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  1. How is Worldcoin going to be marketed to the businesses if there is only a handful of people using a coin?
  2. Wallets will not increase the number of users of a coin. The pumping does. The buyer needs an incentive to buy a coin instead holding fiat. Some kind of ponzi/pyramid scheme potentially could increase the number of people buying WDC. LTC has a Chinese pumping group who has some kind of ponzi scheme which they promote and in order to get in you need to pay 500 LTC and that's how LTC started to climb.
  3. If I am not mistaken, there is a Chinese Pumping group promoting LTC. We need the Chinese pumpers also to pump Worldcoin so that we will become rich. Perhaps we should invent some kind of ponzi scheme, what do you guys think?
  4. Just imagine what could you have when Worldcoin costs the conservatively speaking 100 usd/each? Howabout if you had 10 000 000 WDC and each costs 100 usd?
  5. Wow! Such potential. Much profit because: 1) Great Community 2) Good name 3) Fast transactions 4) The best dev I am super-pumped now. I feel like I want to buy some serious numbers of coins especially at these bottomish prices.
  6. I am expecting some larger amounts of money to be invested in Worldcoin and the choir singing merry songs of Worldcoin.
  7. I love the fact that the Worldcoin is not a pump and dump scheme unlike all the rest of alts. We have such an awesome community, talented devs. the best merchant network and super cheap coins. Something is not right here, Worldcoin definetely deserves higher price range.
  8. I am super-pumped om your conservative estiamtion. Worldcoin has the most potential among all the other currencies. WDC is great because 1) Great Community 2) Number 1 in tech 3) Not a pump'n'dump scheme unlike all the rest of alts.
  9. As the block reward declines and we are about to start getting interest by the hedgefunds, there need to be some sellers in the markets. The early adopters need to sell some coins for affordable price so that the coins can be eaten. The hedgefunds need a core position and therefore there need to be sellers also in the markets. By seller I am not talking about dumpers but people who agree to put coins for sale. I am afraid there will not be coins enough for any bigger investments flowing into Worldcoin. Judging by the markets, the coins are owned mainly by people who keep their coins outside of the exchanges. With this there are at least two pros: 1) The temptation to sell too low maximizes the ROI 2) The scarcity of coins in the exchange will drive the price higher as unlimited amounts of money is chasing after limited amount of Worldcoins.
  10. Now it looks like this is on fire. We need now just to find investors (billionaires) that will warm up for Worldcoin's mission and vision. For them I hope the community is able to put coins for sale so that it enables the big guys to join.
  11. Hello, WDC needs a hedge fund that will take us in other orbit. Imagine if 1 billion usd would flow into XMR. The price would be such a paradigm. Especially as it makes many so rich that they do not care to sell that many Worldcoins. I think the developer should plan an investment letter which states the pros of Worldcoin in a nutshell and start actively looking for a hedgefund contacts. One thing we need is also a gateway with fiat-WDC, I think Litebit is way too small. Currently they have only 800 000 WDC which is around 15 000 usd. That's way too little for a hedgefund and a service such as Litebit will suffer from Worldcoin shortages. The community effort is needed when a hedgefund is investing in Worldcoin. There need to be enough of sellers so that they can get a position.
  12. Yes. I think Worldcoin community is chosen to be ultrarich. Definetely good choice to buy more wdc as the price is still below ATH.
  13. I still think Worldcoin is a bargain... However, better to accumulate first and then put some announcements to bitcointalk. I think it will be beautiful rally as the community starts it and then we will take other people on board with us. The inevitable mass adoption will take place once the Greece people sees how slow bitcoin is:
  14. My dirty imagination made it up.
  15. Yes this community is such a great community that it deserves to be a club of billionaires. Bitcoin transactions take ages to perform - the only advantage bitcoin has over Worldcoin is the fact that the network is stronger than Worldcoin's network, but that issue will be fixed as more hashing power is tansferred to Worldcoin while people leave bitcoin for good and are moving to Worldcoin massively. When Worldcoin will be mainstream we will be ultrarich so it is important to accumulate as many Worldcoins as possible and then tell your friends and familiy also to start accumulating. That's how the network will grow and make the owners of Worldcoins new elite.