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  1. Wallet.dat corrupt salvage failed

    no. never had old wallet. always new one. like i said I got it 3 days ago. looks like its corrupted for good:(
  2. Wallet.dat corrupt salvage failed

    installer got 3 days ago. and now i reinstalled it again and downdloaded blockchain with expert settings. looks like wallet.dat got corrupted after i deleted chainstate. anyway to fix it?
  3. Wallet.dat corrupt salvage failed

    done it. and still same wallet.dat corrupt:(
  4. Wallet.dat corrupt salvage failed

    I was syncing my wallet for two days. today I started my pc and wallet woudnt start.So i deleted everything besides wallet.dat and now I get Wallet.dat corrupt salvage failed and after that wallet.dat is renamed to wallet.(NUMBERS) Is there anything I can to to recover my wallet?
  5. Connection refused

    cool got it running but.... why no coins are comming to my wallet? fully sync and 0 balance. and just deposited some coins from coinmine.pw and in past from other smarthash too but no zero balance. any idea why running 1.1.0 wallet. confirmed and uncofirmed and immature coins all 0
  6. Connection refused

    Hi guys My WDC wallet started crashing when dowlonading chain. after restarting was informed blockchain has to be deleted. but still was crashing when updating. so wanted to reinstall it but i get connection refused during install. any idea why?