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  1. How many Worldcoins DO YOU OWN?

    Very good advice. Need to go to the loan sharks after the new wallet launch.
  2. How many Worldcoins DO YOU OWN?

    Currently I have 0 WDC but I am planning to go to the bank, take a mortgage on my house and go all in Worldcoin... Perhaps somewhere in the coming 1-2 months.
  3. Can anyone explain why this coin exploded in value?

    I am super pumped on this particular coin.
  4. your experience

    I have only super positive experience on this coin. The price will reach minimum 1000 usd/wdc in the coming 1-2 months.
  5. How are things going? I've been gone a while.

    The future of Worldcoin looks even brighter than the future of Onecoin. I think Worldcoin will soon replace bitcoin as the ultimate cryptocurrency and shitloads of venture capitalist money is just around the corner to be literally flushed on the community. The horny horn of splendor is pouring its goodies on the community.
  6. Can anyone explain why this coin exploded in value?

    I am also wondering why Etherium is rising. No innovation bad name and ugly community unlike Worldcoin which is # 1 in technology, the name is very good and great community. Unlike all the other cryptos, WDC is not a mere pump and dump scheme - and when the Scharmbeck will be launched, it will be a gamechanger.
  7. Crypto Coins Explode! Is WDC Next

    I think worldcoin will soon be worth of fortunes. The community is getting wealthier and wealthier day by day.
  8. How is Worldcoin going to be marketed to the businesses if there is only a handful of people using a coin?
  9. Wallets will not increase the number of users of a coin. The pumping does. The buyer needs an incentive to buy a coin instead holding fiat. Some kind of ponzi/pyramid scheme potentially could increase the number of people buying WDC. LTC has a Chinese pumping group who has some kind of ponzi scheme which they promote and in order to get in you need to pay 500 LTC and that's how LTC started to climb.
  10. If I am not mistaken, there is a Chinese Pumping group promoting LTC. We need the Chinese pumpers also to pump Worldcoin so that we will become rich. Perhaps we should invent some kind of ponzi scheme, what do you guys think?
  11. How many Worldcoins DO YOU OWN?

    Just imagine what could you have when Worldcoin costs the conservatively speaking 100 usd/each? Howabout if you had 10 000 000 WDC and each costs 100 usd?
  12. Wow! Such potential. Much profit because: 1) Great Community 2) Good name 3) Fast transactions 4) The best dev I am super-pumped now. I feel like I want to buy some serious numbers of coins especially at these bottomish prices.
  13. WDC Speculation

    I am expecting some larger amounts of money to be invested in Worldcoin and the choir singing merry songs of Worldcoin.
  14. I love the fact that the Worldcoin is not a pump and dump scheme unlike all the rest of alts. We have such an awesome community, talented devs. the best merchant network and super cheap coins. Something is not right here, Worldcoin definetely deserves higher price range.
  15. I am super-pumped om your conservative estiamtion. Worldcoin has the most potential among all the other currencies. WDC is great because 1) Great Community 2) Number 1 in tech 3) Not a pump'n'dump scheme unlike all the rest of alts.