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  1. What would you want to see in 2016 - 2017

    I have coins which are on the top 10 rich list and I am not able to use them because there is no wallet which is able to import private keys. The old wallet have problem synchronizing. There is no block-chain to download, there is just not much of a working thing. I would be glad if there would be a simple wallet without fancy colors and features no one needs . It would be nice to have the old wallet back. Thanks
  2. I need a working wallet

    Hi Thanks luigi, did you ever try to import private keys in this wallet ? Does this work ?
  3. I need a working wallet

    Hi I am desperately in need of a working wallet where I am able to import private keys. Please any links, if possible link for the blockchain download as well. Thanks
  4. WorldcoinBC 2.0.2 Fitnes Hippo problem

    Hi Berzeck, I wish this would work, it imports the private key but the balance stays zero, so there is no way of transferring funds.
  5. Worldcoin and SuperNet

    Yes I think it would be a good way of promoting your coin
  6. WorldcoinBC 2.0.2 Fitnes Hippo problem

    Hi I try to import a private key into the new client and always get the massage:"Command not found in definitions!. Type help for a list of known commands... This is the first time I had problems importing a private key into a client. Are there any other ways of importing private keys ? What am I doing wrong ? Thanks for the answer.
  7. Worldcoin and SuperNet

    Hi, I am working mainly with SuperNET and prefere it as a platform to any other platforms which I know out there. Are there any future intention of the Worldcoin comunity to include Worldcoin in the SuperNET ? Thanks for the reply