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  1. Thanks for the update. Exciting times once again for WDC
  2. Hey guys Ive had a look around in my Control Panel but cant seem to find an option to 'turn off' forums (eg foreign language forums) so I dont see them and dont see posts made in them in my 'new posts' list. Any idea how to disable forums we dont want to see? thanks
  3. True. Its the same old scenario. I recall when BTC was worth nothing 4 years ago and watching thousands at a time traded in real time. I wonder how many of those big bag holders actually still held them when they spiked to $1200 a few years later though? Same deal with WDC - Its been out 2 years now and we will likely be seeing the same scenario played out over the next year or 2 as WDC becomes more scarce and harder (and more expensive) to mine. The only way to get them then will be to buy through the exchanges, and thats when WDC could reach $5, $10,$100 or more. It's a waiting game where the rewards for those that accumulated while it was relatively easy to mine, and cheap to buy (and lots of patience) will be the real winners.
  4. How many Worldcoins DO YOU OWN?

    Wait, there's an award for being in the top 10? Stick me down for 85k in that case please
  5. Yea Citibank is apparently looking at creating their own cryptocoin as is IBM.
  6. WDC Nodes

    Hey guys I came across this site http://www.blocktree.io/which lists nodes for various coins in case people have problems getting their coin wallet to sync. Would it be worth seeing if we can get WDC listed? I cant seem to see any links on the site to request addition of any new coins? Perhaps there are similar sites where we can get WDC listed? Or is blockchain synchronisation with WDC not really an issue? (I dont know because my wallet is always open and connected to the chain). cheers p.s. Do we need a forum where we can propose promotion of WDC in one form or another? eg Crowdfunding, addition to sites such as the one above, etc?
  7. WDC future block reward

    Thanks for clarifying. I was wondering what might happen should some huge farm move in at some stage in the future.
  8. Links to Worldcoin sites/homepage

    Yea this would work. Perhaps a forum where we could add/remove links as new sites form, URL's change, etc? Would be good if you stick it at the top of the forum list/index though so its readily seen and not missed.
  9. Bitcointalk

    Agreed. The more links we have from one WDC site to another is good for ease of use, for crypto-noobs, and for SEO
  10. WDC Speculation

    Ha, its a nice thought, but such an action would make most of us instant millionaires (if not billionaires) which is very unlikely. I think if a crypto was to be eventually used as a countries currency it would happen more so as a result of slow integration over time. Much like Bitcoin (and WDC to a lesser degree) are already being used now in the more affluent countries.
  11. Links to Worldcoin sites/homepage

    Yea I did manage my own site once so I know where your coming from. I guess the idea is to have all of our WDC sites link to each other (which is good for SEO to) to make them easier to find rather than having to go off and Google for them. Can you perhaps add them as 'banner style' ads?
  12. WDC future block reward

    Not exactly. If this is correct, only 1/5 of the total have been mined so far. There are still approx 200 million coins left to be mined. Can anyone confirm this info is correct?
  13. How many Worldcoins DO YOU OWN?

    Not nearly enough but am accumulating as much as I can.
  14. Hi all I think there should be links on this forum to other Worldcoin sites such as the worldcoin.global Homepage, the new blog, the subreddit, and any other major WDC sites of interest. As it stands, I find I come to the forum and then have to google search the homepage and other sites of interest. Noobs may not even be aware these other sites exist so may not even go looking. Just a suggestion.