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  1. A low cost high reward method to promote worldcoin

    SteelCage on AEX WDC was under alert of delisting ...
  2. Slack Work space

    I corrected the slack invitation... also created Telegram group https://t.me/Worldcoin-Global
  3. Slack Work space

    I have also reserved slack channel https://worldcoin-global.slack.com/ :) Invitation here https://worldcoin.herokuapp.com/
  4. Chinese 'partners'

    Chinese "partners" was a disguised criminals
  5. Raport Săptămânal, 27 ianuarie

    Realizarea unei pagini web Am reluat dezvoltarea paginii web, cu feedback-ul primit de la investitorii noștri. Nu putem da o dată precisă pentru eliberare, pentru că nu este pe deplin structurată încă. Vom face dezvoltarea mai deschisă cu privire la urmatoarele săptamani pentru a primi feedback mai util. Dezvoltare WBC O caracteristică mai mult necesară pentru a finaliza versiunea următoare programată pentru 7 februarie. Acest comunicat pare a fi primul care va lovi de fapt linia moartă, se pare că în procesul nostru de dezvoltare internă este de lucru mai eficient. WDC pe forum BTC Încet firul vechi WDC este în atenție, cu unii oameni arată interes în jurul serviciilor WDC de punere în aplicare, chiar fiind parte dintr-o carte!
  6. jubi.com

    Anybody can help me to create a account on jubi.com ? Or trading is only for chinesse citizens ?
  7. Can't send WDC to btc38.com

    I think they want to sell all their WDC coin, and don't accept deposit.
  8. Can't send WDC to btc38.com

    WDC removed from btc38 ?
  9. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    Here for example http://cryptopia.co.nz
  10. Get WDC listed on more exchanges

    Coinmarketcap will not accept the same name of cripto: WDC
  11. Worldcoin Mining

    I contacted support and recived answer: "wdc daemon is constantly crashing thats why I want to close it." Somebody else have problem with daemon ?
  12. WDC network

    Berzeck. We need to change the wallet code. If block not found 1 hour -> difficulty go down IMHO
  13. WDC network

    What is with network ? Who is this miner ?
  14. WDC stuck on Galaxy S4

    You can backup your private key, and use on PC
  15. BTC38 down plus others?

    On btc38 I recive this error "已暂停交易,请移步CNY定价交易". WTF ? they removed BTC/WDC and added WDC/CNY ?
  16. 3 BTC ??? LOL When WDC will grow, they will add it without any BTC
  17. Can't send WDC to btc38.com

    They have temporary problems .. :) Try in a hour
  18. Mining Pools?

    This ? https://wdc.theblocksfactory.com
  19. Paper Wallet Withdrawal

    In console # "my-new-key" is a label importprivkey "yourprivatekey" "my-new-key"
  20. Paper Wallet Withdrawal

    Have you a private key on paper wallet ?
  21. https://poloniex.com/coinRequest
  22. Hight Society, I listened your proposal. I withdrawed all my WDC from BTC38, not sold. HODLLL :)
  23. Problems with main website worldcoin

    Henri not solved yet problem with FB login Better to change FB API to 5.0