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  1. How do you like my avatar

    Well, at least this forum has now some entertainment value!
  2. About switching to Neo-Scrypt or similar

    Then quote it and state your argument here?
  3. Worldcoin tutorial video

    I might be new in the team but I have been around WorldCoin project since the beginning and watching it really closely. We have our vision about the project and clear plan how we are going to develop the services. I was also member of the old forum, but due to mistakes made by the old management, we don't have access to it and therefore I can't read your ideas. However if you really want to make a difference, why don't you do like we did...Put together your own team with people who believe your values and start working around WDC?
  4. Ongoing altcoin rally

  5. Worldcoin tutorial video

    I agree that there are not enough services around WorldCoin YET as our project is quite new. This is a global problem with 99% of the altcoins. We can either cry and complain about or actually take action and make it better. Which way you prefer? I think we all know already. By the way, there is no such thing that "China Rupie" as you so eloquently put.
  6. Worldcoin tutorial video

    I would suggest you to do as I advised above but instead of using Bitstamp, BTC-E might be a good option for you, as they have option for RUB withdrawals. You can find more information about BTC-E services on their website at https://btc-e.com/
  7. Worldcoin tutorial video

    The best way to buy or sell WDC right now is to use http://www.btc38.com/trade_en.html .They have plenty of volume available. With their service you can convert WDC to CNY or BTC. If you don't wish to convert to CNY, you just need to transfer the BTC to your favorite exchange (i.e Bitstamp) and make USD or EUR withdrawal. In the future there will be better option available for this. However everything takes time. Again, should you require any help. We are happy to assist you!
  8. Worldcoin tutorial video

    If you are having trouble in purchasing WDC, I can personally help you to buy WDC worth $400 USD anytime. Just send me PM and I will do it.
  9. Worldcoin tutorial video

    You really don't know? 1. Download wallet on our website at http://worldcoin.global/worldcoin-quick-start/#1459710915681-3af1fddd-0ac6 2. Exchange $400 USD to WDC on an online exchange. (You will get approximately 57774.2 WDC with today's rate) 3. Send the WDC from your online wallet to your wallet software or anyone else who has downloaded the wallet. 4. You have made made a WorldCoin transaction equivalent to $400 USD. Quite simple, isnt it?
  10. Worldcoin tutorial video

    Thanks for your feedback! What we wanted to do is a video that would explain "What is WorldCoin?", so even people who are not technically savvy or aware of crypto-currencies would understand it. We want to create a system that is for EVERYONE. Not only for nerds like ourselves. We will publish more videos in the future and some of them will have more advanced information. This is only the beginning!
  11. Worldcoin tutorial video

    If you listened, the narrator on video says "...for sending funds equivalent to $400 USD...". You should get your facts straight!
  12. New web page final structure

    That is actually a very good idea! Do you know any good voice actors who could do this?
  13. New web page final structure

    Yes Bruno, the new site is already up and running. It is 99% ready. We are still working on some minor tweaks to make the best out of it. I am glad to hear that you like it. Please let us know if you have any further feedback regarding our services! By the way, did you already see the explainer video we created for WorldCoin? It is now available on the website.
  14. Ongoing altcoin rally

    I hope you understand that WE did not run down anything. We are a totally new team who know the potential WDC has and we are ready to take it to the next level. However this all will take time. Stay tuned and you will see a lot of new interesting things coming during 2016-2017.
  15. Worldcoin tutorial video

    It was actually a hired voice actor. Maybe in next video we will let Berzeck speak! ;D