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  1. Changing the Algorithm - WorldDefense

    Correct Xanur, right now the block reward stands at 14.4/block and will taper off to zero eventually over the next few years. My proposal would reset it to 60 WDC / block for a 1 year period and then drop off, but never actually go to zero which I think will help with renewing interest from the mining community, a really important part of the health of the network. Thanks, you make a lot of great points and I welcome the discussion vitjuhhino! Making small changes is really hard when you are talking about core daemon code, since each of those changes would require another hard fork. Thats the hardest part to get right because you have to coordinate with all the community members, all the mining pools plus the exchanges every time. Plus there is a big risk of creating two solid forks every time you do it. So I'm thinking its best to encapsulate these major changes all at once rather than try to do them one at a time. Changing the algorithm was primarily to eliminate ASIC's. You are right that we can add stability simply by changing the retargeting algorithm. I like the idea of GPU/CPU only mining because I think it creates a stable base of true enthusiasts. GPU rigs are hard to setup and maintain, its not as easy as plug it in and mine like ASIC's are. Plus most of the ASIC hashpower is coming from the ASIC manufacturers themselves as they "test" new ASICs before they are sold to the masses. ASICs create an arms race and IMO are bad for any coin. For my proposal I'm only looking at changing core network/daemon code to help add network stability. Once those changes are in place the wallet changes would be close behind!
  2. Hey all, lately I've been testing some changes to the core Worldcoin daemon code to replace the Scrypt algorithm first used by Litecoin with Cryptonight. I'm dubbing these changes "Worldcoin WorldDefense". This would just replace the hashing algorithm, and would not introduce all the other privacy related features like stealth addressing used by Cryptonote based coins (Monero, Bytecoin, et al). The changes I'm thinking of would also include changing the difficulty retargeting algorithm to improve resistance to large hash-rate mining pools, and change the block reward emission curve. These changes eliminate the usage of ASIC's, and would allow us to tap into a dedicated community of Cryptonight miners. In addition to the core daemon changes which would trigger a hard fork, we would also need to work on a modified version of an existing cryptonight pool/stratum proxy to allow pools to be created to mine Worldcoin using the new algo. I wrote a short whitepaper at the link below too. Would love to hear any feedback, and if there are any C++/Javascript developers out there who would like to join me on this effort I would appreciate it! This would be a big change to Worldcoin as we know it, but I'm convinced its needed for the long term viability of our coin. Worldcoin WorldDefense Whitepaper
  3. Worldcoin Weekly Report 10th June

    Thanks c0da for the reports - I addressed the shortlink issue and added some comments on the other. I also started a TODO list.
  4. Worldcoin Weekly Report 10th June

    Thanks for the support on the Explorer crowdfund everyone, I really appreciate it! I've posted the code and an updated Readme at github so please feel free to check it out and submit any commits for improvement or fork it for your own use. As Accept mentioned I will look at modifying the front end in the future - I'm interested in a rich list as well, and would also like to see historical transaction stats, large transactions and I'm open to suggestions for other things as well. Thanks again, Josh