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  1. Hi there, I've spoken to the person running bitnodes yesterday evening, they are working on fixing the blockexplorer. Cheers.
  2. Absolument pas Si tu as besoin d'un coup de main pour la trad', n'hésites pas a me contacter par message privé sur le forum ou alors sur IRC.
  3. Pouet, légère erreur de traduction dans le paragraphe du Mac Wallet: Les aspects les plus critiques sont : le système d'assistant et la mise à niveau automatique du portefeuille. Merci.
  4. SHA-256, SHA-512, Worldcoin Wallets

    Except for the fingerprint being 3 miles long ( ) and a performance decrease of around 30-50% SHA-512 is indeed a more modern alternative.
  5. SHA-256, SHA-512, Worldcoin Wallets

    There could indeed be a case of collision attack but the person would need to have control of both his file and the original WDC file, which isn't the case. As a Systems/DevOps Engineer I'm usually the one being concerned about security issues but in this case I don't think there's an urgent need to worry as all the conditions required for a possible attack aren't by any means met.
  6. SHA-256, SHA-512, Worldcoin Wallets

    Providing a SHA-* hash doesn't make the download more secure than using MD5 hashes. Changing even one bit of any of the files provided by the Worldcoin developers will alter the hash and thus making it clear that the file was tempered with. Good explanation taken from here:
  7. How many Worldcoins DO YOU OWN?

    I currently own about 65k WDC, still mining it as well.
  8. SHA-256, SHA-512, Worldcoin Wallets

    Concerning the worldcoind binaries, I've provided the according MD5 hashes here: http://forum.worldcoin.global/index.php?/topic/56-chunky-monkey-released/?p=1265 Using SHA hashes is indeed more secure but it's a bit overkill for the usage you would be making of them, so MD5 should be more than enough.
  9. Coinkite via shapeshift.io

    @Accept: if you mean this, it seems that it tweets quite sporadically.
  10. Coinkite via shapeshift.io

    Hi there, do you have a link to the Litecoin Price bot you mentionned? I could throw something together if I could see what the tweets look like. Cheers.
  11. This is awesome news \o/.
  12. For those who would want to know more: Node information: https://bitnodes.net/node/194-135-93-26/ Iquidus based blockexplorer: http://wdc.explorer.bitnodes.net/ Blockexplorer is buggy for now, I'll get in touch with bitnodes.net if it still isn't working properly in a couple of days. Cheers.
  13. WDC Nodes

    If you're a bit of nerd you can also use worldcoin-seeder which lists active Worldcoin nodes.
  14. It's already paid for . It will be up and running for a year so no worries there.
  15. Yes I did The "pay share thing" is based on the crowdfunding principle: there were 50 shares available at 1USD each and people could pay whatever amount they wanted to pay the node.