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  1. 3 Days Left for Publication Contest Entries!

    For those considering submitting an article, I only received two articles, so you have a real good chance of winning some BTC which as you know can easily become more WDC! Get your entries in soon! Thanks.
  2. Just a speculation, but I think WDC will do some really cool things for people in need in the coming year. The price of WDC is less important to me because profits will be had for investors if they stick around long enough and more investors will come when WDC gets public recognition for its moral activities. The importance is in what WDC can do for people in need, not for who can make a quick buck off of it. Profits can be realized from doing good things and that's what makes WDC a good coin to be a part of.
  3. 3 Days Left for Publication Contest Entries!

    I have a special place in my heart for Worldcoiners, so if you want to announce it in the weekly report, I'll allow entries as late as July 17th. These contests are going to occur monthly, so if anyone misses out this month they can always wait until next month to enter. Thanks Johnny.
  4. Hey everyone, I just wanted to remind everyone that this months publication contest deadline is near. There are prizes too! 1st - 0.5 BTC, 2nd - 0.3 BTC, and 3rd - 0.2 BTC. This is a good opportunity for writers to publish more on WDC. As of yet, I've only received one article submission so the odds of winning a prize are good. For full contest details check out: http://www.cryptoworldwide.com/monthly-publication-contest/ I look forward to reading your articles! Scott
  5. Thanks buddy, I appreciate it.
  6. To those interested in the publication contest, I had a change of heart, prizes have been increased substantially!
  7. Thank you for your encouraging words. Your criticism has been heard and created a twitter, Facebook, and youtube account. I really appreciate you sharing the article, there's many more to come.
  8. The WDC article I had been working on is now published on here at CryptoWorldwide.com. If you're interested in checking the article out, please feel free to leave feedback and criticism in the comment section. The more feedback I receive, the better my writing will become. Also, the first monthly publication contest is available for any prospective writers interested. There are prizes for the top 3 picks: 1st - 0.15 BTC, 2nd - 0.1 BTC, and 3rd - 0.05 BTC. Check out the contest details here. Thanks again to all those who helped me find the information I needed as well as Accept especially for the cool picture you made for me to use. I look forward to keeping up-to-date with this crypto coin. It's exciting what you guys are doing for the crypto world, keep it up!
  9. I need some clarification on a few things if you guys don't mind. 1) Why did the team change in Feb? 2) What do you mean by a slight change in Sept? 3) In an announcement on Feb 11th, 2015 it says "Brandon Brown, if that’s even his name, took the Worldcoin well funds and then never returned them." Has there been any new information about this Brandon Brown story? I understand the funds were crowfunded, presumably before you began 'reverse-crowdfunding.' Reverse-crowdfunding would prevent things like this from happening again, but I understand you recently had the WDCexplorer crash and had to crowdfund this project instead of reverse-crowdfunding it (unless I'm misinterpreting the posts). How can WDC users guarantee that someone won't run off with funds again? If reverse-crowdfunding is the solution, does the team have the funds to commit to investing the necessary capital for projects? Can someone give me an example of projects that have been reverse-crowdfunded?
  10. The instamine or early-adopter advantage is fair enough, people had there opportunity to jump on the coin when it launched and those that did took on the risks associated with new coins, so fair is fair. I have to say I'm quite impressed with the continued hard work that's been put into this coin and how welcoming the community is. I'll be collecting as much data as I can about Worldcoin for the next while, but I will be sure to let everyone know here when the article is published. Again, thanks for helping bring good points to my attention and feel free to add more if anything comes to mind.
  11. I appreciate your help Accept. Was WDC premined? And if not, can this be verified?
  12. Thanks, that is a very helpful post. What do you mean by multiple team swaps? Also, has the WDC code ever been changed? Has WDC ever had technical issues and gone into maintenance over the year it's been around?
  13. Hello WDC community, I've chatted breifly with Mario Blacutt and I was very pleased with how enthusiastic about crypto and WDC he is. In our discussion I had mentioned that I have a new website in progress where I will be doing various articles about crypto in general. Particularly, however, I have a category called "CryptoCurrency Spotlight" where I will be examining the objective facts about a cryptocurrency as well as getting into some of the more subjective arguments surrounding the crypto coin. The article is intended to be a helpful resource for newcomers as well as informative to potential investors in WDC and will not be intended to bash nor pump up any particular coins. The article is purely for intellectual curiosity and will remain strictly factual given the information I can dig up. So, in a question, what do you personally think is important to be brought to people's attention about this coin? Though my website is currently in the making, you're certainly all welcome to come check it out: www.cryptoworldwide.com Thank you for your time, Scott