and Covers Phone / Fax / Transmitters TV tuners, satellite Print / Scan / Multifunction Web / IP Camera / Security Resources / Adapters / UPS
  6. Dedication of CryptoDiggers API API is created and dedicated to WDC Merchants like eshops which don`t want to store transaction history and create their own payment system. Merchant can easily implement buttons for their customers on the eshop pages, which allows them to use API WDC as payment method with WDC. Eshops can afterward control their transaction history and check the state of the customer transaction at the moment. That is helpful to finish the customer order while the Eshop can be sure about receiving their WDC to their wallets. Advantage is that merchant can in fast way get their order number paired with whole transaction details through simple API command. Command can be found HERE as PDF document at the bottom of the page. CryptoDiggers API Fee Merchants have to calculate with 0.1% fee for processing every single transaction processed through the Cryptodiggers API. As we have costs there is no possibility to operate such system for free. 0.1% fee is the default fee for all merchants except those who will have a huge number of transactions passed through the Cryptodiggers API system. In those specific cases we are willing to setup the transaction fee below the 0.1%.