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Found 6 results

  1. This week as usual we have been chugging along, finding ways to improve certain aspects of the way ‘Worldcoin Global’ is run. Worldcoin Representatives We have started, as you know already, gathering representatives to speak out into different languages to spread the understanding of Worldcoin. A page is about to be set up listing all the social media, websites and message board threads. We are also collecting information about the candidates to list on the ‘about us’ page. Those who are required to do this know what they need to do so we can progress further with that. Please welcome Krizal as the German representative, we are organizing a few things and then the information will be posted along with the other represented countries. Krizal has also been added to the about us page, check it out! Development This week we finished the log panel and log saving. In the next 2 weeks we will be going to implement the first component using new framework. It will take some time to polish, tweak and add all the functions to the framework. The first component to be implemented is the Console; every function will be available using this tool. This is similar to the Windows command window (CMD) and is crucial for those who want to activate functions from the backend. Of course eventually for your everyday user regular front end navigation will be available. In Other News To make life easier for ourselves we have obtained a plugin that retains the formatting when copying from MS Word or Google Drive. Wordpress uses its own text editor which becomes a problem. Titles and links are to be re added every time and it all adds up to time spent which could be used for other things.
  2. It’s still April and we are still here! Last week there was significant progress regarding the website and it has been finished. We will be working towards adding some of the reports that appeared whilst building it and continue to port it over to the new domain. Definitely expect it to be out very soon, possibly next week. The Worldcoin Business Center has made its first appearance after Mario posted some screenshots of the progress so far. Although it is not a final design and simply a rough layout, people seem to like it regardless. We would like to explain a little about what you have seen in the screenshots posted on sunday. If you haven’t seen any of them we’ll post one here just for you. We’ll start with the top bar which is called the ‘Info Bar’, there you will receive some important information about the current state of the ‘Business Center’, like if your wallet is encrypted, if you have downloaded all of the chain, if you are connected to the network and some other interesting details. There are two panels in the bottom. The search panel is where there will be a display of the last transactions made depending on the component you have chosen, for example if you are working with the “Transfer Crypto” component, this panel will show the last sent transactions. The other panel is the log panel where every single action will be displayed. These logs will be stored in hard drive if you want them to be. At first they will play a very important role to provide proper support and feedback. The left panel is called the module panel. It automatically adds all the Components (plugins) available, these Components are grouped in Modules. Modules are grouped in Areas establishing a 3 layer categorized system. Each component is codified with a colour specifying their role, for example module configuration Components will be coded with the colour White. When you click on a component, for example 'Transfer Crypto' then a sub window will appear on the big center area which is called ‘The Workspace’, the Workspace can have many ‘Desktops’ and each Desktop can have many Components open. This way you can work with many Components at the same time. Also when you close the Business Center, it will save all you active Components so when you open it again, all the components will open again in the with the Desktops you were previously working with. The bottom thin bar is called the status bar, where some info about the activities currently being performed will be shown. The future is looking promising! There is more information on the development thread. Forum Events Berzeck awarded Einstein award
  3. Last week, the newest version of the Worldcoin wallet was released. So far there have been no critical issues although there is some confusion over what has actually changed. Nothing has changed in the wallet itself in V1.1.0 Chunky Monkey, how ever the configuration module has changed (WorldcoinBC Installer) which enables a faster initial hashed blockchain download. We’d like to point out that each update focus on just one area of development, in particular this update focused on the installation . When you update and think nothing has changed, IT HAS, but to the untrained eye is it difficult to put in perspective into something you cannot see fully. If you would like to know more about this update, read the release notes to gain further insight. The interview was completed at the beginning of this week where we spoke to Briony Holmes from Bravenewcoin. She was very interested in Worldcoin just as much as the recent Water Well completion, so much that our conversation lasted well over an hour. We should be expecting an article very soon before the end of February. You may have forgotten, remember the Martial Arts sponsorship programme that was led by Deane Parrott? Since then Worldcoin’s MYBJJ Sponsored Athletes Jonathon Wood competed and won the IBJJF Masters World Championship in America. Days ago another athlete won the IBJFF Abu Dhabi Championships in Sydney Australia, earning her an expenses paid trip to compete in the biggest grappling event in the world. Congratulations to Hope Douglas and all the best in Abu Dhabi! The flag has been around a bit since then and will be travelling further around the world. Pictures to follow in next mybjj update with Deane and crew for those who doubt us! T-shirts have not been printed yet, we’ll let you know when they are, stay tuned for more news on how the MyBJJ team gets on. Full article is here.
  4. Hi there everybody, This week has been interesting because we have seen the price drop by quite a lot, now we’d like to address this because it concerns our community. It seems a group of investors lost a hefty quantity of Worldcoins due to a virus that is spreading around targeting altcoin wallets. In this case it appears it was mostly a group of Chinese investors that unfortunately fell victim. As we’re all aware Malware is a big problem so please be careful where you visit and where you store your coins. quick reminder, never use online wallets to store large amounts. If your computer becomes compromised or you fall victim to fake websites (phishing), you are more likely to lose your coins! The new wallet features had to be delayed some days because we discovered two subtle bugs and we need some more time testing before a public beta. We hope you understand this, we want a smooth upgrade process first time round! We are currently putting together a linkedin page to try and make better connections with the World. It’s not finished yet, we’ll have that up next week. Furthermore the googleplus page has been moved; slowly over time we’ll move over everything to fit the new domain. Forum Events Bug that users couldn’t post in dev section fixed Forum member upgrades now available, starting from $5 40+ members reached and almost 250 posts in 2 weeks Awards flamer and fire extinguisher modified in requirements brunozisterer, buggie and Mathy received miner award. Any questions - contact@worldcoin.global ~~Worldcoin Team~~
  5. The new forum this week as been a success and is buzzing with activity. Hopefully you have all moved over successfully. A FAQ section with video tutorials has been created. So far it covers main issues users have with wallet installation, there’s more to come too over the next few weeks. Post questions in the help section and we’ll think about making videos for problems you may have. Our application server (Pulzar) can now talk to worldcoind, to test this we will have a new release with a new feature, until Sunday we will have a Beta and a couple of days later we release to public. Users of 1.0.2 version will be informed that an update is available so you can update if you want. In other news, we suspect our largest investor is Chinese because of the large amount of WDC that passed through the network this week. We would like to say ‘你好,我們提供免費的論壇會員升級到我們最大的中國投資者’. Discussion on the subject can be seen here. Forum Events Buggie awarded V.I.P status, ‘Dev Mania’ and ‘Donator’ Award Ghost55 Awarded Mod status and ‘Donator’ Award Colaxais awarded Mod status Datsunking1 awarded Mod status Rules Change: ‘Troll’ is now a banned word. Any questions, contact@worldcoin.global ~~ Worldcoin Team ~~
  6. Dear Worldcoiners, The Crypto world is going through it's biggest test since it's inception some years ago, we have to deal with two big problems before we can step up to the next stage of evolution : * Credibility (trust), which is the most valuable currency in our world. This has been abused over and over again, scammers are continuously scavenging to whatever they can leech without caring about people or technology. Even above all this, the general press don't even understand the technology and are making overblown articles about this problem and associating us with illegal activities. * Cloud miners and multi pools are continuously disrupting network stability because they don't have a long term vision for crypto technology, they only want to recover their investment as quick as possible so they dump as fast as they can which is generating downtrends on many coins. This situation is getting worse, many analysts are using standard stock market modeling tools to 'explain' the situation without the proper context, so many of them are declaring that investors are completely 'fleeing' from the crypto world. We have seen this only months ago (we called the situation ‘the alt-apocalypse' because we believed at that time, alt coins would be the most affected ), we forged a multi-stage plan to assure WDC survival and steady growth, this plan wasn't only about development because the solution of these problems do not lie in the inner technology but mostly in the human aspect. The overall strategy covers 3 areas : 1) Development (Technology) With the upcoming release (this months end) we managed to finish Gauss which is the first piece of four that will serve us with a solid base designed to multiply the speed of development by orders of magnitude lowering considerable the learning curve for developers and users; this will attract many developers that are currently feeling intimidated by the complexity of the wallet. We will continue disclosing more details on how we will accomplish this on the coming months 2) Management (Smart use of resources ) The committee's financial situation is extremely solid, we don't have any economic problem that would provide a threat to our plans for the coming YEARS. Above this, the team is completely unnerved about the current crypto market situation (neither emotionally nor financially); also we successfully manage to recover most strategic assets that were dispersed after Scharmbeck fiasco. We also established very strict policies on how we should make use of this assets to assure the survival of the committee even if, for some reason, a member(s) leave the committee. With all this in mind we see this situation as a big opportunity for WDC. Many coins are experiencing problems with their teams in all aspects which hinders their development capacity, if not stopping it cold. It will give WDC more time to make the technology gap wider between us and the rest, so when investors come again they will have very few choices; meanwhile most projects will only start licking their wounds. 3) Social (Credibility and Marketing) Marketing efforts will start after our new architecture is completely deployed (Dec 2015), the plan of course can't be disclosed yet, but all we can say is that we will target specific strategic sectors at first and not the global population as most coins are trying to do. Nevertheless we must invest in some important projects in this area this year, the first one we have the pleasure to announce is the New Forum which will eliminate spam and other features that for many reasons we didn’t have access in the previous one. Credibility is a special big problem for us, because after Scharmbeck the credibility for the coin was almost null. It is necessary to step up our game and not only rely on development to gain investors. With this in mind we are taking the next step of our ‘Social’ plan to present a new concept : 'Reverse Crowdfund'. As you know, many coins have a lot of projects that need funds from the community to be completed, sadly a large percentage of them are never concluded successfully for various reasons (not only scamming); we must recognize that we involuntarily fell in this position with two projects : the video and mining plugin (we are still holding the funds) but our 'service providers' backed out because by the time we concluded the crowdfund, WDC continue crashing and we couldn't find anyone that was up with the task with current valuation. This is not our fault per se but it is definitely our RESPONSIBILITY. So what do we do to break the pattern? We will fulfil our responsibility role and put our wallet where our mouths are. From now on crowdfunded projects less than 1000 USD will follow this path: 1) Project definition 2) Committee members finance the project with their OWN money 3) Project implementation starts supervised closely by committee members 4) Project is finished. 5) We announce the project and 'Reverse Crowdfund' it so we can start another project The idea is that when people donate their hard earned money, they can have 100 % assurance that the project will be implemented (because the project will be already finished at this stage). It is of course extremely important that community funds completely the project so we can forge new more ambitious ones. If for some reason a project is not concluded, it would be our money that is lost; this will put us pressure to conclude projects on time and to commit and invest a lot of time on WDC. Our message for investors : "We are here to stay and this time you don't have to trust us, we will trust you!" Our policy for the community : “Implement first, promise later”. This is the first step of many to regain credibility and trust. Also we want to assure everyone that we are completely open to discuss any topic or issue in the forum or you can contact us directly via contact@worldcoin.global --- Worldcoin Team